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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 87

Insert 87
[The Journey Of Life Through The Eyes Of Rorisang "Rori" Motsepe]
"There' hope, God is working wonders!" -Angel Mimie Ditumiso
I was estatic at this very moment, captured by emotions. I couldn't believe my eyes, God does exist. Prayer works after all, he indeed is an amazing God that we serve. Took Oara about 10 minutes to get to Masego's ward and he caught me standing over her as she moaned while tilting her head left and right a few minutes later a few nurses with Dr. Wolsey bombarded the room and they excused me from her side.
I was pacing down the whole way while happiness laced itself into my body making a hyper rush of happiness and excitement. When my phone rang and I Immediatly answered it without any hesitation or checking he caller identification.
Me: Motsepe Speaking Hello
Caller: Hi Rori I've got your changing clothes where are you?
Me: Ah! Sesi I am at Sigo's room, hurry up there's been a slight change in her condition ( Enthusisticly)
I hung up and waited for her to come and did arrive in time for Oara to give us a report. She hugged me briefly and gave me the overnight bag with clothes and an appetising sandwich. Benefits of sister in laws, I always give my brother props for his sense of taste didn't think white women were this amazing, she doesn't seem white like she is a coconut in a mannerable way. Oara approached us.
"Well she is doing alright, out of coma and danger for now as he monitor her. But we took some blood to do some tests and make sure she is really out of the woods" he confessed it all to us.
"Can I go see her?" i asked anxiously.
"Sure, go see your lady Mei Home." he said with a welcoming smile.
As I was about to walk away, it clicked that I had to alert everyone including her parents and I turned...
Looking at the love birds holding hands before me.
"I'll call everyone, relax just go be with her" Chrissie said.
She read my mind and without any doubt. I got in and there she laid my beautiful sexy mama.
I went to her bedside and hugged her, I just had her into my arms not wanting to lose her again but she moaned in pain that it was bit much for her now. Her eyes glittered with tears and i tried my best to wipe the all. She was emotional yet thirsty and i poured her some water. She tried to sit up properly being all stubborn, refusing help but when she realised she couldn't I helped her up and we chatted although nodding was her way of communication.
Then all of a sudden she sat up leaving the comfort of the cushy pillow and started breathing heavily.
"My... Baby! Rorisang ngwanaka (My child)" while panting and crying simulatonously...
I rubbed her back gently trying to calm her down and I reached in my pocket, took out my phone. I searched for the little bugger's picture and placed it before her eyes. Her breathing calmed down.
"Is that him?" as she fell into my arms and found refuge in them.
"Yes Thats our little bundle of joy. Shimane wa mama le papa hle ( Mom and dad's boy)" I sat as I comforted her and kissed her forehead.
She just laid her her head on my chest for a while until out intimate moment was interrupted by our families coming in. She smiled faintly trying to hide her pain and weakness.
Everyone crowded her as I stepped back giving them a chance. They all described her son for her.
Everyone was happy to see her breathing and lively in her own skin.
My beautiful sexy mama.

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