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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 24


All of sudden, ka utlwa ke borega gore. I quickly answered so that I could cut him off before Kevin finishes his call. 

Rich: "Mabhebheza, waka, skhipane? What are you doing, e go tshwere byang Soweto?"

Nna: "Aish, Hi Rich, ke siame, thanks, chilling with my family." 

Rich: “Ke go gopotse byang Mabhebheza. Ke mo Southgate mall, Can we meet?

Omg, Rich mo mall? Aish, this guy mara. O batla eng mo Southgate? I cannot afford to bump into him. Not today tlhe. I had to think fast, and come up with something to send his ass back to Pretoria. Hai, timing is not perfect….Not when I am standing here, next to Kevin. I thought; let me check where in Southgate is he.

Nna: “Are you serious o mo Southgate? Where in the Mall?

Rich: “Ke a dlala ntwana. I am ko Sosha. Sheba, a bro van mine has invited me to his place in Jozy, ore there's a place that just opened not far from his place, and he wants us to go ro e xa-va. So I was wondering if you would like to join us. I can fetch you later, then re ye daar, then drop you off ko Groot man wa gago later. What do you say?"

Nna: "Unfortunately I can't. I have plans; later my family and I are having movie night. I can’t drop them. Askies."

I was just relieved he was just pulling my leg. Now I had to get rid of him , hang up before Kevin comes back. I knew Rich was going to try to convince me to ditch my family for him. So I was not going to debate that.

I saw Kevin dropping his phone. I quickly said, Rich, I'm busy with something, I got to go, have fun, we will chat later. I hang up before he could even speak.

Kevin drops came back to where I was standing, I knew something was wrong. He looked bea-ten up.

Nna: “Are you okay?”

Kevin: "I'm afraid not. We have to reschedule our date. I have to rush to Evaton now. I’m sorry."

What? This guy better be joking. I just declined going out with Rich, so that I could be with him, and now this? Really now!!!I felt so disappointed. I thought, yah neh, I couldn’t wait the whole night to spend time with this guy, and this happens. I was disappointed and bored, but I had no control over whatever is forcing him to ditch our date and go to Evaton..
Oh, during our first meeting, Kev told me that, ko ga bone ke Sebokeng, but batsadi ba gagwe ba tswa Evaton, where his grandparents still resides, that's how he knew bo Kgosi & his family. He said when Rakgadi wa gagwe (Mama wa Paula) died, there was no one left to look after them, only Paula & her younger brother Lubabalo. Batsadi ba gagwe send him to go stay with his grandparents and cousins ko Evaton. He completed his high school ko Vereeniging. Although he has a place of his own, now and then, He goes to see them and his cousins.

Kevin: "Do you mind if I come back later? We could do supper or something? If it won't get you into trouble with your brother."

I said I will see what I can do, and let him know. I was really disappointed. I even thought of calling Rich ke itswele le ena. Ekete abuti oo o tletse ka metlae. This was our chance to get to know each other….but already ekete o tla le merwalo and excuses.

We decided to go separate ways, luckily we parked same place. We walked to the parking lot together, he came closer& held my hand, and it felt so good. We got to the parking, holding hands. He parked closer to the entrance, while I chose very open and safe spots. Kana ke Learner driver, so I have to be smart and extra careful.

We got to his car, a green Golf 4, the latest model mmmm, I thought, Yaaa, bold colour for Golf. Brothers o mo dinakong. It seems he has done well for himself, I thought.
As He opened his door he asked where I parked, I pointed to my sister's car, few lanes from his car. He said I must get in his car, so that he could drop me by the car. I thought this man is just cute. He said he wanted to make sure that I was safe.

Kevin: "I nearly lost you, I can't afford to lose you again, I want to be sure you are safe."

Did he say he doesn't want to lose me? Wow. Yooo that statement got me thinking. I thought about few months ago, when I gave up on him; how I thought I would never cross paths with him. So here he was, saying all that. I was so happy. I even forgot that I was disappointed in him.

Gentleman he was, he opened the door for me, and I got inside the car. This man seems like a neat freak. His car told me so. It really smelled so good & it was spotless clean. This guy's points are ten out of ten so far. I loved everything about him, in such a short period. That made me wants to spend time with him, even more.

We got to where I parked, as I try to open the door, he said I must stop. He said, like he got me inside, he will take me out, same way. This guy though? He was a real gentleman. He was opening doors for me? Rich must learn a thing or two from this gentleman.

I got out of the car, searching through my handbag for the car keys. I spotted a packet of my gums, I took it out and took one and ate it. Yoo He must have been watching me because as soon as I put back the packet,he asked for one. Embarrassed as I was, I handed a packet to him....He took one and gave me back the packet.

I finally find my car keys.Just as I was to move away from his car, towards my sister's car, he pulled me closer to him, wrapped his hands around my waist. Mmm, I was really too close, a ntshwere ga monate jaang, ka utlwa ekete kea tuka. While enjoying that moment, that hold, that closeness.

He cuffed my face in his warm and moist hands. We gazed into each other's eyes, our faces met. At least I was smelling good..because we were way too close....Apart from the minty smell of the gum, he really smelled so good. As I was so drawn to his smell, I felt his lips touching mine. Mmm.. juicy and soft. He kissed me so tender. I mean the guy could kiss.

I got horny on the spot. I returned the kiss. It was so good; he knew how to work his lips. The kind of kiss that could make a woman wet. Yooo, my mind took a long trip to heaven. I enjoyed the slow, tender and juicy lips. I must admit. That was another point to that dude.Twelve out of ten.

Ke ne ke tshogile gore e seke ya be yare kere ke a mo atla, ka tlhafelwa like I did when I first kissed Rich. .I must say, I had nothing to worry about. I loved the way Kevin kissed me..

My first kiss with Richmond was a disaster. Yooo, the guy was too rough,ene e kete ke pere eya mokatong, the kiss was so wet, the irritating noise he made, was so annoying and when he shoved down his tongue to my throat, jerrrr ke batlile ke tlhatsa, like literally threw up. It was too messy for my liking. I swear I was so turned off. For a handsome guy like him, I was really disappointed. Kene ke ikaantse gore, ga nkitla ke be ke mo sune.I didn't know gore ke tlo sur-viver jaang dating someone without kissing him.

We dated for close to 5 weeks, ke sa batle go mo suna, intimately that is. Ke ne ke betsa ka ba-by- kisses, all the way. I think to some extend he noticed & asked me if I don't like kissing. I thought, if I want a relationship with him, which I did, I will have to be honest with him. I wanted him to kiss me. I needed some intimate kissing not di baby-kiss tse ke neng ke di mo fa.

Honestly I love kissing and I wanted to kiss him. I blatantly told him gore I didn’t enjoy the way he kissed me, on our first date. I told him honestly that it was too wet, too much tongue, too rough and too noisy. Awkward!!!!. He actually laughed, making it easy for me. He asked me gore , ke batla a ntshune jaang , he even said I should He was my man, so I should teach him.
Yoo the relieve I felt. It was surreal. I thought he'd be offended and angry. Sometimes the Truth hurts. But Rich was bold enough. If there’s one thing about him that I love, ke gore ga a moody or easy to be angry or offended. I kissed him, leading him and teaching him. I told him how I want to be kissed, slow & rhythmic, less tongue, lots of lip sucking, less noise and less saliva.

He pulled me closer and tried kissing me, this time he kissed me the way I just taught him. Ka nnete o lekile, he was not bad. I thought with more practice he will be good. After all, He was not such a bad kisser. It's just that his idea of kissing was different to mine. I started kissing him more often. I love kissing, make no mistake, mare ke rata go suniwa ga monate. Rich became master in kissing me. We kissed even more .I enjoyed making out with him, he kissed me way too beautiful.

Girls, if there's something I have learned, it’s to be extremely honest about your needs especial-ly in a relationship. Do not, ever, settle for less. When it comes to Intimacy, make sure you get what you want, how you want it, when you want it. If you don't get it the way, speak up, de-mand for a solution and act.
Don't sit and expect your man to scratch his head, a sa itse gore a go thabise jaang. Bolella mo-tho wa gago, in a nice, polite and sexy tone, how you like something.

Try to work with him. If you like woman on top, say it. If you like it on top of your kitchen sink, bua, if o e batla from behind, ikopele. Le seka la ithopa tlhe. We live once. To live with regrets ga go a siama. I know ba teng banna ba ba stubborn. Those who will reject or feel offended by your demands and requests for what you want. Nor matter what, don't settle. Speak up or ship out. A real man will hear you out, meet you halfway or even better, exceeds your expectations by going all out, especially when he knows how to please you. So communication is vital, make it a tool in all aspects of your relationship, in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and tv room, trust me, you will get your way. Faking orgasms because you don't want to disappoint or hurt your man yet he is able to give you a raw deal, is not right. Talk and talk and talk.

Take it from me, when it came to kissing Rich, ke bile ka tshwera thipa ka fo bogaleng. I realized that, if I don't tell Rich my idea of a kiss, he was going to continue, kissing me that awful way for the rest of the relationship and I was going to dread the kissing moments. So I “man up", communicated my expectations, sensitively so. I offered a solution, by teaching him the way I want him to do me. And it worked for me.

So when I say Kevin could kiss, I mean he was good. Just the way I loved to be kissed. He was gentle, slow and sweet. The kiss lasted longer, I just let go and enjoyed it, I even felt his brown-skinned -mamba (BM) hardening. Nna tota, my jj was dripping honey, getting so excited. I do love me some mamba, I don't want to lie. The feeling one get during sex, it’s beautiful. I know God created sex for marriage, but hai, what must a girl do in the meantime? Yooo, sex is good. Once you taste it, you just can't stop, especially if you got, some good dick. Its like Pringles chips slogan…Once you pop, you can’t stop…That was sex for me…

My mind was filled with dirty thoughts while kissing him. I was thinking, there's a Formula one hotel just across the road, why re sa ye ko teng and just have a quicky? I wanted him and I was thinking,given half the chance, I will get down. Forgive my appetite.....

What if I don’t see this man ever again?And I regret grabbing the chance to just taste him?. I was really filled with naugthy thought.What if he just taste and pass? I thought, Arg, it’s ok. Se se salang le nna ke tlabe ke mo chowile…Ke ne ke mo batla shame…

Part of me wanted to tell him that I want him….

He disturbed my trail of so very naughty thoughts....

He placed his hand on my jj. I must have been wet..I really felt so wet.He increased his pace, he kissed me deeper. He was even breathing faster. Yoo. Ka tutela worse...I just had to have him..I really lusted him.

I don’t know what came to my mind; I slowly pulled out, and said

Nna: “Do you have to go now?”

Kev: “why”

Ke utlwile fela ke re, I want you…

Kev: “Right here, right now in my car?”

I looked at him with those shocked eyes. Was he for real? Was he serious? I looked around to check any security or frequency of people coming passed the car,

I looked at him and nodded…

I repeated his words…Right here, right now, backseat….

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