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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 6


Our meeting was more accidental and I even thought nothing was going to come out of it.I thought Kev ke bo abuti ba go rata go aketsa banyana, charm them and leave them broken-hearted. He looked more like a playa type, than a serious “playing for keeps” type. I think it was mistaken personality, because he's very playful, charming and friendly. So I misjudged him. Here we are, it turned out, He was “My Mr. playing for keeps.”

I remember perfectly how it all begun, that November Saturday, ko Muldersdrift.....

After the traditional chapel ceremony, all guests waited in the hall way for reception time. Since my plus one ditched me ka di last-minute, I decided to fly solo,go and support my friend and room mate, Matebatso, who was one of her sister's bridesmaids .Most of the ceremony I was alone. Until some guy joined me as I grab something to nibble on.

As I wonder about where I was going to sit, he came to where I was standing, he was being a gentleman, and he got me a chair to sit. I thanked him without paying any attention to him. I must have thought obviously he came with his wife or partner; after all, it was a wedding. I turned around continued eating my snacks. I just thought he left because; I just focused on my plate.

I heard someone clearing his throat behind me, as I turn to see who it was; there he was, still standing where he was, and our eyes locked.Ka utlwa ke tshwerwe ke gas, just looking at the guy standing in front of me. It was as if ke santlha ke mo lebelela.Well in those mini seconds, I sized him up and down. He was dressed in All White linen suit, navy blue shoes n a navy blue shirt, unbuttoned almost to the chest. O ne a tshwanelwa ke diaparo tse a neng a di apere. He had brackets legs, kare dikgoro, hmm; he looked like a soccer player.

Yoo, for a moment my focus was on his chest, because it was just too visible,and inviting, I swear I was undressing him with my eyes and drooling... Not literally though,just in my wildest and inappropriate thoughts. I quickly snapped out of my silly thoughts. I didn't know what to say, ke utlwile fela ke mmotsisa gore nka mo thusa ka eng.

He just smiled.Oou emm gee. Abuti wa dikoti marameng. I was really taken by his smile, I was mesmerized, even felt my jelly jar (vagina), getting excited, he had such a powerful sex appeal. Ka nnete, ke utlwile ke mo dira ka matlho. He had such a beautiful smile, Athletic body, hai maaka ga se mafura, O ne a eme sentle. He was Very Dark in complexion, he had very white teeth, his lips, heaven!!!. He looked yummy. I must say, he reminded me of that American actor: Morris Chestnut. I swear they have a lot of resemblances.

He extended his hand and introduced himself," Hi alone lady, Kevin Tau here, how do you do?"
I also extended my hand, shook his hand." Hi to you too Kevin Tau, by the way I'm not alone lady."
He held my hand, not letting go. I pulled my hand back and just kept quiet.

Kevin:"Intshwarele ausi, the thing is, I have been checking you out, for a while now, and noticed you've been alone most of the time. Hence I said you are "alone lady", just like I'm alone gen-tleman."
He continued apologizing. And asked me if I was comfortable sitting where I was, or do I mind if we go sit down closer to the door. I just said, I was fine where I was, and besides, I don't get comfortable talking to strangers.

" If you will excuse me Kevin Tau, I'm taking back my plate there."(Pointing at a table where light snacks were being placed).
A bit of disappointment escaped his face, he seemed offended. I knew I was hush, but, I didn't want to appear too easy.I had to play hard to get..Oh no. I was hard to get.

Kevin:"Fair enough, however, I'm no longer a stranger. I just told you my name."
“Sorry abuti, go itse leina la gago, doesn't mean I can be comfortable with you. Who knows, maybe that is not your real name?"
I felt I was being too hard on him, I quickly said, “Ok Kevin, since we are both alone, and strangers, we can keep each other company."

Kevin:” ha o stranger ho nna. I know you."

"What did you just say?, we just met, like mnmm,less than 10 minutes ago, and you already think you know me?. Hai abuti you are scaring me."

Kevin:" I am dead serious. Ke a ho tseba, maybe even more than you think. I believe you also know me, well, we crossed paths before."

I was like, “No freaking ways, nna ke simolla go go bona abuti, I don't easily forget people's faces, if I had seen them before, I'd surely remember."

I was being honest; I have never seen him in my life. The only reason I was at Avianto that day was purely to support my friend's family and her of course. Surely he was mistaking me for someone else. He insisted that he knew me. He actually said, he knows a lot about me, my name, where I'm from and where I stay and where I’m studying and what I'm studying. I thought he was bluffing.

Kevin: " O mogotse wa Batso (That’s how Matebatso’s family call her ).You stay with her ko Sunnyside."

I was shocked. I tried to remember ever meeting him, but I was blank. The way a nkgapileng maikutlo, just by looking at his face, I swear, if I met him before, ke ne ke tla mo gopola. He had such effect. I felt guilty, like, I was supposed to know him, yet here I was, with no collection of memory about him. He continued,

Kevin: “Two months ago you were at Evaton.You study Bachelor of Science at U, Do you want me to continue?" He asked me with confidence and that smile again. Just as I'm drawn to his smile, I remembered that, indeed two Months ago Matebatso invited me to her sister Nkagiseng bridal shower. I went there, but I still don't remember seeing him.

Remember Kgosi, the best man, yes you do, He is Matebatso’s older brother.Ena le Kev are childhood friends. Kevin's grandparents lived in Evaton, two houses away from Kgosi & Matebatso's home. So Kevin, o tshwanetse a be a mpone ko Evaton many times while visiting with Batso.

I said: “ Ooh, yes, I stay with Batso ko Sunnyside, and yes I was ko Evaton 2 months ago…Obviously, Batso told you about me. Nna ga ke go itse ke santlha ke go bona. So big ups for you Kevin Tau.”

Kevin said, it was not even the first time seeing me. He first saw me, sometime in October a tlile le Kgosi at our flat.He said, they passed me waiting at the gate with some girl. They were not staying longer, as they were just dropping Batso from school break. He said he stayed in the car & watched me, apparently & obviously I was not aware. He said I was so free, smiling and being genuine, not pretentious. He further said, ever since then, he could not get my face and my smile out of his mind and planned to pursue me some day. So, here we were.

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