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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 31


For some reason I thought, yooo, motho wa Kevin ke oo o fitlhile...Why is she asking about my shoes? Why is Kevin also sayin there is no woman in the apartment? I was shaking in my dress...Yoo, Ke lateletse noga mo mosimeng..If that is Kevin's girlfriend, joowee, ke ilo trapiwa today..

I heard banyana ba jozy ba tshelana ka di acid..I was in the bathroom, barefoot, my bag is somewhere by the sofas and so is my shoes. How will I escape this? I had million things running through my mind..

A part of me thought maybe I should get out, get my bags, and shoes...Ke laele ke itsamaele. I thought, I will just have to call Richmond a tle go ntsaya..Ga go ka mokgwa o mongwe...I didnt want trouble...

My grandmother likes to say, ga bo lefyega ga go lliwe....I better get the hell out and go , gonne I was not there to cause a fight or be in one. Yoo. Come to think of it. I was so mesmerized by Kevin, I didnt even ask him if he was in a relationship..Shit...Ke mathateng tsatsing lena. guy also said something,

Just then I heard a Guy say: “heela Ntate, ontse o duba eng monana, something smells sweet in here for a change, not your lonely muscular scent, what are you up to ndade?”

I recognized the voice; it was definetly Kgosi’s.

I heard Kevin saying, “heelang, you don't just rock in my house and bombard me with questions. Yes I have a visitor, very important and special. If you can stop with this entire questioning and snooping, she will join us now. So can you please chill, people?”

Was I relieved or was I just relieved to hear "My man spoke"..Yes, I was soooooo relieved..

Kgosi said, Mmm, can't wait to see that special person who has you wrapped around her sweet scent."

Kev: "Ok just a second, I'm coming." .

I heard footsteps approaching the bathroom, I figured it was Him.
Ahh Kev is a gentleman tlhe, he came to the bathroom door, and knocked. I was sitting on the closed toilet seat. I stood up, went towards the door. Just then, I heard Kevin’s voice….

Kevin: “Bobo, can I come in?"

I didn’t waste time,I opened up and meet him by the door. He just held me tied and closer to his chest. He cuffed his hands on my face, and gently pulled my face towards him, sucked my lower lip, then kissed me briefly and said, let’s go shugaboo.

What's with the shugar? Kevin has been calling me that for a while now…It sounded sweet hearing him constantly calling me like that. Hee hee , I giggled softly.

I was tiptoeing behind him. He was obscuring my view. I could not see properly in front and so as the guests, they could not see me.

That lady asked: “Kevin, hau, where is she?”

Kev turned around and said, "Kgosi, look what I finally found."

Kgosi literally jumped up and came my way, hugged me so tied, I couldn't breathe.

Kgosi: "Nolo, have u any idea how much we went through to get you here? Wow buddy, this is the best send off gift among the most. I was worried about you, thinking how are you going to survive 4 years without me, who was going to make sure you are good and that you do not miss me too much? Chee buddy, now, tomorrow I'm boarding that plane, a happy man."

Just as I was flattered & humbled by Kgosi's reaction, the lady who was sitting next to my shoes, stood up and opened her arms for a hug.

Hee bathong. Kana ga ke ise ke itsisiwe gore ke mang, but here she was all smiles about to embrace me.

She came closer, hugged me and said," if my man loves you, I also love you. By the way, I'm Tatenda, but you can call me TT, as in T.e.e.T.e.e."

I was like, Yooo, she's just too forward hey. And what does she mean when she says "if her man loves me”, who is she referring to as her man? I thought.

Kevin interrupted her. TT, meet my shugaboo, Obonolo, you can call her Noli." Bobo, as she already introduced herself, she's Kgosi's girlfriend. I slowly breathe out, a sigh of relief... and said Ok. I was indeed relieved.

Nna:" Ke itumelela go go itse ausi", I said as she went back, to sit down,

TT: “Enkosi sisi."

As she finally sat down, she held up one of my shoes,

TT: “ yooo sana, zintle zihlango zako, nyaane,si bukeka engathi zi turu. I love them.”

Nna: "Thank you" with a grin....

Ooh she's Xhosa.I thought to myself. I was battling with Fiks and her language, isiZulu, now here I was, in the presence of a Xhosa lady. Hai, this is going to be a long night.

Kgosi interrupted, buddy, we got to go, Glen, Lu' & Tumi are waiting by Jan Smuts, if you are ready, let’s get going.

Kev: “gives us two minutes, rea khutla.”

He took my hand, barefoot as we were; we went upstairs, to his bedroom. When we got there he said,

Kev: "Shuga, are you sure you want us to go? We can excuse ourselves and just stay here, just the two of us. You just say the word."

Ruri? Haaaa Kev though, we spoke about this, really, I don't mind. I looked at him,

Nna: “Kev, it's fine, let’s go with them. This is a once off. It’s your last night out with Kgosi, you and I have many more days, weeks and weekends to do ourselves. I'm really ok, let’s go dancing maan. You are not going to lose me again. This I promise.”

I said kissing him on his cheeks. Come. People are waiting for us downstairs.

Kevin: " Aish Bobo, I was having so much fun before ba re disturba, I want more of that. Are you sure, ha o batle re dule?"

Nna: “No darling I said I'm good to go so let’s go dancing…”

Kev: “Ok shuga, let’s go. Re tla bua on the way. After you.”

We went downstairs. As I get there, Kgosi and TT were at the balcony. Kgosi was on the phone, TT was checking herself on the big mirror by the gym.

I went to the sofas, to wear my shoes and go touch up my face to be ready for the night.
Kev one a setse a apere ditlhako tsa gagwe. O ne a goeletsa Kgosi.

I looked on the floor for my shoes, which apparently grew legs and disappeared from where I left them..I knew I didnt leave them upstairs or anywhere else..Yes, TT o bile a di emisa when she complemented me on them...

Modimo wa ba tshidi. I thought.

Just as I was busy trying to think gore ekabe ditlhako tsa me di kae,ke lebelela fo fatshe...Ke le confused,

TT rocked up, with her shoes in her hands and mine on her feet.

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