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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 10


I must have fallen asleep, like a baby. I was woken up by noisy music from my neighbors. It was 12h35, Yoo, I really overslept. I was planning to go to church, but since I slept in the wee hours of the morning, I decided against it. I woke up, made my bed, and took a quick shower. Ka ika-parela shorts & tank top, made my brunch, eggs, polony& atchar with Brookes Super7- Kiwi and Mango flavored juice, hai varsity life neh, gape that was a continental breakfast for every student back then.

I went to the sitting room, switched on TV; there was no Dstv then. I browsed through to check what is interesting, and there was nothing to watch. I remembered my DVDs, put it on, & Titan-ic started playing. I was busy eating, when I checked my phone, I had 16 missed calls. Really? Was I such the most wanted student ever? Iyoo. I was not in the mood to check the call register to see who tried calling. I didn't want drama. I woke up with so much peace, that I didn't want anyone to disturb or mess it up. It was Sunday as well, so ke ne ke batla go ikutlwella gannyane.

I finished with my brunch; decided maybe Titanic won’t be good for me, so I stopped it. I put on Metro fm; station sa go blueza, especially Sunday afternoon, The Romantic Repertoire. I stood up, went to the kitchen washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen & the sitting room. The place was spotless. No trace of food ever prepared or bought. A thought skipped my mind. Maybe I should take a walk to Shoprite,and buy some veggies, come back and cook Sunday kos. Yeah, I thought that was a good idea. I'm going to do just that, ke batla Batso ga a boa, a fitlhele ke mo apeetse masutsa. I thought first, I need to buzz my classmate and friend Kedibone, a mfelegetse ko Shoprite.

I picked up my phone, Aish, those missed calls neh, still there. So I decided, Arg let me somaar check them. Last 2 was from home, just before 10:30, ok, I will call them later, 10:10, followed my cousin Mpho who went home to Mmatau for the weekend, so I thought maybe she has something's for me, from mama, le Ena ke tla mo founela gantele. 10:00 was from Letlhogono Majola ( Hlogi) , my friend from Meredale, 9:00 was Kedibone, ok I was just about to call her anyway, oh no, not again, the 5 calls following each other between 8:35-9:00 with intervals were from yours truly. Don't Answer, nnaare motho o ke mang, I remembered SMS from Rich, when he said I must call the number and check who my stalker is, yoooh, I really must call it but I must finish checking the call register . Then 8:15, was roomie Batso, she always calls me when she's home ale bored, so I knew one of the missed calls will be from her. 8:00, suprise suprise, it’s from my wonderful ex, Richmond Dikgale. Mosimane wa Soshanguve. O batla eng, well, this I must find out. This is interesting.

The next missed calls were from last night after the crying, while I was dozing off on the couch, which registered 20:45, was from Batso. You won't believe who the first two missed calls ka 21:00 & 21:20 are from. Yes, you guessed it wrong, it was not Don't Answer but my elder brother Omphile, and roomie ya me, Batso, really, why does she ever go home, but still miss me so much? I laughed. Hai, since Kev disappeared into thin air, I avoided going to Evaton with her. She asked me to go with her, are MmaMohale (her mom) misses me. I was almost tempted until she mentioned Kgosi. Yoo Batso though, this thing of her pushing me to be interested in her brother, was getting too boring. Besides, I believe a guy should approach you first, not other way round. Yena o busy gore ke itatlhelego Kgosi.

Clearly Kgosi doesn't want me. I have been going ko gabone since 2000, and not even once, did I see or sense any advances from Kgosi. Here she was, expectingg me to throw myself at Kgosi, hai, no maan. She really is going to throw a party when I tell her ka Rich and I. Ga ise abe a rate Rich, well the feeling was mutual.Rich never liked her to extend that he sometimes make excuse for coming over my place are he can't stand her. Hecticness. Le ena Batso, sometimes,o ba funny ga Rich a nketetse, so ya, it was like that and I had to learn to accept it. So ka January when we come back, she even asked me gore, sure sure I'm done ka Rich, hehehe, I said yes, but she still said,hai, wena, go ise goye kae, tlabe o mo founetse ore wa mo gopola, so I don't think you are truly over him.

I decided to start from bottom up, returning the calls. First I called abuti Omphi, who told me something that shocked me. He said there's been a guy coming there since Mid January. All the time ga a fitlha, o fitlhela Omphile a se teng. All the time he asks security for my Brother or Obonolo. Security always let him speak with Violet (Omphi’s helper) over the intercom. Violet o ne a fitlhisa melaetsa go Omphile gore go nale abuti o mmatlang every week. He always asked for Ntate wa mo ntlung or Obonolo. So Omphile said the guy was at the house maobane (Saturday) and luckily, he was home. He asked about me and when was I coming to Meredale. He called out my numbers, asked if I was still using the same numbers. Omphi confirmed them.

I was laughing, and then I asked him who the guy said his name was, then abuti are orile ke ena Karabo. Ditsebe, voooo, up, Karabo? I didn't know a guy named Karabo, only girls. Hai, I asked abuti if He (Karabo) left his numbers. Abuti said yes, and promised to SMS them. I spoke to my nephews (Atlang & Afilwe) and said my goodbyes.

I then called Batso,
Nna: "hey roomie o sharp?"
Batso: "yeah, I am.Chee, mannyeo, bothata ba hao ke eng? I called you twice in the morning and you only returning my calls now."

Knowing my roommate, she loves to complain. Ga a rate go founela cellphone ya motho and a seke a arabiwa.
Nna: "O.k. mamaBatso, askies really overslept, ga ke a ya le kerekeng. I had a long night. What's up roomie?"
Batso: “Wa lala wa sala, o tla fetwa ke ntho tse ntle. Anyways, I wanted to find out if Kgosi called you."
Nna: “Hee banna, why will your brother call me? Le teng,O tsebela kae di number tsa me? Bat-so, I will kick your butt if o tsamaya o fana ka di number tsa me. To answer your question, No, he hasn't call. Go reng o botsa?"

I was a little irritated. This match making ya gagwe is getting to bore me. I really don’t know how I should tell her that I'm not interested in Kgosi. I thought, maybe I should tell her about meeting Kevin, and that, He is the one I want, ke ene ya tshwanetseng go ntetsetsa, not Kgosi. As I was thinking, she continued.

Batso: “I didn’t give him your numbers tlhe roomie. I caught him snooping on my phone, mao-bane hoseng, and later in the afternoon, I asked him O batla eng, then at first he denied it. He ended up telling me gore I caught him. He asked me how many numbers do you have & which one is in use. I confirmed your numbers, and asked if he will call you. He just smiled and left. My brother wa go rata,I knew it. That's the reason for my call, to check if you guys spoke."

Awkward, I was bored. She was so excited. Why was Kgosi snooping to get my numbers? Did Kevin perhaps send him to get my numbers, or ka nnete Kgosi is interested in me? I wondered if Kevin even mentioned that we met. Anyway, I decided to stop beating myself up, trying to understand all this.

I changed the topic.I did not want to discuss Kgosi. So I asked about mystery man. She said she saw him, and they spoke briefly. He told her that he will be frequenting Pretoria in the near future, so they will hang out. Yoo the girl was in cloud 9; already she's making progress in the Love department. Hmm, I told her that I was happy for her. We said our good-byes. I asked her gore a dumedise mama & everyone.

Batso: "O.k., roomie I will. Kgosi is bringing me back later, so ene o tla mo dumedise personally."

I felt like running, I chucked and said goodbye. I dropped the phone. My Sunday afternoon is ruined. Batso o ne a mpakela modumo ka nnete.

Wait a minute, can it be Kgosi? The stalker? Don’t answer? Aish, and given what Batso just said, it’s really him. I was bored for Life. Wa bona jaanong, ke a borega, why must they put me in such an awkward position?

My motto ka dating, Thou shall not date a friend's brother.Thou shall not date a friend's ex, crush or admirer. Batso ka nnete ga a mpereke sentle. Hai, I'm going to delete the stupid no. I ain't dating Kgosi, for as long as I am friends with Batso.Period

Why is Kgosi all of a sudden interested in me? I cant picture nna le ene re jola? I wanted friend ya gagwe not ena. Nxxx. I decided to make a plan to avoid seeing him. I thought, I'm going to SMS Batso ke mmolelle maaka gore I am going somewhere and when they reach Pretoria, a ntetsetse ke tle go ba gatlhanetsa. I was planning that as soon as she sms, I will leave the flat and make excuses so that I don't have to see Kgosi. I was not in that mood.

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