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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 3


As I turn around, doing 360 ya di Oscars-Red carpet, I could not help, but admire the picture I was seeing. I will be lying if I say, I was not looking perfect, in fact, I was overjoyed, my dress was really beautiful, ene e ntshwere sentle, on all the right places.
Losing a whopping 9.5 kgs,in 4 weeks , made it perfect, especially on my bums & curves, yoyooo I am gifted on those areas, well, I am not thin nor fully figured, I'm just in between, a perfect size 34, curvaceous,pearshaped booty. Kev likes to say, Bobowapeloyaka, my African princess, ka reverse ya mhlaba...He loves my body, he always compliments me. That is why he was so unhappy when I did my quick fix Max Planck's Metabolism diet, to lose some weight just to fit in my Dress. Now, my ATM (African trade marks) di fokotsegile, I was now a size 32.

Wow, my dresses are really to die for,if I have to say so myself:

Main Dress- a mermaid -style gown, sweetheart neckline, with fitted bodice. Finished with in-tricate Swarovski diamonds beading that sparkled against the white gossamer fabric. The dress showed off my figure, gave me a sexy cleavage & revealed my curves.

2nd Dress- let’s say it was everything I love in a dress. Sexy, ballroom-gown, very simple - fitting with lacey details. It was classic and elegant. My mom in law loved it more. She even shed a tear when I was fitting it.
I was just torn apart between Main dress & 2nd dress; hence I decided to take both dresses. I looked so gorgeous, like a goddess.

Shhhhhh, I bought dress number 3. A surprise to everyone. I did fit it when I came for the second fitting. I fell in love with it. Ke bile ka tsipela Ousi Base leitlho, kare it’s between nna le ene. It needed a little adjusting on my waist and my arms. So I told her, to fix and package it separate and secretly, in case I was going to come with someone. So luckily I was alone, I jumped into it to see if it still looks just as good. It was just as breathtaking as the two dresses I chose. I was just confused more. Ke ipotsa gore ebe ke tlile go apara which dress? They were both suitable for all wedding occasions.

In my mind, I ticked off my to-do list for that day. I was pampered, shoes collected, Thank you gifts collected, My flower girls shoes di teng, my cute bouquet e teng( I had it custom made with white carnations & glittering silver grey pins. I am planning to save it for my children, for either my daughter or daughter in law on their wedding). This one I will only walk down the aisle with it. I won’t be throwing it away.The one I’m going to throw away at the reception is made of fresh flowers. I was happy. All my dresses were adjusted and perfectly fitting. I was ready to hit the road.

I looked so gorgeous and perfect, even Ousi Base said it. "You are going to make such a pretty bride tomorrow."
Just as I was busy dressing up in my jeans, Ous Base came to the dressing room, and asked me gore ke tsere tshwetso gore ke ilo apara fascinator or veil naa?
I was still confused, but I told her gore I was taking both of them. I’ll decide tomorrow once my stylist does my hair.
"Either one of them, I’m sure you will be beautiful." Ousi Base said, Folding my veil and packing it with the Dress.
Ous Base:" Go reng o sa apare veil when you walk down the aisle, then fascinator for reception? Kill two birds with one stone, o kgotsofatse both mme wa gago le mmatsale?"

"Ooh, perfect idea tlhe. I will definitely do just that. Ke a leboga Ousi Base, for everything."I said that with so much gratitude. Ous Base has been such a great person to work with. She knew her job and took pride in it.
Ous Base:"Don't forget the pictures tuu, ke batla go di bona." Shouts Ousi, as I put my Dresses in the car boot.
“I won't, I promise. Goodbye." I waved at her as I get into the car & reversed. This is it, I thought to myself. All system goes, ready for the road.

As I drove off, Ousi Base shouted:"Good luck for tomorrow, le dire sentle. Modimo wa kgotso a le baballe."I pressed the hooter; saying sharp and I drove off. I was now going to meet up with my sister & my best friend, whom I sent to fetch other stuff and most importantly the thank you gifts as I was running late. Other bridesmaids drove straight to Muldersdrift, after the spa treatments.

Just as I was thinking, my phone rang.
Caller:"Mmata, nnaare o how far, go leng re go emetse moo, hurry up tuu, it’s getting late.
That was Obakeng, my best friend, my partner in crime. Obakeng and I have been friends since primary school; we went through all the stages of life pretty much together. She fell pregnant ka second year ya gagwe at University. She took two year break after matric. She went to visit her great grandmother ko Botswana. She spent a year there and came back.

She worked at Woolworths for another year then only commenced with University afterwards. After finding out she was pregnant, baby daddy convinced her to drop out of University, a go-dise ngwana. Shortly after the birth of Minenhle Khoza, they got married.
She never got to plan her wedding, her husband and his siblings planned everything, from dress, to cake to theme and rings. She was treated like an invalid. It was more of a surprise wedding. I was her maid of honour, but the way her in-laws were so controlling, I could not even perform my maid of honour duties. They were taken away from me.

Now she's going to be my maid of honor and has been part of all my wedding preps from day one. She even told me gore, if things were different in her marriage, she would have a second wedding celebration in Joburg, as her wedding was only done ko Nkandla -KZN. From her family side, only her mom, little sister Rorisang and brother Lebakeng attended. Yoo, it was such a weird wedding.

We have been apart because she stayed in Nkandla for four long years. We kept in touch and visited her whenever Kev and I went to Durban. Just like any other friendship, we had our ups and downs, disagreements and stuff, but we got each other’s backs. We call each other Mmata, we crazy in love with each other. (More about her will come as the story progress.)

"Ooh Mmata, I'm 2 minutes away, chill." I said with a silly laugh & dropped the phone. I drove to where my younger sister Omontle and Obakeng were waiting for me. Both their daughters are my flower girls, Oratilwe and Minenhle. They are more like twins, born same year, same month. Ora was born on the 1st August 2002 and Minnie on the 5th August 2002.

All systems go, I checked everything they had collected and we were ready to go to Mulder-sdrift.

Ooh, yes, I'm getting married at Avianto; Kevin booked us all in to his friend's Guest House closer to the Venue. All our families, bridesmaids & groomsmen’s were meeting there. Thabo & Bongiwe Motaung owns ‘Thabong Guesthouse’, 10 minutes away from Avianto. They offered us the place at a very reasonable price, almost half price to what they normally charge. Kev & I opted to support them instead of using Avianto’s guestrooms.They are our good friends, Kev and Kgosi sponsored for their honeymoon trip to Mauritius as their Wedding gift, ka 2006, so I guess they were also being such generous to us.

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