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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 76 (Part A)

Insert 76
[The Journey of life through the life of Lesego "Sigo" Masemola]
Mornings are always blissful, refreshing and forfilling. As the newly woken up sun ligthens up the shadow purple colour in my room. First things first are to rub my tummy and to put my nightie silk shirt down and head to the kitchen because I'm starving to death! Thank God is a Saturday. As I am about to open the curtains and welcome the fresh refracted rays of the sun and inhale the fresh morning breeze!
I wrap the cotton gown around me after tidying my bed. Making my way to the kitchen was rather smooth while nostrils are lingered with different aroms that cause the young bugger in me to groan with hunger. Phone in hand as I sit on one of the high counter chairs and miracleously a hand appears balancing to sit properly.
"Careful there" my concerned brother confessed
I just grinned at him. Mom was the one making breakfast. My favorite of all time mabele porridge, my heart was bouncing with joy! She was rather relaxed this morning. She greeted me with a smile.
While we were busy inhaling the digestible smell and how our mouths were watery ready to dug in! The counter vibrated and the caller alerted, 'MaMotsepe'
I quickly hushed Tire and composed myself before answering.
Me: Ma... (Mom)
MaMotsepe: Ntombi yam. Rori told me that his supposed to take you to tthe Doctor's appointment today but as you know he has to pick up Kabo. So I can take you nana?
Me: (I giggled, I love her Xhosa accent but her cheekiness!) No, Ma my brother will take me there, don't worry but Thank you...
MaMotsepe: Alright my girl. Take care of yourself and our child. Remember to keep us posted hle.. bye, Send my regards to the elders at home.
With that she hung up.
Everyone's eyes where attracted to me as I sucked my index finger that was covered in porridge. I set my eyes on my bowl, I had completely forgot about the appointment.
"Mama Kabo sends her regards" I said without making eye contact.
"Ra leboga le ena a dumele hle ( We appreciate that and same to her)" her voice puzzled me.
Tire and I shared looks, mom just spoke to me voluntarily. Wow a miracle indeed. While I was enjoying my breakfast, Tire rushed me to get done so i could take a bath so we get to my doctor.
I head to the bathroom for some quick bath and wear a dress with tights! I wrap a doek around my head, neatly and stylishly.
I say my farewells to mom as we head for Pretoria CBD.
We get to my gynacologist and the reception ladies greet me with lightened faces as they grace my arrival. I was just in time I was next in line.
"Lesego Masemola" they called my name.
I fetched the file as Tire remained sturdy in her couch. I had to drag him up, like he was scared or something.
We got in and Dr. Wolsey greeted us with as smile as she allowed us, to get comfortable.
She led me to the consultaion room and helped me up the bed ash she pulled my dress up below my bosom.
Tire still glued to my side, she rubbed the jel on thr lower part of my tummy and moved the knob of the sonar scan.
There my baby appeared of the screen, head down and legs up. A happy bouncing baby!
My brother was blown away with what he had just observed. Dr. Wolsey wiped me clean as she helped me up and off the bed.
She gave us the sonar scan photograph, and said I am due in two weeks.
We walked out and paid at the front desk.
We went home straight because in a few hours my BFF would be landing on the home soil.
Yeapie! Ayoba

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