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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 105


DYGO 105
Everything was going perfectly well. I was now 8 months pregnant. I have been doing ok. Besides the fact that I was so huge like an elephant, I was pregnant and happy.

We were just waiting for March, when the precious cargo can land safely on mother earth.
We knew we were expecting two bundle of joy, we did not want to know the sex. Unfortunately the one marshmallow showed us his little mamba, and the other has been hiding. Now that we know the sex of our superboy, we had no idea about the one playing black mampatile. Kevin wanted boy and girl , while I wanted twice the divas. I was hoping for Tinkerbells, as per my dream about Paula and Omontle's twin girls. I was thinking, God will definitely make that dream come true since He gave me double blessings.

We decide to take a bet about the remaining marshmallow, Kevin said its another boy and I stood by my pink dream. So, we decided that he must oversee the decoration of the one nursery in boys colours and I will oversee the other one in unisex colours. We were planning that from birth to 3 months, we will co-sleep with them then from 4 months to seven months, the marshmallows will spend those months together in one nursery and afterwards, when they turn One, we will separate them, each sleep alone. We wanted them to be independent of each other and develop their own personality.

We took a bet that, whoever wins the bet, the marshmallows will spend their 8 months together in whichever room the winner had decorated. I was hoping I win. I love the idea of two mini us. Although I would not mind mini Kevin's. That was God's decision. Whichever the sex of our little mallow, I was going to love them both equally and wholeheartedly.
Mamazala was being her own controlling self, phoning every hour checking on us. I must say since our last encounter ko sepetlele during our miscarriage, she had toned down on being mean to me. I forgave myself and her for the blame so that I could heal properly.

Few months after the miscarriage, she attended one church service with us. That service pastor preached about forgiveness and judgement. After the service we went home and she called me to help her with something then she hugged me and we just cried together. After a good ten minutes of crying , she asked me to forgive her for giving me that stameta. She even confessed that she had some traditional herbs that she put in the stameta to cleanse me up so that I could conceive faster.

What happened during that time happened for a reason. God had his own plans for our future. Maybe had the baby survived, He would have been born with complications, abnormalities or even deformed. That is why he could not survived. I was hurt by the revelation and confession by my mother in law, but deep inside I knew she was pushed by desperation to be a grandmother and she went just too far. I knew she didn’t intent to harm our unborn child, she like everyone else ,myself included, didn’t know I was already pregnant. That day in their bedroom we agree to forgive and move on. We were mother and daughter again.

Shhh, I still dint trust her 100% , but that was just being cautious. A Leopard never changes its spots. MaNthabeleng was just a very controlling person naturally. I decided to accept her like that but be very very careful.

We had four separate baby showers. I had no idea how that came about. But both my sisters wanted their own intimate shower separate from my friends. Kevin had a baby daddy shower from his work and I also had one from work. So four times double gifts times number of everyone who attended in each separate shower. You can imagine how many gifts I received and how many duplicates I would have to go exchange.

Batso, Hlogi, Baksy, Fikile, Zu, Rebabedi and Lesedi also attended the shower organized by my family. Apparently my sister in law Reatli invited them. I loved how I was spoiled. My family shower was unique and very emotional and exciting. We were booked in a 5 star hotel in Haartebeestpoort for a weekend, all expenses paid. We were pampered from day one till we left. Our brother in law , Mr. Nyiko Baloye signed a blank cheque for Reatli. Booy we were really spoiled. Kevin was very jealous.
Oh speaking of my friends spoiling me, Fikile did not go to Nigeria. Kevin being a resourceful man used Paula's contacts, and organized her a job as a Fashion Buyer for a well known Retail company.

She told Obinna that she would not be going to Nigeria. Obinna asked her to choose between defying him and his parents or packing her bags and get the hell out of his place and live. Fikile has been in that position before, where she was made to choose. She choose Obinna over her own family, now she was being given that ultimatum again? She knew that Obinna would always mistreat her knowing and thinking Fikile was at his mercy.

Fikile remembered that the very same man was the reason she couldn't say goodbye to her parents and also the reason she can't have a relationship with her siblings. For him to ask her to choose was just a tip of the iceberg. She was not about to live a life caged because someone believed she was at her lowest with no one and nothing to her name. Obinna’s words exactly. Little did he knew that, Fikile had friends who cared and loved her enough.

She chose to pack her bags and left…Obinna thought she was bluffing. He apparently laughed at Fiks and even said She should not ever think of coming back to beg for food and a place to stay because He wa done with her. Fikile didn't tell him that she got a job, so that is why he believed she will come crawling back to him with nowhere to go.
We had the whole thing planned, because Fikile told us what was ahead. Fikile contacted her siblings asking for forgiveness. Her sister said, she will only forgive her if she leaves that godzilla of a husband. Yooo. Nkuli was rough like that. Fikile told her family that she finally left Obinna.

Rethabile moved to Roodepoort as she changed jobs. She was now based at Mtn. She moved out of Kevin's Rosebank apartment and bought herself a house ko Honeydew. Kevin had his cousin temporarily staying there.
When arranging for the job, we planned that Fikile will stay with the cousin until she was financially stable to move to her own place. What mattered then was that Fikile had a job and a place to stay - rent free. All she needed was to look after herself and her unborn child.

It had been two months since Fikile left Obinna. He has not even bothered to contact or found out about her whereabouts. As far as he was concerned, Fikile was down and out, alone with a 7 months baby bump. Nxxx, Obinna Odega o nagana gore ke seo mang. He was just plain cold-hearted. Unfortunately for him, He would be disappointed to learn that Fikile not only has someone but a bus full of people who cared about her and the baby she's about to give birth to.


Count down to the big day was nearby . I was anxious, looking forward to dee day. For some reason I was so energetic and restructuring the nurseries. At 37 weeks , my midwife- Pamela Boke and my Obgyn advised that I should start to do just about everything that was safe to induce labour naturally. Nipple stimulation, aromatherapy, sex ( which at this stage was difficult because I was too big to handle )

Sis Zodwa referred me to Pamela the midwife. She used to work with her during the time she was a Midwife.

I was from my routine check up, surprisingly both babies were head down as previously the first baby had been head down while the other one was breech. At 39 weeks, I was really in a good mood and didn't feel overly tired.
I called Mama asking her to pack her bags and come to Joburg because Dr said I could give birth at anytime from our last appointment. Although my EDD was 4th April, I was already tired of being pregnant and praying God gore ke pepe. Yooo ke ne ke utlwile ele tota.

It was such an issue to Mmatsale because apparently Kevin told her that mama was coming over for 8 weeks. A month ago, She told Kevin that I should pack my stuff le the kids’ stuff so that immediately after re ba discharged re ye straight to Sebokeng gore a mpeye setswetsi.

I refused on the spot. It nearly caused a huge fight between Kevin and I. He told me that his mom was so much looking forward to welcome his kids and that I should let her a mpeye setswetsi for a moth then mama can come afterwards. Yoo, I refused. I could not leave my house and keye setswetsi ko bogadi, mme waka a ntse a tshela or let mmatsale a mpeye setswetsi ka first kids. No, eseng hampe empa, this was my first time in motherhood, with twins nogal, I could not trust my mother in law to care for me more than my own mother would.

I reminded Kevin that he once told me gore both his sisters Reatlehile and Nthabeleng were home for botswetswi ba their first children. Why was his mom expecting different from me? Le nna ke ne ke batla go beiwa setswetsi ke mme wame especially with my first. Ke a gana e le ruri. I was supposed to go to Mmatau, but mama said she would rather come over. She said something about not wanting history repeating itself. Referring to what happened to Tsitsi while she went home for botswetsi leaving her husband behind.

I'm not criticizing my mother in law, fela rotlhe re a itse. Times like these, every woman needs their mothers. Who won't mind or complain when you can't hold your child properly, who won't judge or criticize your parenting instincts and skills, who would be just glad the kids sleeps with her whenever you need to recharge, who will let you eat muesli and yoghurt but also make you soft porridge and a cup of tea without complaining. You need your own mother to patiently guide you through the journey, instilling those values she raised you upholding. O batla mme yo o go belegeng to hold your hand when you just cry and be emotional. Especially if she is still alive.

Honest and truthfully, some mother in-laws can do that job perfectly fine go bana ba bona more than dingwetsi tsa bone. Well that’s my personal opinion, not a fact. My experience thought me this about mother in laws. They do not always have your best interest at heart. They will impose, criticize, demand attention, control you or make you feel inadequate. I had such a mother in law. Apart from her being botswa, she was controlling and wanted things done her way all the time.

Nna le Ena re sharpo re ratana from a distance. I learned that much after magadi when I went go kotisa. Ka beke fela, ke ne ke setse ke le sharp. So nagana gore go ile go nna jang ka botswetsi? With two infants? I could not stomach that. In as much as nna le ena re tshwarelane ebile re tshepisane to start afresh, I still could not trust her . I had to convince Kev million reasons why I can't go to Sebokeng … Even though he was not so convinced, he finally agreed that her mom will come over once mama a feditse her duties.

We agreed that mama will spend two months after birth and she will go back home then afterwards mmatsale will spend a month. I agreed yoo, ka bonako le teng. That was more than perfect … I was happy with the resolution.

Although deep down the thought of spending 4 weeks with my Mother in law still gave me chills, I could not complain. She will at least be in my territory, so she will be a little tamed. She should never try to control us. I was planning to be a good makoti, hoping she will be a great mmatsale.

Will she behave herself though? That I was curious to see....

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