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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 1


Here I was, running like a headless chicken, ensuring that I had the perfect wedding of all. Yes, I was beginning to see the reality; I’m finally getting married, to the sweetest man ever. Kana ba ba bitsa bo mang? Yes Eligible bachelor. He possesses every quality any woman need in a man. He is caring, loving, so gentle and very romantic. I had it all, my career was flourishing, I had the best paying job, and life was just as good. I grew up watching Cinderella, Barbie, you know those happily ever after movies', believe me when I say, I never believed in them, until I met my Mr. Perfect-4-Ever.Everything was just as good as I dreamed it would be, My Perfect life....

Just as I was day-dreaming, the mermaid dress standing before me, made me smile, yes, it was the day before my big day, I was running late to fetch my dress, because of a lot of last minute stuff I had to do.

My bridesmaids and I had to go for Spa treatments- facials & full body massage, organized by my elder sister in law, who has friends at Mangwanani. We waited too long. What was meant to be 2 hours treat, ended up taking 4 hours. Time was definitely not on my side. I still had few stuff to collect, before we hit the road.
I had to collect my wedding dress, my shoes, flower girl's shoes, other accessories, and my Bouquet and Thank you gifts.
Ooh excuse my rudeness, my name is Obonolo Dire, 3rd born child of Tsholofelo & the late Rus-sell Dire. I have 2 brothers (Omphile & Olefile) & 2 sisters (Omontle & Otsile) The O fami-ly...Crazy bunch of people.
All my friends & family except my mom, calls me Noli.

Setswana sare, tshwene, ga e ipone makopo. Meaning, a monkey does not see its ugliness. Le nna fela jalo, other way round though. I cannot go on and on about how I look, so, all I know is that I am a beautiful child of God, created in His image. I'm not yellow-boned (as light -skinned people are classified as), nor dark/black. I'm in-between the two. Let me say, I'm caramel toned. Fairly big almond brown eyes, not so sharp but ok nose, big full lips, a well rounded face. Tota o ka nkisa di out. Ke a lebega. Ntate Modimo o tsere matsapa ele ruri, to come up with this human version. People close to my heart think I'm pretty. I sometimes get compliments from strangers and there's one particular person who also praise God for creating me, the Lav’of my life. In the end, Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. All I know is that, I am a Masterpiece.

I'm turning 28 years on Saturday, 25 October 2008, my wedding day. I was born and bred ko Mmatau in Rustenburg, came to Pretoria in 1999, when I got accepted to study Bachelor of Science (Economics) - at University of Pretoria. Ever since then, I have been living in Gauteng Province. I'm currently Portfolio and Investment Banker @ Investec and I am staying in Sunninghill…… and this is my bittersweet story...

"Dumela Ousi Basetsana, yoo, ke ne ke nagana gore o tla fela pelo wa tsamaya, aish, kene ke tshwerwe ke traffic coming here. Ke a leboga gore o nkemetse tlhe Ousi." I said greeting the bubbly lady standing before me. Ousi Base works at L'affaire Bridal Boutique. Ba nthokela mesese ya me ya lenyalo le ya bakgaphi ba me. I'm getting myself 3 dresses. For the traditional-vows ceremony, the other for the Reception. The third one for control nje.

Ousi Base:" Dumela Noli, o batla go apara mosese wa mme -mmatsale wa gago wa lenyalo ka moso?" She said teasing me.

"Haahaaa, nyaya Ousi, Aish, ke ne ke le matasatasa gompieno. I'm just grateful for your pa-tience. Thank you." She gave me a smile, just to make me relax.
I was there to do final fitting and collect my dresses and other accessories.

By the time, I enter the Boutique, I was already taking off my clothes, my jeans were almost half way down. I was really rushing to make final fitting, before I have it packaged for the road.
Realizing I was running late, after the pamper session, I managed to call Ousi Base, the assistant at the Boutique to wait for me, as they were closing in an hour's time. It was Friday, payday and month-end for a lot of people, so traffic was such a nightmare.Thank goodness I made it.

As I enter the Fitting room, my phone rang, I answered, “Hello my Lavo."
Caller:"Hey Bobo, are you winning my shugaboo?", Hmm,there's only two people who calls me Bobo, one was my late dad, and the other one was the person on the phone, whose voice, always gives me some butterflies in my tummy, ke tlala boitumelo, just hearing it.
I was standing in front of a huge mirror, getting into my first dress, Ous Base helping. I was about to cut the caller off, but then, something about the caller's voice, just gave me chills.

Caller:"Bobowapeloyaka,"he said, my face lightened up from the little anxiety I was feeling on my way to the Boutique. The smoothness in his coarse voice, how he always has ways with words, assured me that everything is ok and that everything will go perfectly well. I must relax.
Caller: “Bobo, can you hear me? Ho utlwahala echo mo o teng.”
I could hear him well, so I said "Lavo (my pet name for him), I'm kind of busy, can I ring you in ten?"
Caller:"Arg, no problem, I just wanted to find out how Mrs. Tau to be, is doing and to let you know that, I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle tomorrow and be my lawfully, traditionally &completely, all paid up - wife."

I chucked a little because of the funny and cute things my man loves to say...He was just my mood lifter.
Caller:" I love you, ke kopa le dire ka bonako and drive safely."Then he dropped the phone.
All I could do was smile, looking at my glowing caramel toned face, and listening to what My Husband - to-be just said, Me, Noli Dire, about to walk down the aisle, pledge my undying love to my man, in less than 24 hours, mmmm Life has never been better. I couldn't ask for anything more. God has blessed me indeed. I was grateful.

Fact, I am about to finally, be Mrs. Kevin Karabello Tau's wife. Yes, that's my man. My dark browned chocolate, medium height, ke a tsetsepela ga ke mo atla.He is well-built, toned & muscled hunk. He is not a computerized model looking type, not overly handsome, but he was my perfect Morris Chestnut. Monna wa dikoti marameng, meno a gagwe a masweu, ebile a lekanela, e kare someone was arranging them. His facial features are well placed on his face, a sharp nose and beautiful shaped mouth. Whenever he smiles, my heart melts. His dimples are like those of Eddie Cibrian. Yes that is Kevin, my boyfriend of 5 years. We are like a customized Cadbury Top Deck. Perfect blend. That’s the Lav'of my Life.

Finally, the time has arrived; we are tying the knot in a special, intimate ceremony, attended by 180 close family and friends.
Our traditional wedding took place at Mmatau & Sebokeng on the 7th & 8th July 2007. It was attended by every member of our families, friends & the community, basically everyone was there.

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