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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 20



I woke up that Thursday morning, ke le monate. Well fed. Rich is a lot of nasty things, but I take my heads off of him when it came to Sex, ka nnete, I was fulfilled. Remember He was my first, the only man I've ever been intimate with. So whatever he was giving me was enough. I didn't have anyone or anything to benchmark or compare with. To me, it was maana from heaven. Unlike the kissing part, where I chose how to be kissed & even taught him, sex was his speciality.He was doing me his way, which was very nice. So, I got used to his way, but now and then, I would ask him to experiment, like different positions etc.

If I was uncomfortable with other positions, He will say, let’s stick to the basics. I was ok with that. I guess it was me, letting him, teach me the ropes, as I was inexperienced when it came to sex. I was just thinking about what happened last night, the shower scene was out of this world, I had fun, I am not complaining. Although we could not finish off, I was sexed, I reached my orgasm, le ena he admitted gore he had fun. Although at some point he was insisting on us carrying on without condom, I refused point blank.

I don't play such games, no freaking way. Not with Rich, le ga nkabe ka ba horny jaang, or ka tutela ga kana kang, when it comes to boxing, no gloves no match. I just don't trust him to that point. Sorry, but the sex party ended when he whispered on my ears that he didn't have condoms.

You may ask me why I didn't have my packet of rough riders especially when I believe every lady should have in her purse. Well, I got rid of any packets left in my bags and in my flat after I broke up with Rich. I knew I wasn't about to be laid for a while. So I didn't need them. Since nna le ena re kgaogana, we never did it in my flat.

The past few weeks whenever we had some stolen moments, it was at his place, or at a hotel. Rich’s flat has a drawer full of condoms, so whenever I am at his place I know we are sorted. Shame o tshaba go lwala Richmond. He always tells me gore his greatest fear is to catch or contract a virus. His best friend died of Hiv - Aids complications, so whenever he think of him, you can see the fear in his eyes. A re o tshaba go swa ga botlhoko.
So, when I told him I also didn’t have any condoms in my flat, we finished off bathing, got out of the shower and he left, saying ga a batle go dira diphoso.

We kissed good night and just before he drove off, he asked me when I am going to Meredale; I told him I’m leaving on Friday. He said he won't see me on Thursday (following day) as he had things to do, so he will see me Friday when he takes me there. He left. I went back to the flat, tidy up the kitchen & bathroom, and then I went straight to bed. Smiling ear to ear….

Ke eng ekete I’m falling for Rich gape? No. It must be the sex…I don’t want to go that route…My body and my head tells me to, but my heart still says Not yet...I am only enjoying the stolen moments, No strings attached…We were just friends with benefits….Who knows?
Maybe with time, nna le ena re ka boelana….But it was not anytime soon.

My classes ended very early, so Kedi, Fikile & I decided to go out on a girls night out, after all it was puza Thursday. Fikile Sitha, is one of my friends, we met during our first year. She's studying Fashion Design. She is one feisty lady; she dresses so well and loves fashion. She's dating a Nigerian guy, Obinna Odega. So she's a fashion guru. When I came to Pretoria, I had no clue how a lady dresses. I was a mere plain Magdalena from rural Rusty Dusty.

When I first saw her, she was looking hot. Dressed in a yellow Rocco Borrocco jean, a floral chiffon shirt, blonde & long braids, white guess sunglasses that were on her head instead and shiny black stilletoes. Everybody was looking at her and she just did not toss a cent about them. She stood alone on the queue, Kedibone being the sweetest thing, said we should go stand with her. We went, and started a conversation with her, we clicked & that was the beginning of our Friendship. So we haven't seen each other much since we were back this year. She organized the outing & since she was driving already, she took us to some nice place in Atterbury. We really had fun. Thursday went so fast.

By the time I got to my flat, it was 21h30. I had no studying to do, no class till Tuesday, so that meant, I had a long weekend ahead of me.

Meredale here I come.

I woke up Friday morning, lazing around, since Rich was taking me to Meredale, I packed my dirty laundry, to be washed ko Meredale . Rich took me to Southgate, that's how far I was letting him to reach. I didn't want him dropping me off ko my brother's place, he didn't even know where they lived. I respected my brother so much. I didn't want him seeing me with different guys, because I was not sure about Rich, if he was going to be my long term boyfriend or not.

I always said, I will never introduces a man to my family until that man shows commitment to spend a very long time with me or even planning to marry me. We had drinks at Nikkies in Newtown before he drops me off ko Mabaleng, just a few blocks from home. Fifi always knew when I was coming, I smsed her that I had luggage, so she was coming to fetch me at Mabaleng, otherwise sometimes I would just walk straight to my brother's, it was not a long distance. I told Rich I will sms if I needed him to fetch me on Monday, depending on my brother's availability to take me back. He kissed me goodbye and drove back to Pretoria.

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