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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 76 (Part C)

Insert 76
Thee End
"hmm Welcome home" -Nhlanhla Jess Dlamini
I was puzzled as I searched the house for my parents. They can not be out on such an occasion, they knew I was coming home.
I frowned at the disappointment that cut me deep as I sat on the counter chairs my back facing the widely open door.
"Surprise!!!" collaborated voices shouted out.
I turned to find my parents laughing hysterically at me.
"Did you really believe that we'd just leave when our little angel is coming home" Dad said as he approached me with open arms.
Without hesitation I fell into them, they had warm, love and protection. Everything I've been missing.
Then mom came in for hers before checking me out.
"ahhh! Nana you've lost weight. Nxa befika apha bangxhelela uk'ba why ngwonde so!" she alerted
I just hugged her, missed her diva tendencies and all her complaining as Sigo had to deal with it all.
Dad: MaOara hle tlogela ngwana (Oara's mother stop nagging the child)
I kept on laughing, these two lovers though. Rori had already put my bags in my bag and was laughing with me while we looked at our parents trying to get cosy.
"I'm going to see Lesego and see how the check up went" while getting up.
And to me "Coming along?"
I stood up as well indicating that I am coming along. I can't wait to see the Hippo.
"Invite her for dinner tonight!" she calling out.
We drove off to Lesego's house in Soshanguve which is about 10 minutes away.
We parked in front of the gate and got in. They were all there. Found Lee and Sigo sipping juice while their legs hung on the ends of the couches. Tire was entertaining them, the moment their eyes glazed over to the door you could have seen them! Screaming my name like I was Beyonce. But I didn't let the scream alone, we had a fours some hug including my soon to be niece or nephew. Sigo has packed up some weight these last 3 months.
Tire admired me from the distance before he came over for hug.
"If it isn't the shortie!"while hugging me.
His got more firmer since the last time I was here. They made space for me and well Rori I guess he forgot I was even there he was taken by Sigo. I just smiled at them, wow she has really tamed him.
Well we spent the entire afternoon catching up while sipping on some cold things. Our brother's kept us company by showering us with jokes and their never ending experiences.
I even got to see the sonar scan, how cute. I was smitten by it. My brother a father, that needs some getting used to. I left the lounge and went to kitchen for some water and when I turned Tire was behind me.
Me: Are you stalking me?
Tire: (chuckling) Don't flatter yourself sortie. I've just haven't seen you in a while, you've grown and become more beautiful.
We sat on the counter chairs while looking at Lee and the two blossoming flowers of love.
Me: (Blushing) Come on don't lie to me (pinching his arm) They are happy hey. Im happy that they are together.
Tire: Yeah they are, your brother knows best than to mistreat her, I'd kill him.
Me: Hey thats my brother you talking about.
Tire: Im just kidding, I guess Cape Town has frozen your sense of humour. (he teases)
We sat there just git chatting about everything, his a great guy. Crazy part is I used to have a crush on him when we were young!
While into our conversation my phone rang and I immediatly answered without looking at the caller identification.
Me: (Cheerfully) Hello
Caller: Oh My firstlady, music to my ears.
Me: (covered my eyes) Hi darling, I've missed you. Its great to finally hear your voice Mr Busy Bee
Caller: Erm well I miss you too better come home soon!
Me: Lawl If I could pull off lying to you I'd say i will but I landed earlier today and I wanted to surprise you!
Caller: (With Joy) What? No my wife landed without me knowing. Tommorow a date, and buts!
Love I got to go but remember I love you like jelly tots
With that he hung up and I just smiled. Yes I was beaming with joy, i had forgotten about the distance between us. Tire just looked at me and the only crime I was guilty with at that time was smiling because my forever and after is amazingly worth it.
Time really flies when one is having fun. It was just an hour before dinner and Sigo packed her things into her handbag. A women's handbag is her treasure, she can't leave the house without it.
We got home with our soon to be Makoti!
Mom was excited to see Sigo, she kept on praising her, baby talk left right and centre. Dad was just quiet, had nothing to say.
Dinner was marvellous, i won't lie but this Xhosa women, is a pro when it comes to cooking. I didnt realise how i missed her meals until now.
At about 21:00pm abuti took Sigo home.
Its good to be back home!
I can't wait to see my pumpkin, date tommorow.

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