Tuesday, September 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 76 (Part B)

♡ Kaboentle ♡
" Your pa is right
your mom will come around" -Mpume Sithole
Let just hope and pray she does
Rise and shine Pretoria here I come! Waking up was perfectly simple and worthwhile. I was smiling from ear to ear, while I did a mini twirl before I hit the bathroom.
Finished packing the last part of my thing, just nothing serious, toiletories. I didn't call Thabang, I want to surprise him. I had breakfast on the run today and everyone thought I'd choke.
Chrissie and Oara weren't flying with me today, they've got priorities so they'll be landing on Friday since Saturday is the graduation and your highness's birthday.
Chrissie had a meeting with her colleagues, so big brother is fulfilling his duties. Chrissie sequeezed me for a hug and trailed kisses all over my face, we crazy like that.
Oara drove me to the airport and we said our see you later as he lightly bumped me. Thats my brother for you.
Got into the plan and it flew like a bird to my home land! In 2 hours or so we landed in Johannesburg yet I wasn't far from PRETORIA. It felt absolutly great to breathe some warm delicate air of the horizon.
Looked for my lugage and I spotted my purple suitecase with matching toiletory bag.
I go sit on the waiting stands, I put my bag on the side and stand a bit just to glaze around before I call Rori.
10 minutes goes by and no sign of the caramel dimpled chubby yet muscled brother of mine. As I am about to dial his number, all of a sudden i whisked off my feet and held from the back and with that I knew it is him. He springs me around a bit as I aggressively shout with cheerfulness "Put me down!"
With that my feet met the ground peacefully. We hug as I whine about him lifting me up. Lord I've missed his crazy middle child.
He takes my bag as we walk out of the airport to the car. The journey back home is filled with memorable moments, him updating be about all the things I've missed at the location.
I roll down the window and let the hot breeze tantilate my skin, just wonders.
We pass by WonderPark without making a pitstop. Reached home Mabopane, the brown soil, kasi vibes, Bra Kay busy braaing wings at the corner and the gents playing at corner there betting with their last money.
Home sweet home
We finally park front of the gate and I take a deep breath. As usual I ditch Rori without helping with the bag. I begin the marathon to the house.
Nothing much as changed the last 3 months, the roses are still there with the grass still green.
I just budge in and nothing!
The house is empty.

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