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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 33


The drive to Rivonia was short. The whole trip we were listening to Kgosi and TT. Me and my Lavo were just locking eyes,touching hands, kissing. Kgosi was driving by the way. So we had plenty of time to just be lost in each other's company.

My heart was beating fast, butterflies in my stomach, chills on my spine.With every move he made on my body, whether he was just putting his hand between my legs, or locking hands,or putting his hand on my shoulder,my face, I was feeling so good. I've never felt that before. Truth be told.

Rich was not a touchy person. To him, touching meant having sex. He never displayed such affection.Le ga re dutse re le babedi. O ne a dulela kgakala le nna. Hai..

So here with Kevin, affection was everything. That I have noticed. I loved everything about it hence I thought to myself that this is me ,finally meeting my perfect match. My prince charming, my soulmate, Lav'of my Life. Kevin Karabello Tau.

As we got to the place, just by Rivonia Boulevard, Kgosi's phone rang, it was one of his friends, Luthando( aka Lu'), he was asking how far we were and that he reserved a parking space for us.He said Kgosi must just ask for Trust( security at the parking lots) he will show him where they are parked and where he & Kgosi must park. Kgosi just said sure ndade, we are almost there. Kgosi also asked How was the place?

I don't know what Lu' said, but Kgosi was not happy about his answer. Well, we will see when we get there, Kgosi said and hang up. He then told Kev his conversation with Lu'.

Kgosi: "i Lu' ore VIP area is taken, something about being pre-reserved. So he managed to get another special area on the other side of the club. Its not like a VIP, and its further from the dance floor but, its ok."

Kevin: "Ho thata, ke a ipotsa ke mang who beat Lu' to the VIP..Kana ke mo a tholahalang..Hai, Its fine though. As long as re thotse mo re tla dulang teng. Ha ke bone e le such a train-smash."

I was thinking, Hai, Lu ekete o tshwana le KRichmond..Ke batho le di VIP areas. If we were in Pretoria, ke ne ke tla re ke Richmond and his people who booked the VIP area.

The guys seemed unhappy but we proceeded to the parking where we asked for Trust and he remembered the guys who gave him R100 note to reserve parking for some people.We parked and got off the car. Kevin held my hand, and we walked across the other side of the street , where the newly opened club was located.

We were met by bouncers,very muscular and gigantic.They put some bands on our wrists while checking the guys dress code. In we went. It was so packed,people mingling and having fun. Kev spotted Itumeleng ( aka Tumi their friend) and directed us to go where they were seated.

The place neh? It was just classy and well set up. I thought, its the kind of places Rich defines his life according to them. We would have been here together if it was in Pretoria.No club opening or VIP area miss his presence. I decided not to think of him,today it was about me and my man.

I wanted to see the kind of party animal he really was. If he is those guys who don't dance,or the ones who dance while seated, or the bula circle re tsene kind of guy. Richmond was the latter. Every single party he will be in a circle,surrounded by girls,rocking the dance floor. Initially I used to be uncomfortable and was bothered by that,but then as we continued with our partying dates, I realized he loved it. Boy, he can move shame, maaka ga se mafura, Richmond, toll ass Rich wa bantwana ke majaevane. That kind of guy when he dance, you could undress for him,just to let him rock you. He had the body for the moves hey..topped with his looks. Dance floors were blessed with his presence.

Nna on the other hand, I was that crystal vase,positioned on the table, guarding everyone 's drinks etc. I was shy or should I say stiff like that? I couldn't move as rhythmic like banyana ba Pitori. Those girls ba tla go tsentsha matlho. Never try to outclass them ko dance floor, you will be embarrassed. Now and then I would stand right by the tables and dance, well only if it was my favorite songs offcource.

Kevin disturbed my thoughts and said, Tumi , Lu, Bianca, Glen,Nicky, meet Obonolo,my shugaboo.

Shuga, these are my friends and their girlfriends. I waved to all of them and said " Ke thabela go le itse."

Kevin pulled a chair for me and I sit down, TT sat next to me . I was seated in between her and Kev.My Lavo was by my right side.

Another lady joined us, Tshwarelo( aka Relo), she gave Kevin a peck on his cheek.

Kev said, " Hee ee hle Relo, motho waka o ho shebile, ska mpenya tuu."

Everyone laughed,and she said,

Relo: " Haibo TK, se o nlahlile neng rato laka, I'm hurt. Le gale ho lokile, I'll settle for Itumeleng."

She came passed us, and spotted TT, she then stopped and gave her a hug and greeted me.She said

Relo: "I believe you are my Mk, TK's girl?"

I laughed and said I'm Obonolo, but you can call me Noli. I asked her, what is MK? She said , ga ke tsebe MK e emetse go re eng but I know its being used for a woman who dates same guy, so they are called MKs.

I looked at Kevin, then her, with the "what is this supposed to mean" look. Kev ignored me,

Nna: "haa ausi, so nna ke Mk wa gago, meaning you and I are dating same guy?"

For a moment there I was confused. She pat me on my shoulder and jokingly said, you learn fast. She went and sit down next to Tumi. I was still shocked. Kev whispered on my ear,

Kev: "she's pulling your leg, she's Tumi's girlfriend."

I looked at her and we smilled at each other and winked. TT looked around and asked where are the waiters, she's thirsty. Kgosi immediately lashed out at her,

Kgosi: "hai wena, already o se o batla drink. Iketle tuu."

Glen answered TT and said, they will come soon, then we can all order.
We mingled with the crew, me with the other ladies. Mostly having a girls Q&A session, o tswa kae, o dirang for a living, blah blah. It turned out,I was the only full time student amongst everyone on the table. That made me the youngest also. Everyone was talking about working for this and that company.

The waiter came, we all placed our orders and carried on talking. I was pressed, needed a bathroom. I asked Relo, where the ladies room were. Kev said, he will take me. I refused and said,No, I will find my way. This guy is too much a gentleman maara waitse.

I loved that about him. Rich could really learn a thing or two about how to treat a lady, especially when you are out with her. Yoo, kana whenever I went out to clubs with Rich, he will keep leaving me all alone, ene a socializer, or a flirter with ladies or just disappearing into the place. He will just leave his loaded wallet with me and that's it. I will have to find my way around, alone. Order drinks, food or snack alone. This. was different, I was well looked after by Kevin.

Relo said, she will show me where the ladies are. She was just too sweet. Of all the ladies there, I liked her the most. She stood up, let the way to the bathroom. She just showed me and said I will find her back at the table. I said sure. We were not too far from the bathrooms anyway so offcource I'd find my way back.

I went into the bathroom, did my thing, washed my hands and powdered my nose. As I was there fixing myself, retouching my gloss etc, a lady entered the bathroom.

Lady: " yooo ke tshwere ke moroto byang, I seriously need to relieve myself. "She just pushed everybody, o ne a setse a apotse borukhu, halfway, she looked for unoccupied toilet. A sena taba le everyone else waiting on the queue to use the bathroom.

She finally spotted unoccupied toilet, apparently it was not "in order", regardless, she went in and peed. No sound of flushing, she came out and & washed her hands.She was a bit embarrassed about peeing mo toilet e sa direng sentle.Hai bo clever sometimes maar..O naganne gore the other ladies ke di matla for not using that toilet ba emetse bangwe ba fetse to get in? Imagine if she was doing number two, only to realize that there was no tissue or worse, that toilet was like that, Not flushing? Hai..

I just laughed and continued putting hand lotion on my hands.

Lady: " ausi ke khopela lotion"

Ke mmone fela, coming to the toilet without handbag..I gave her."Ngwanyana wa Pitori, her accent said it all. If youve lived in Pretoria, you can really differentiate them from any other people from different areas, just by listening to how they speak. Their Tswana is mixed, and they have this cute way of talking. Their KG is pronounced KH, and a lot others..But trust me, anyone who comes from Pretoria, o bua jalo. I spotted gore o tswa Pitori by just saying Khopela..I knew o gopela ke mo adime my hand lotion.

As she finishes putting the lotion, she looked at me and said thanks.
I just said its a pleasure.

As she was about to leave she turned to me,

Lady: " askies go tshwenya, khopela nthwa go tshasa molomo."

I was like Whaaaat? If there is something I despise,is that.I don't share anything ya me ya go tshasa molomo with anyone. My friends and family knows that about me. They don't even try to ask. Le ga nka e tshwara in my hand, I just say no.Ke a nyontshega.

A good looking lady, at a club, ko bathroom,without a handbag, really.I thought to myself, this girl is gotta be kidding. I just shook my head and politely said,

Nna: "sorry ausi,eseng gampe, ga ke adimisane ka dilo tsa go tshasa melomo."

The girl without class, turned around and faced me,

Lady: " Iyoo ne ke sa nyako eja, ke nyako tshasa molomo fela. O ka qoma ka lipgloss, hai, wa te potsa yoo. Anyway oka nna wa ikhipa, ke tla khopela someone."

Give this lady a glass of "go to hell drink-o-pop". O na le sebete ka nnete.

Nna: "Be my guest ausi.I dont roll like that"

She turned and walked away.She murmered something, which I could not here...All I heard was her swearing at me as she left the bathroom.

Lady: " Nxxxxxx Tsek..."

Some ladies who heard us, laughed at her. One of the ladies was shocked gore motho o kwatela lip-gloss ya me. She also said le ena ga a adimisane ka lip-gloss or anything ya go tshasa, are its disgusting and so unhygienic.Worst, unladylike.

We all laughed. Yoo ngwanyana wa Pitori bathong? Really?.

I went back to the table where everyone was still there. Kevin was getting worried about me, he said he was about to send a search party.

We all laughed at him. We had our drinks, mingled and danced. Kevin is like me, he is the shy dancer.He barely stood up and danced. I had to pull him up from his chair and danced with him.It felt so good. First time in my life, being held so tender, dancing in the club full of people.

I can't count how many clubs I've been to, le Rich, but this has never happened. I was in cloud nine, I found my perfect prince.

E ne e kete bosigo bo bo ka be bo sa fele. Nako le yona e ne e tsamaya ka bonako.I was really having fun.It was nor 22:15

As we set down, my phone rang. I wondered gore ke mang. I put my hand in the bag, to get it.

The ring tone was loud yoo.It was so noisy, Kevin also heard it and said

Kevin: “Shuga, are you going to answer that? Ke mang bosigo jena?”

Yooooo, what a question….

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