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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 34



I finally found my phone, when I check the caller id, it was Hlogi. I just looked at Kevin and said, I got to take this. 
I think she was worried about me.Since we lied about some non existent party. She was checking gore ke sa le safe naa. I answered,

Nna:" hey choma, what's up?" 

Hlogi: "Choma, o right? Did you manage to get out? Are you home already? "

Just as I was about to answer, Dj Christos started playing , everyone was loud, making their way closer to the dance floor. I couldn't hear myself. I just moved opposite direction to the dance floor, without telling Kev or anyone at our table. Besides, people were crazy over Dj Christos, so they didn't notice me moving.

Hlogi: "Choma, wena ga o ko geno neh? The background, yooo, seems di a boa."

Nna: “Eya choma, I'm at club Coco. Guess who is the guest deejay?”

Hlogi: "You freaking kidding me choma, you are at Rivonia? At the most talked about hip and happening club in Jozy? Choma o skhokho.O tsamaya le mang? I hope o ko VIP area. Mpotse ke mang Deejay tuu."

Hlogi was crazy asking me all that, o ne a utlwagala a le impressed by me being ko Club Coco. She could not stop raving about how that club is top notch. I told her Dj Christos is burning the place down. Yoo, ene e kete a ka fofa from Witbank a tle Jozy.

Hlogi: " Yoo choma,I am in bed, sleeping, actually bored. Hape Witbank is the most boring place. If it wasn't for Zweli, I would never come here.Whoever took you there, beat me to it. I was planning to take you there ka June holidays."

Letlhogonolo Hlogi Majola, was such a party animal like Rich, yooo, she knows up market places mo Jozy. Soweto yona, o e itse like the back of her hand. He is dating some gangster Zweli Mazibuko. The guy o sharpa di heists tse serious. Hlogi likes to tell me stories about him, and how he lives a dangerous life of hide and seek. O phela a iphitlhile, either o batla ke mapodisa or ba ilo shapa heist somewhere.Hlogi ka go se tshabe dilo, she sometimes go with him wherever and just stay in the hotel. She told me gore other days when a heist has gone right, she will be sleeping on top of millions of rands…and other times when a heist has gone bad, yooo, they have to hide from police. Yaa she was living a very dangerous life.

Nna: "Hooo,Hlogi, yoo, you can talk girl, chill. I said.We are going to come here, come June holidays, just the two of us. I promise. I will call you later when I safely get home ne. But so far I'm having fun with my date. Ke tla go bolella everything about him.”

Just as I was saying goodbye, I felt someone wrapping their hands around my waist, coming from the back. I thought it was Kev. I relaxed and the person squeezed me tied. I told Hlogi goodbye and hung up.

Something about his scent told me it was definitely not Kev's “Very Irresistible - Givenchy.

The scent I smelled was a bit musky and reminded me of a familiar scent,Yes it was ‘Pour Home Soir by Bvlgari…

Wait a minute, can the person holding me, so intimately be who I think it is?

Woa Woa Woa, it can't be. Can it be? It is highly possible though. But how much of a coincidence will that be? Just as I turn and face the person, I nearly fainted. I could not believe my eyes.

Lefatshe, bulega ke tsene…..

Of all the places, the moment and the day, why did it have to be Club Coco? Not today tlhe, not when I was having the time of my life with Kevin. I thought, today of all the days? Hai, some things are just unexplainable, unexpected and mysterious.

Ke utlwile ekete kea lekiwa, go reng dilo tse jaana di direga mo maphelong a batho ba bangwe? I quickly snapped out of it and removed Richmond's hands off my waist.

I was shaking. Ka utlwa mofufutso o tsamaya down my spine. This can't be.

Rich: " And nou my Mabhebheza, wena mo Coco? I must say, its fancy bumping into you here. O vaya le mang?"

I quickly remembered Rich 's phone call earlier in the day. When I was meeting Kev ko Southgate. He mentioned something about new club and a friend inviting him over to sample it. Sharks, I never expected it to be Club Coco. Ijaaa Rich invited me and I lied to him. I said I had date night with my family. Yoooo. What have I done. No, what am I going to do?

Ke ne ke tshwere ke gas, I couldn't even utter a word.
I got lost in thoughts, really deep thoughts, thinking what am I going to do. I didn't want a scene between Rich and Kev.But how do I avoid it?

Rich distracted me.

Rich: "you are looking beautiful as usual. You wearing my favourite dress, for a while I thought you gotten rid of it. Anyway, you didn't answer my question.Ke itse o vaya le mang.”

Just as I was about to answer, a lady approached us, and hugging Richmond' s waist like he did with me earlier. I could not see her face. I only heard her voice.

Lady: "babe khale ke batlana le wena, o irang moo? "

I took a step back, Ok, besides the fact that the voice sounded familiar,

Rich o fasitse.....

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