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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 77


I was woken up by my 6:45 alarm, my Sunday morning irritating alarm. I always had that tone, I swear,once it goes on, there's no way you will think of snoozing or switching it off or worse, you won't go back to sleep.

The alarm tone was my mom's voice.

Omontle (my younger sister) and I recorded her years ago. When we were growing up, we used to be very naughty. We used to sneak out at night while our parents were asleep to go clubbing or to parties. I think my mom used to hear us as we sneak out at night because, come Sunday morning ,especially if a night before re ne re ile dipartying, yooo come 6:00 O’clock, she will be banging the door screaming in a very irritating and annoying voice, “Heiiiii ya lla mekoko, tsogang tsogang, bosele!”

O tla be a itatlhela in our bedroom, open the curtains and windows wide open to let the morning breeze in and remove our blankets off while screaming…” Heei monkgo wa bosigo,tswaya go tsene monkgo o monate, tsogang tsogang bosele” I swear she was doing that on purpose and enjoying torturing us as a punishment for sneaking out at night nje.,

Nna le Omo would be so pissed off, with such hangover, and pounding headaches. It was such a mission, having to be woken up that early in the morning to prepare breakfast and Sunday-Kos and still had to be ready for church. Yoo, those weekends were such torture for us. So, one Sunday, mom did her usual annoying wake up routine, Omo recorded her. We played that recording and laughed about it. We then started using it as our alarm clock for when we wanted to wake up early for something. It had become our “wake up tone”.

When we all left home to be on our own, Omo and I put that recording as alarm tone ya Sunday so that we will remember to wake up and go to church, especially now that mommy was nowhere near to wake us up.. We really missed the real screaming but, the recording was consolation.

So when “Heei tsogang tsogang start playing”, I know it’s Sunday morning, and I must get up, open the curtains and windows and prepare for church. Kevin knew it too well. Le Ena, he knew Sundays,its waking up,cooking early and preparing for church. So we both woke up, brushed our teeth, went to the kitchen, Kevin would normally prepare breakfast,while I defrost meat, peel and chop veggies,setting them ready for after church.

Kevin and I had a tradition, especially on weekends. If we are going to church that Sunday, we will have early breakfast, then 9 -11 re kerekeng, then after church we get back home, and prepare for Lunch between 11:30 -13:30, then have lunch around 14:00. Afterwards lazy around mo ntlong, or go to a mall or visit a friend. But our Sunday afternoon was usually our bonding time before a long 5 days of not having leisure time to bond. If we were not planning to go to church, usually for serious reasons or when we were just lazy, we would usually have sex party, wake up around 11:30, have brunch and relax outside by the pool and chill.

So that Sunday, we were planning to go to church, as Mr. & Mrs. Tau. I finished preparing the veggies and marinated the meat. We were going to have lamb shanks , potatoes, gem squash and roast veggies, my husband's favorite meal.

He was busy preparing breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. I helped with the toast and pour some juice,then went to eat by the patio, enjoying the sunshine and catching up on Life.

It was now 7h50; we were attending the 9:00 - 11:00 service that was our favorite.

I told Kev we needed to hurry up, take a shower and get out of the house by 8h40 to make it to church on time for service. I hated making grand entrance while the church service has already started. So atleast getting to church 5 minutes before the service always helped and we get to sit a bit closer to the front. Whenever I went to church, I made sure I don’t sit very far away from the front rows. I wanted to listen to the word, and hear it properly from beginning to end, without distractions.

We went to the bedroom, decided to take a shower together so that we could finish quicker and be ready at the same time. Ka gonne ke rata steamy shower, I let Kev go in first, while I took out the outfits for the church.

When Kevin announced at my birthday party on our wedding day that we were going for our honeymoon at Abhu-dhabi then Dubai, my colleagues told me before I left that Dubai had the best fashion trends to die for,so I must get a lot of outfits. I went to Dubai with one portable suitcase, but I came back with two suitcases, full of clothes, shoes and accessories. We really stocked a lot of clothes. Although not all the stuff were mine, I had a list from my sisters of possible gifts. Yooo, I bought scarf's,handbags,sunglasses and few dresses for them.

I took out my cerise pink pencil skirt, a chiffon top,with pink & green floral, a white camisole and a killer heel, same as Obakeng,but different colors. Kevin wanted to wear a dark blue linen pant, blue and white striped shirt and a white linen jacket with his blue casual shoes. I put all our clothes on the bed and then went to join him in the shower.

I got inside and started to bathe. My husband took my bathing towel and started washing my back. I was just enjoying the back rub when my husband whispered on my neck….

Kevin: “Can I steal just 10 minutes, Brown-skinned Mamba (aka BM) is really misbehaving”

Kevin being my sex maniac had his own ideas. I told him, we had 15 minutes for a quick one.

He giggled like a little boy with a candy in his mouth. Hai, no married women should say No to sex, especially standing naked infront of ooh so aroused BM.

I turned towards my husband, no words spoken. We kissed so passionately, I went down on my knees,gave my lip services to big BM, I was pumping it, slowly moving my head up and down, then tickling the tip of BM, seeking the moan from him that I was doing him good,just the way he liked it, then I slowly went up again till I was fully standing,I kissed him, he returned the favor, went down on his knees, cleaned me up first, using the sponge hanging in our shower, and worked me up, doing what I love best, vacuum cleaning my jj,tongue in,tongue out,so gentle and soft and sweet,

I was moaning with joy, feeling the love and affection, our shower had a bench, he sat on the edge, put,me on his lap, my back facing him, he penetrated me from behind and rocked me, I was doing my hoola hoops on top of him, so hard, he was grabbing me so tied. He held me up holding my waist as he move me from his lap and I stood up.

He turned me around, my hands on my toes, facing the bench,ke tonositse, my jj e tswetse pepeneneng, he came from behind, boy, a phatlhalatsa maoto a me ka lengwele la gagwe, a ntshwere my atm’s ka matsogo, a bula my jj lips, ke utlwile fela are ooh shuga, his BM's head massaging my jb, moving it up and down, teasing me, mm mm, just as I was enjoying monate wa BM on my jb, a tsenya BM down the jelly jar, ooh, modisane, ka utlwa ekete ke fologa mo lefaufaung, with fairy wings attached, I was not feeling my body, ke utlwile ekete ke bofefo, floating on air, I swear ene e kete okare the whole shower ene e tlala snow dust, like in a cartoon movie, wa Tinkerbell, ke bona dirurubele tse pink, purple and blue , surrounding me, ke ne ke utlwa monate ele tota.

A tswela pele, a tsenya BM, a e ntsha, gannyane a boe a e busetse ka mo gare, jalo le jalo, nice and slow, a oketsa lebelo, hit my jj so hard, ka kgoeletsa, ka bitsa mabitso a ke sa a tsebeng. I was speaking in tongues, hai, I must say I was now master in speaking in tongues…my husband’s bad habits rubbed off on me…he was now pounding so hard, ke utlwile ekete BM e ne e mpetsa mo mohubeng, he was now pulling my behind towards him, yoo, he tapped my jj nice and hard. I moved my behind, doing the round in circle moves as he pumped it up, and I heard him letting out a loud moan, telling me he was enjoying the then my jj muscle were tightening, ene e kgogega, e tiya, ke le haufinyana le tshimong ya Eden.

I screamed with so much joy, my husband too. Almost at the same time, we let out a loud moan and we came. Mmmm, what a delicious morning dessert we just had!

We finished showering quickly. Kevin whispered in my ears.

Kev: “yoo Ntate Modimo ha afe ka letsoho fela, in you, I found myself a perfect wife. I am so fulfilled. I enjoy making love to you Shuga. Every time it is different. I am one lucky man. I am fully fed mosadi wa ka. I am planning to enjoy these sweets for the coming 50 years. “

Nna: “Nxoooo, I am just the luckiest woman alive aren’t I?”
We laughed and my husband spanked my booty as we got out of the shower

Kev: “Yaa, we are both lucky to have each other. We must enjoy this moments more, in few months there will be little ones running around taking up all our time. That reminds me, you never answered my question.”

Mood killer..Kevin Karabello Tau..You are such a mood killer..I cannot believe he just brought that up. I said we will discuss this some other time. It’s hardly 5 hours ke mmoleletse se, why now. I was bored. I knew he won’t let go until I answer. I had to be honest with him so that he could back-off.

Kev: “Please don’t ignore me again like you did earlier. Are you still on the pill?”

Nna: “Eya Lavo. And I am planning to be on it for quite some time..I am not ready.”

Kev: “Woa, no need to bite my head off. Seriously though, when are you planning to be off the pill? How long is “for quite some time”. Give me time frame..I need to start making babies ausi. Ke batla lelapa laka le wena, I am not getting younger, so do you.”

We got to the bedroom, not saying anything; I was not planning to engage in that talk with my husband. Ra itshasa, still in silence, ra apara. We were ready by 8:30.

Kevin: “Ok Lavo. I can see you are not willing to talk about this. I am not going to stop talking about it until you engage with me. For now though, I am going to stop. Sooner or later we would have to discuss this. I need you to be pregnant by next year. So think about it…Get yourself ready for motherhood And when you are ready to talk, let me know.”

Ouch…Marriage neh?

Nna: “Thank you. I will let you know. Can we go already? I don’t want to be late for church.”

I said, leaving the bedroom. I went to the garage.
Kev came running to the garage, with my car keys, I was like, hell bro, that red baby ain't going nowhere, we cruising ka white big baby. I was teasing him. We argued a bit, Kev begging me to test drive my Jeep.

I knew he hasn't driven it ever since I got it ka birthday. His little brother Thabiso is the one who fetched it from Jeep on Friday of the wedding and parked it ko Thabong guesthouse. Kevin suggested that I catch a lift with Obakeng to Avianto. I guess because he knew I was getting new wheels.
Another thing, Kgosi offered to drop us at the airport. So since we were back,I spend the whole week going to the office ka yona, ke ne ke tloga very early in the morning and ke boa back from work very late too. He actually never got the chance to test drive it.

After a two minutes plea, I agreed to let him drive us to church with my red baby.

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