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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 85

Insert 85
[The Journey Of Life Through The Eyes Of Rorisang "Rori" Motsepe]
"I hope she is fine"-Hope Ar'Bag Nqge
I was emotionally and mentally trapped within a deep ocean, drowned by my sorrows. I had high levels of anger rushing in my blood, as I folded my fingers into a fist and my breathing changing rapidly.
Oara and Dr. Wosley's faces were pale, emotionless and very depressing as they both rubbed their hands to ease the intensity of their news.
"I've asked Doctor Motsepe to help me with the medical confidentials of the patient as her original doctor isn't available" Dr. Wosley informed us.
Isn't this too personal for him yet again his the best in what he does. His my brother and he understands love more than anything. He better save her life and redeem my lover back to being the keeper of my heart. Although he looked nervous, like me his eyes were swollen and bagged.
"Im there is more to Lesego losing consciousness which dates back to her prerea situation. We tried our best to stabilise her. She is in an induced coma to feel her inner organs which were strained in the cause of birth" reassure us as his colleague nodded to approve of the evidence laid at hand.
"Can we see her" my little sister persisted.
The two qualified specialists before us told us it would be best we do it one at a time and immediately my brain clicked. It released a high dosage of adrenaline that made me squeeze myself through the rare space on Dr. Wosley side.
I rushed to intensive care to go see her. To go see her peaceful self hoping it'll ease my raging hormones and calm down the guilt eating me up.
I was about to enter until I saw her mother sitted on her right side as he layed Sigo's hand on her her left cheek and tears just trailing themselves down her face voluntarily. I stood at the half closed door and ease dropped. I recall her heartbreaking words just cut through the heart without any mercy.
" I am probably the worst mother on this earth.
How could I let you go through all the tribulations alone my angel. I should have been there not let my pride steal the joy and happiness of my family. My only child that I have beard to this world yet I turned my very back on you. (While sniffing)
Here I am, covered in your blood the only thing that I've got of you. I am begging you my angel fight this for us, for your little bundle of joy.
He's got his father's dimples yet your gracious tiny Chinese eyes. Fight for him, you've fought for him this far please wr need you.
Please forgive me. Forgive my ignorance to love and lack of understanding.
Even though I've let you meet my cold heart at first hand ngwanaka (My child)
I do love you more than you realise.
You are much braver than I ever was at your age. I chose a career over ... (she cut herself shot, as she wiped her tears and leaned over to kiss Lesego's peaceful face)
Thats all in the past now. "
I saw her standing up coming for the door and I rushed to the nearest corner to hide myself.
We met in the middle of the hallway and I smiled faintly at her.
"Abuti I think you should go to her" she said with teary eyes
"How is she Ma (Mom)?" I asked with concern.
"She's at peace, without pain a bit pale and cold but we got to trust God" she patted my back as she walked away.
I walked into her room covered in all the ICU clothes, had to remove the bloody hospital throbs. As I got in my mind was bombarded by beeping machines and drops of the tripping drip. All pipes running into her. It was a sorry sight truly, to see my life in a blink of an eye laying there motionless.
I grabbed her hand and the cold shrill in her transferred into my body and it sent a cold shrill to my spine.
It was cold while she is pale. I couldn't utter a single word, I flooded her hand with endless kisses hope she'd giggle as usual.
Then I heard a mini knock and there a nurse and my brother stood. I stood up and when to the door. The nurse got in while I pulled by brother to the side.
"Mei chomi(My friend) is she going to be alright" I asked with fear.
" I can't say." With a sigh.
"She's cold, pale Oarabile! Normally when someone's like that they are de..." I failed to finish my sentence.
"We doing the best we can. Now brother to brother be strong, she'll pull through. Try praying. "He said.
He excused himself to go examine her.
Pray? Did he say pray?
Ko thoma kae kana? (Where am I going to start)

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