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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 66


He stood up and held my hands, helping me up. I held my breath, ke itlhaganetse go itse gore go diragala eng mo tlhogong ya gagwe. Ke utlwile a tiisa matsogo a gagwe go a me.

Kevin: "Se se diragetseng magareng a rona, ke phoso ya me Bobo, completely my fault.”

I really felt a sense of relieve and relaxed. Was that all this was? A bout of delayed guilt? I thought and said, Karabello, that’s not true, and you know it.

Ka menwana ya me e metonna, I gently massaged the tops of his hands.

I continued,

Nna: "Rele babedi re phoso, re dirile bad and poor choices."

Kevin a tsikinya tlhogo ya gagwe…

Nna: "No shugar, ke ne ke tlamehile ho ho tshehetsa, through what happened earlier. I shouldn't have put you in such a position, and I had no right to give you ultimatums or conditions. Nor matter how I felt."

An expectant silence lay between us, as if Kevin had something important to say. I looked down.

Nna: “ Is that the reason you stayed behind at the garden?”

Kevin: "No shuga"

He said, his eyes searching my face and my eyes. His mouth was half opened, but he didn't seem to know hore a ka reng. He moved back.

Kev: "Well partly."

He said, as he let his gaze fall to the place where he held my hands. Erile a lebella kwa godimo, matlho a gagwe a itsheka dikeledi. He said But... and he paused, as I looked at him, trying to read him.

Kevin: "I needed to think things through. Intshwarele Mofumahadi waka. Ke maswabi hona. Ke swabile nko ho feta molomo.Sorrier than you will ever understand."

I moved closer, gently pulling my hands from his, stretched out my arms, wrapped them around his waist. For what seemed like few minutes, Kevin stood there frozen in place.

Nna: “Shhh, don’t say that Lavo, Ke a itse you are really sorry”

He held me as close as we could be mistaken for one person. Our faces were inches apart, that moment when our lips were about to meet, instead, Kev smoothed his finger over my eyebrows and traced it gently down the side of my face.

Kevin broke the silence, "Shugaboo, I want you to remember something..”

I waited, with my heart beating fast. I was asking myself why he didn’t kiss me.

Kev: "Nor matter what else happens, I never wanted to hurt. I don’t ever want to hurt you again. You were right, No one is perfect; I am not perfect, I do make mistakes. I have done things I'm not proud of, I hurt you, I disappointed you a lot. When you left me there, I had to really dig deep within my heart, be honest and put myself in your shoes.

Ke ile ka ipotsa gore if nka go direla phoso, how would I want you to treat me. I know amidst the pain e ke tlabeng ke go tliseditse yona, I would want you to forgive me, I know you'd always find it in your heart to forgive me. Le ha ke tlabe ke sa deserve your forgiveness. I agree with you, we should always look into each other's heart and soul and know that we don't hurt each other deliberately or intentionally.

I know you never meant to overreact and hurt my feelings. I should have known better than how I reacted, that you were being human. Re le batho, re dira diphoso, we get tempted, satane gets in our hearts. We cannot behave as if we are pure, we must always choose forgiveness. I forgive you and I also forgive myself more, for not being supportive ,for any pain I have ever caused, for every wrong, I have done in our relationship, known and unknown to you.

Like I said, I am not proud of some of the things I have done, some I wish I can undo, some I swear I will never repeat. I can’t stand here, acting so holly, yet I know I also do things tse di mpe. Fela mofumahadi waka, ke a ho tshepisa ho tloha tsatsing lena, right now, I will never hurt you or do anything that can and might hurt you. I will protect you and your heart forever….

You and I have made vows today, from this day onward, we will live by them. I swear by all that I am, and all that I have that I would never cause you any pain, in any way or form. You are my Life, my Heart and my Soul.

When you hurt, I hurt too. I love you now more than ever. Please forgive me”

Our eyes locked, and gannyane gannyane, distance between difatlhego tsa rona ya tloga, until our lips came together. Matlho a me a tlhabiwa ke keledi, ya rotha lerameng lame.

The salty taste mingled with our gentle and passionate kiss, and the feelings between us grew. We were both crying while enjoying the passion of our kiss… It was not the normal day to day kiss we always share. Instead, it was a kiss of infinite sadness for all we have loved, all the moments we disappointed each other, for the hurts we caused, for not trusting each other's love and the times we lost being angry at each other, it was a kiss that hinted pure forgiveness and a hope that was from God alone.

I thought of LSG, somehow I thought although my husband did not mention what he has done or the things he did that he was not proud of, I knew he was apologizing about his interaction with her and other bad things he did behind my back . When he said, he was not perfect and that temptation and the devil di fela di kena go rona rotlhe, in my heart I knew I must accept his apology. Right there I erased her and forgave him.

Kev broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

Kevin: “Shuga, do you believe me? Do you trust me? Do you Love me?”

He wiped the tears that were running down my face and he looked right into my eyes.

Nna: “I believe you, and I trust you and most importantly I love you with my Life and all my heart. I love you with all of my being. Lav’of my Life”

He kissed my forehead.

Kevin: “you are so beautiful mosadi wa ka. I thank God for you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.I will be foolish to wanna jeopardize this. Us, You and I...

Come let’s go, people are waiting for us.

For better or worse, united we shall stand.

Kevin and Obonolo Tau. Just married

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