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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 86

Insert 86
[The Journey Of Life Through The Eyes Of Rorisang "Rori" Motsepe]
"Trust in the Lord Rori" - Pelonomi Nonzibela Mosarwa
I should try praying. Where would I start giving the Lord my shattered bleeding her.
Her cold hand couldn't leave my thoughts, the fact that it were cold stuck in my mind.
I needed to clear my congested mind. I needed some peace and happiness a sense of relief to my aching pain and miserable moment in my life. It was already the morning of Sunday.
I got to the waiting area and everyone were preparing to leave and get some rest, to digest everything. There is always a silver lining on a dark cloud. Even though everything seems like World War 1 but there is something to be happy about I remembered that I had a son. It clicked, I focused on his mother that I forgot that the amateur me is now on this beautiful yet complicated earth.
"Morwa rena re a tsamaya. O tlhokomele se tlogolo sa rona. (My son we are leaving, do take care of our grandchild)" Dad said holding his wife's hand into his.
I understood that they had to leave, I'm sure the house looked like something that was abandoned a long time ago. We shared a brief hug as they strengthened by sense of weakness and to told me to be strong, they'll check up on us later on.
Then came the golden girl of my heart, although she's a nut case at times and annoys the hell out of my busy nerves but she's my sister after all.
"I think it's best you go freshen up hey" while desiring herself into my warm hands and her head against my chest.
I just shook my head in disagreement, there's no way I am leaving my little family all alone in this cold place. But she's well known for persisting which we all suffer dearly from because we don't have the courage to turn her down.
"But-" she interrupted by Chrissie
Pulling Entleza into her arms while her broad shoulders...
"I'll get you some fresh clothes and food. You'll take a shower in the doctor's quarters, just hang in there little brother. She'll pull through I heard she's a fiesty one, go see that little charmer of ours then gang up some strength for Lesego" she said, my sister. It made sense what she just said and it lightened my mood thinking about what she just mentioned.
Everyone left and I was left alone to take full responsibility for my reprocaction. Headed for the little ones ward to see my replica. My own reflection with dimples, the thoughts got me all smiles and giggling to my lonely heart.
Looked through the window. There he was kicking his his little leg out while histiny fingers are cupped to his amateur chest. I could have dropped a few tears but I am a man after all.
Although he had my caramel skin, although from my vision no sense of dimples but he is an adorable joyous little bundle. I remember a few hours ago when i held his little fragile body into my firm arms and rocked him as he wailed in his peering squeaky voice.
Bafanas wa daddy warn!
Mommy has to fight for you little bugger. She has a whole life ahead of her to see you grow and trouble them gorgeoness of their thrilling bodies and charm their little hearts away. As I placed my hand on the glass before I left for Sigo's ward. His truly a blessing from God. However our little blessing doesn't have a name. His little plastic hospital court had only his rightious surname written on it.
Walked over to the ICU ward. Im sure I've lost a few kilos with all the up and down motion. I got in and found her in the position I left her in.
I got in and took a seat has I held her hand. I could not say a word. My tongue tripped and failed me.
I just sat dear admiring the beautiful creation of God. As they say silence is bliss. Smiling to myself that I landed myself a golden women here and I can't lose her.
As I was memorising everything I heard a slight moan...
I froze.
Then she squeezed my hand. What?
I couldn't believe it! She's waking up, I took my phone to bass my brother, his got to see and her this. She just moaned and squeezed my very hand

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