Friday, September 25

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 82

Insert 82
[The Journey of Life through the eyes of Rorisang "Rori" Motsepe]
"Wow welcome lil Motsepe shame Sigo and Rori congratulations hey..." - Masego Shirley
I once a while go gave my heart to someone for them to treasure it. I gave it away because I thought I knew its keeper was worthy of mine. After 4 years I become a man sconed by love, betrayed by a feeling and the only thing I had left was a cold, rock of a heart which was shattered.
So from that day on I vowed to the last trash on the earth and I lost the respect and value for women. I gave up all the knowledge on how to love and actually desire someone spiritually rather than my usual fix of the physical stature, their vivacious curves and their bottom is what I lived for, Thats what I loved and saw value in.
I'm not proud it but that was my life, I changed girls like I was choosing a fifa game. I was living recklessly but I protected myself through out. Some came looking for love yet I only busted them some I can't even remember their names or their numbers.
A year back I got confronted by one at a shopping mall, I'd usually act dumb yet I was with my sister and I respect her. I dealt with the situation the yes way I knew how.
Then something new happened or should say a certain luck donted on me. Like I was taken in paradise, I knew she was a forbidden fruit yet I desired her. At first I lusted her but I regained my serenity and pulled my nut together. I couldn't she was like a younger sister to me.
I remember she came at my house and we talked, actually connected on a deeper level. I let in and she opened up to me, she revealed more than the eye could see. From that day on we talked daily and I grew fond of her, I liked the feelings I felt around her if it was love then I tried my level best to overide the feeling but it has a mind of it own.
We finally slept together, I was her first. I bought her morning after pills because she was too delicate of a flower to be damaged by me but I did ruin in her more than once. Because of me she almost suceeded in taking her life, I was furious at her that I almost forced her to devour herself, to sacrifice her integrity by killing our child but I eventually came back to my senses.
For the first time in 5 years I fell in love with a girl with potential and dreams. Although her cravings and mood swings drove me crazy but even through that I loved her.
She wanted to finish her matric this year but I wanted to take care of them both you know. I am smitten by her.
Today after I qualify as a criminal lawyer my son is born. I actually have a son! I haven't thought of names yet well Sigo nagged me for months and I'd tease her for even mentioning it but now...
I won't be able to cope.
I was there in the labour room with her. She squeezed my hard rough left hand that I eventually felt numb. She lost too much of blood, she couldn't hold our boy boy steady until she lost conciousness and we were chased away. I decided to let everyone know she gave birth to a beautiful bundle of joy but I couldn't bring myself to tell them the seriousness of the situation, ululating isn't the perfect celebration yet or is it because I haven't come to the actual term that she lost blood!
This all my fault I should have let her go!!!
I shouldn't fallen in love with her!
Oh Lesego please wake up for the sake our child. I was intoxicated earlier on but now I am sober as they come, my heart aches. If its you Lord forgive my absence in your Kingdom spare me her life and take mine instead.
I looked at the confusion written on everyone's face and I couldn't bring to myself to utter a single word. I just froze.Enjoy the mini skirt, I heard your cry! Night bunnies bam

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