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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 77

Insert 77
"Mmmmh" -Ditsapelo Thokwa
I hope everything is great taste both to mind and soul
Sunday. Our day of Sabbath, where we are to give the Lord our undivided attention. As we fix the connection between him and us, his telephone number is never on voicemail or disconnected. The landline number is 1-closing the door behind you, 2- getting on your knees and last but not least opening your heart fully and say what it is in it.
Thats how my day started at the Lutheran Bapedi Church filled with harmonious praises to the Lord. I needed this part of cleansing my soul, getting closer to God something I forgot when I left home in January .
After church we had chats with those we haven't seen in a while as we waited for Dad to pick mom and I. Dad every sunday morning would wake up and sit in the lounge reading his rather forfilling sports newspaper, we'd bombered him with question on when would he grace the house of the Lord with his presence until we gave up because of his reccuring answer!
"Aowa MaOara next week ke nale lona ra ba kena( No, Oara's mom next I'm coming along with you'll grand entrance)"
Eventually he came to pick us up. We got home around 12:00pm and i had to prepare myself for dinner with the better half. How I've missed him though.
Unfortunately I couldn't join the family for sunday lunch, mom wasn't impressed but she has to understand. In her day she used to charm John Motsepe and miss lunch too or even sneak out!
I was in conflict with myself wether to change the black maxi dress with flowed down to my ankles and was a bit lacey from knees down. Decided to switch my black stiletoes for cute black pumps with little bows at the nose.
He picked me up at home and said we going to spent the day in town doing what lovers do. He kept on complimenting my looks, that he really got a catch on me.
We got to town, first things first for the date was to watch a movie. I picked the movie as frowned a bit that I picked a romentic movie. The Vow, thats what we watched. An interesting love story, it shows that true love can go through obsticles, rough waters, storms and even memory loss but if it meant to be no matter how far you run off, you'll find yourself back in its arms again. Truly love is magical, amazing unexplainable powers that it has. Throughout the movie I had rested my head on his shoulder as he fiddled with my hair as his hand was around my neck. Priceless moments I've missed dearly, we'd whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears and at the end of the movie when I raised my head and our eyes met, like it was the first time however looking at his dark brown eyes, I completely drowned in them and our lips met for every intimate kiss.
After the movie we walked over to SunnyPark to grab a bite. His a Nandos type of guy. He ordered for us, nothing heavy just quarter legs, crispy chips and mouthwatering greek salad! I was beaming with joy the whole time, like it all new. Like it is the first time I see him.
He kept my sense of humour busy while all his embarassing moments at campus.
The moment was cheerful, jubilating and totally awesome.
Thabang: Kabo (reaching for my hand that was holding a fork) I really love you. You know that right? (with a serious face)
Me:(wiping my mouth with a soviet) I know you love and I love you more than you reali-
I was interrupted by samsung's horizon.
Me: Honey aren't you going to take that?
Thabang: (Ash he turned it so the screen can face the table) My beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend is more important. Will call them later, so you were saying that you love my sexy what?
Me:(I giggled) No! Although you are a bit sexy (I winked at him) I was just saying I love you too.
After the late lunch, we went to the Union Building for just a stroll before we headed home.
My sunday was blissful. I felt like a fool in love!
We drove back to Mabopane and the car was filled voice of love and conversation of eternity. He dropped me off and headed home.
Amazing date it was!
I believe when God created him he had me in mind, I just imagine him saying "Ah this one is for Kaboentle Motsepe"
Nothing extravagant but everything perfect!

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