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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 91


My drive home was shorter; it took me less than 25 minutes to get home. Kevin was not back yet. I changed into my comfortable sweat pants and some tank top. I thought to myself, I really need to go shopping; half my clothes are getting too small. Since it was Kev's payday, I will go chow my man's hard earned money. Yes, a woman needs some shopping therapy now and then. So, tomorrow, it was me and retail therapy, besides Kev has been on my case about our wardrobe.

The last time we actually bought serious clothes was on our honeymoon. Yoo, almost a year ago. I looked at myself on the passage mirror, Ka nnete; I'm putting on a lot of weight. Can depression make one so fat? Yet one of the symptoms said, you lose appetite. Nna gee, my appetite has increased tremendously especially since winter started. I have been eating way too much.
Hai, ke ne ke ijela bathong, and I was enjoying my food.

I remembered my slice of the cheese cake Zuraider bought for me at work. I didn't get the chance to eat it, ke ne ke sa ntse ke ferogile dibete from the offish ribs I ate. I quickly went downstairs to the garage to fetch it. Ke tsene mo ntlung ke setse ke eja. I was eating it so fast gore ke e fetse then eat something else.
I decided I will check with my husband about his plans for tomorrow.

Ever since this year, he was so so busy. He started a construction company. Nyiko told him gore di tender di latlhile, so he needs to join in and chow the free government money, naganang bathong. Is there such? Kevin ka go rata dilo, he wanted the piece of a cake, He went and registered a company to chow di tenders as he puts it. During the week he was busy ka work stuff tsa Sasol and during the weekend he was focusing on his business.

I was planning for us to go shopping, if he was not going to meetings with his potential business partners. I was hoping he would agree. It would be nice to go shopping together. I thought we could really do with that. We really have neglected our image, understandably so, the house took precedence over everything else. Now that project create our dream home was done and dusted, we must start living.

Come to think of it. Maybe I should put the retail therapy aside, focus on getting my body in good shape and as a reward for my achievement, I would go shopping. Zuraider was right; I must slow down on unhealthy comfort eating and start getting healthy. I could ask DK to start preparing our meals in a health way. I am sure in a month’s time I would be back to my sexy figure.
DK disturbed my thoughts as she bangs the pantry door. I looked at her with that look gore, wa nthubela mosadi, careful. She just read my expression and shouted oh phepi mme, ke ne ke sa ikemisetsa ho ho tshosa",

I just ignored her. I was throwing the foam dish that was carrying my cheese cake when I heard my phone ringing. I quickly went to the entrance room where my bag was… I checked caller id, and I smiled, it was my elder sister Otsile (aka Tsitsi.)

Tsitsi: Mrs. Tau Dumela, le ntse le ya hantle Nnaake?

Nna: Hau Mme Mulaudzi, se o bua Sesotho these days?

I laughed at how she sounded and decided to throw back at her.

Nna: “ Ndhi hone Khaladzi, yanga Vho vuwa hani?

I was laughing at myself with a broken Tshivenda. She also cracked in laughter

Tsitsi: heelang bathong, go simolla leng wena o itse go bua Tshivenda? So perfectly? Kana le nna I don't even sound so well. Yoo, Rendani would kiss you, ga aka be a go utlwa. He used to try to teach me, hai, tlhogo yame e popota. I gave up on trying. Ha ele Andzani ( aka Andza) and Rudzani( aka Rhu) are so fluent it’s not funny. My kids sound like ba nna ko Venda. Le kgale nna ga ke moVenda, they are.”

I laughed at the excuse of her not being a Venda.

Nna: Khaladzi, kana o nyetswe ke monna wa moVenda, you should learn how to converse in Venda. Ke tla be ka go ruta. Kana nna ke nale batlogolo ba go bua Tshivenda, so I made sure I learn basics. Otherwise o kae ausi wapeloyame?

I asked her. She laughed .

Tsitsi: " You are so sweet, yoo wa nkgopotsa sebara same ga o re ausiwapeloyame, O kae ena birthday boy?”

Claps twice. I completely forgot my husband's 34th Birthday.

Really? Ke bile ka swaba nko go feta molomo. How did it even slip my mind? Kev and I share a date, we are both born on the 25th, He's a September baby and I am an October baby.

Joo, I was so ashamed, thinking I didn't even wish him a happy birthday from the morning till now? Yet we spoke when I get to work, during the day and few minutes ago when I left.

Then immediately I remembered him asking me if I was not forgetting something. That must have been his way of reminding me. Still I didn't grab that. Even before I left the office I spoke to him and I never said anything about birthday. Honestly it slipped off my mind.

I never forget people’s birthday, let alone my husband’s? Haii maybe ke this depression thing. Maybe it was time I seek help. I cannot continue like this.

Yoo there and there, I had to think fast and act fast before it blows on my face. I had to do something special and pretend as if I was planning to surprise him…Ka nnete. He would be hurt hore I forgot his birthday. Le nna ke ne nka utlwa botlhoko. I needed to cut off Tsitsi and act fast.

Nna: Oh birthday boy, gaise a boe tirong. He's probably on his way. He was at Sasolburg offices; probably he is stuck on traffic, especially ya Friday. It’s bad. Aus Tsitsi, can I call you later, I need to rush somewhere before Ntate Tau a fitlha?”

I said, thinking I have to go get Kev something for his birthday and also think of something special we could do or I could do for him , just to cover up for forgetting his birthday.

Tsitsi: Gosiame, but ke ne ke batla go itse gore o dira eng ka moso? I will be in Northgate, so I was hoping that we could do afternoon drinks. I'm so stressed, I need to talk. If o nale di plans go siame, re tla bona re kopane neng.

Nna: No sesi, I don't have plans yet for tomorrow, but I don't know about Kevin. Can I confirm with you later tonight?

She said Ok, and asked me to wish Kev a happy birthday. We said our goodbyes and I hung up.

I was already upstairs by my walk in closet, looking for something to wear fast, and leave. I saw my floral maxi dress, and took out my cardigan and sandals out. Ke aparetse ka bonako. I must have taken 5 minutes or less. I rushed downstairs and grabbed my bag .

I shouted out for DK to come to where I was. She was apparently cleaning the outside braai area, as she was planning to treat us to a braai supper. I said she should not worry about supper, Kev and I will go out for supper. I told her that I forgot Ntate Tau's birthday, so I was rushing out to the mall before he arrives. I said she must not say anything. She promised and left to finish off what she was busy with. I looked at the time, it was 16:00, so I will make it in time before the shops closes.

I remembered one Saturday, a month ago, while shopping for house stuff, we went to Hyde Park, and he saw some sneakers that he loved. He said he would love to own a pair, but unfortunately not at that time, his focus was on getting everything for the house. He could not buy them because he was saying he rather use that money for some house furniture instead.

You could see he really loved them. He even fitted them and asked if they had them in white. The guy said yes. He was about to ask the guy to bring the white colour, but decided against it. He grabbed my hand and said we should go before he got tempted. I insisted that he must buy them and he said no. He said the house comes first. The guy even offered to keep one pair for him should he change his mind soon. He said the sneakers were selling fast. Kevin told him that He might come during the week. The guy told him that he will wait for him.

We left the shop and carried on with our household shopping.

Later that day, we went to Montecasino, we walked passed some white guy wearing the same sneakers in white. Monna waka a senke a gafe soo. E ne ekete a ka boela to Hydepark a yo di reka. But we let go and focused on something else.

Ke ne ka driver towards Hyde-Park, hoping I find them still in stock. I got to the shop at around 16:45 and went straight to the shop assistant. I described the sneakers, immediately he knew what I was talking about. Apparently they were the in thing at the time. He went on the shelf and brought a blue coloured sneakers.
I said, yes, those ones but I wanted a size 7 in white. He went to the storeroom, when he comes back, he said he had only size 5&6 in white and not size 7. I was spinning. I begged him to triple check. As I was begging, and telling him how much I wanted to get them for my husband as a birthday present.

Another assistant came towards us, I recognized him from the day Kevin was fitting them. I reminded him and luckily he remembered. He said I could get size 7 on Monday because he ordered them, as a lot of people who were buying the sneakers went for white. I was disappointed. I said it would have been perfect for today, not Monday.

As I was standing and talking to the guy ke mmotsa gore ga a itse any shop around that sells them? The gentleman who assisted me first came towards us with a box. I was overjoyed. I thought he found them. My joy was short lived. He came to the one I was talking to; I figured it was the store manager. He said this size 7 white pair, has been set aside by one customer who came in the shop on Tuesday, and said he will come to collect them on Friday, the guy hasn't been there, and in the next hour they are closing off.

He suggested that, If I don't mind, I can wait or come back in an hour's time, before they close. Should the guy not show up, they will sell the sneakers to me and the guy who reserved them will have to wait for the next stock that was arriving on Monday.

The manager agreed with him and they said I should leave my contacts so that they can call me should the guy come to fetch his sneakers or not. I thought, well, maybe it might be my lucky day, I prayed that the owner does not show up and I will get my husband those sneakers. I thought, if he comes, well, I will have to take size 6, just for gesture and come to exchange them for the right size on Monday.

Atleast it will be the thought that counts.

Husbee will have to be patient to wear them until Monday. So I was sorted. I told them I will surely be back and my fingers are crossed. They laughed and said for my sake, they will also cross their fingers. I left the shop and decided to go to other shops, hoping maybe I might bump into a shop that sells them as well. If not I would just have to push time waiting for those guys to call me if the owner collected his size 7 or not..

I decided to call my Husbee to check if he was home already. His phone rang for a while before he could pick up.

Kevin: "my shuga, shuga bee, what's up?, Don’t panic, I'm on my way. Sentse o nkhopotse?"

Hi Lavo, off course I miss you when you are not by my side. How far are you? I asked. He said he was far, but will be home soon. I asked him gore o diesitse ke eng. Are o fetile ko Vaal Tech a ilo cheka Olefile (my younger brother), then decided to go past to see his parents, then Ntatemogolo, then he will be home.

I was not impressed with him. Since when does he just do rounds without telling me? I was bored but also happy that he will find me home, ready for our outing. I said, well okay, see you later, drive safe and I love you.

Kevin: "sure Shugaboo, see you soon, le nna ke a ho rata mofumahadi waka.

I was putting my phone in my handbag, not looking forward where I was going. I bumped into some guy, my bag fell down. I just knelt down without checking the guy. I thought he’d pass and carry on with his life. As I went down to pick up my handbag, so was he. I was down still knelt down, when I looked towards him.
Our faces met,

Holy Moly Mother of Jesus…..Heelang, Who do we have here?

Well well well….

Small world it was...What have we here

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