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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 28


We toasted to a successful evening, finding each other, a perfectly well spent day and many other coming days and nights like that. We were done eating, waiting to pay the bill. It was around 20:00, the night was still young in Rosebank, it looked like midday, yooo, and I’ve never seen so many different types, calibers, shapes, sizes of people in my life in one place. There were lots of Celebrities. The Zone, It’s indeed a meeting place.

We paid and left Catz Pajamas . We decided to take a look around the mall. I was getting a bit chilly outside, I asked Kev to go to the car & fetch my shrug. He wrapped his hand around my waist and we headed to the car. Before we get to the car, Kevin asked me something.

Kevin: "what is going on between you and that Rich'man, if you don't mind me asking?"

Nna: “I don't mind your question. And the answer is simple; nothing is going on between us” 

I quickly answered. Truthfully and in all honesty, nothing was going on between us. We are not dating or not in a relationship. Yes we have been cozy a lot of time, getting closer, spending time together, a bit of sex, now and then but Rich and I knew we were not an item. We just couldn't go back there. We got along very well as friends with benefits than when we were dating. Obviously I could not tell Kevin that we were friends with benefits. So I confidently said nothing is going on.

Oh ok, interesting.Kevin murmured in a kind of I don't think so tone. 

Nna: “Ekete e kare ga o ntumele jaana?”

Kevin: "No, I don't, no I mean I do, taba e nketsang ke be skeptical ke the picture of you and him that I saw that time ko Pretoria. You seemed like a couple, even though you said then ne le kgaogane. That guy loves you, ke mo shebile hantle and trust me, He seemed like those guys that are good in swaying a girl or smooth talking a girl to say yes. 

Heelang, nnaare abuti o wa reng? Richmond loves me? Ebile ena o bone gore Rich ke smooth operator? Yooo. Strange. He continued.

Kevin: “So I’m going to ask you this question, and I won't ever ask this again, Are you over him with no possibility of wanting him back?”

Yooo, this is a tough Q&A, I thought to myself.

Nna: "Well, I won't lie to you, before yesterday, I was really thinking hard about getting back together with him, but something kept preventing that. Sure he wants us back together, more than anything but I told him I needed time. So, to answer your question, about me being over him, Mmm, I can't say I'm 100% over him, but having found you and ready to start something with you, I can say, with time, I will be over him. The second one, is just simple, if I so wanted him, I would be with him. It’s been 4 months since our break up and I managed not to get back with him at times that I could have easily taken him back. Now that I have you, what could possibly push or make me to even think of wanting him back?”

Fair enough, Kevin said as we reached the car. He opened and took out my shrug and came to where I was standing, he put it on my shoulder. He said asked if I was feeling. I nodded.

Kevin: “Can I ask you another question? Last one for the evening and please be honest with me."

I looked at him and said shoot.

Kevin: "Tell me, have you guys ever been intimate since beginning of the year? Or should I say ever since you broke up?"

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