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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 94


This was some kind of joke right? The owner came to fetch his shoes? No No


No dude, less than 10 minutes ago you said, there was no way he would come and that I should come buy them.

What happened between that time and now? You seriously pulling my leg right? I said. How long ago was the owner here? Couldn’t you have at least called me to tell me the bad news?

Rubben: “No mam, actually, this guy in front of you, is now the owner of the white size 7 sneakers you wanted. I am really sorry.“

He said, giving Rich his card back and a receipt to sign. Yaaa they are sold. To Richmond Phalane…..

The sneakers that were supposed to be my Husband’s birthday present…Yaak

I almost fell down from disappointment. Really? Richmond was the one who set aside those sneakers? So he finally came as promised to buy them today?

Ooh holly molly. What a flop. Rich turned and looked at me, and said what's going on here. Rubben explained the whole story and his call 10minutes ago. Rich was in disbelief.

Rich: “Oh well, let the lady have the sneakers for a good course and I will come fetch the ones coming on Monday."

I looked at Rich and asked him many times, if he was sure that I can take the sneakers. He said he was positive. He would not be needing to wear them this weekend, so he was definitely sure.

Rubben disturbed us and said, Sir, you already paid for them, and I won't be able to reverse it now. It will take time. Rich said, no problem, Rubben doesn’t have to reverse anything. He said I will reimburse him and he will pay for his on Monday. Rubben nodded and said, okay sign for me and we will be sorted.

Rich signed the till slip and then moved from the counter and said I can have the box. I was in awe and surprised. I said, Thank you many many times.

Rich wanted to leave, I stopped him, and said, your money Mr. We must go to the atm ke ho reimburse. He ignored me and opened the door, and waved goodbye. Knowing Rich, he would never take money from me. He signaled “ I'll call you” and off he left.

Oh no. This was my husband's sneakers, paid for by Richmond, I didn't feel good but, what can I say? I got what I wanted and my husband will have his Air Jordan, White with Metallic Silver sneakers worth R4500.

He will appreciate the gesture and the gift. I knew he loved them. I'll be left with a guilty conscience. It was not like I asked Rich to pay for them. Actually I wanted to reimburse him but he refused. I could not shove the money into Rich’s hands or anything. I will sms him to send me his banking details.

What my husband does not know won't hurt.

The guy put the receipt and the box in a carry bag. I thank him and then left. I was rushing home so that Husbee could find me there, ready and waiting.

I got home just in ample time to get the box wrapped. I quickly called DK, gave her a wrapping paper and asked her to go wrap it in her room while I freshened up.

Just as soon as I got to the bathroom, Rich send me an sms. He was saying, It was nice seeing me and that I should keep well. I read the message, replied, and sad, Feeling was mutual. I thank him and reminded him to remember to send me his banking details for reimbursement.

I carried on with getting ready. I wore my birthday party dress. Luckily it was not too tight, especially because I had put on some weight. Thanks to the straps at the back, I could adjust it according to my body size, so it was perfect.

I remembered that Kevin was wearing his formal clothes to work. He had meetings today, so he is a man, no need for him to be changing and stuff. I put on my makeup and I looked good..

As soon as I was done, I heard him coming up the stairs. Just then a message peeped in, I took the phone and it was Rich.

Ke eng ekete ke tla itsholla go fa Rich my numbers? This back to back sms would get me in trouble. I didn't like these at all.

His sms was saying, He didn't want reimbursement, one day He might need my help.

Hai, I knew it. There's always a catch or someone putting a hold over you with something. This was Rich putting me on an awkward position because he wanted to ask me for something sometime...Why will he ever never financial help from me? He was the moneyed one not me. E yona, e tlo go ntsenya mo mathateng. I will have to set the record straight with him, maybe tomorrow. He better accept his money back. I hate gore a njese ka di pipe. Knowing I owe him especially for Kevin's sneakers, it was not sitting well.

I felt bad still, but honestly, I didn't go asking him for money and it just happened so fast and unplanned. But here I was feeling so guilty. Rich better stop smsing, the man of the house was home. I didn’t want to be looking all guilty when I check my phone or when it rings…
Hai, nkare I made a huge mistake. Ke eng ekete he forgot that I have a husband? Couldn’t his messages waited till tomorrow or whenever? Haii, I hope I don’t get in trouble ka nnete.

DK finished wrapping the gift and brought it to our bedroom few minutes ago. So I was excited about giving it to my husband. I wrote a birthday message on a little card.

The message read

"A little angel whispered into my ears that the heavens are going to shower a dash of extra love upon us. That’s because today is the birthday of the most caring person in the world. Every birthday of yours, I am reminded of how lucky I am to be able to spend my life with a partner like you. I still pinch myself sometimes to see if I am living a dream. Happy birthday to my life partner that I never thought I deserved. The Lav'of my life Karabello . I Love you today, tomorrow and forever“

Kevin got into the room, and he found me starring at myself on the mirror. I must say, now that he, Zuraider and Rich commented in one day about my weight gain, I was now conscious about it. It was all I see. I was not looking bad, but I was not as confident as before.

As he came towards me, he whistled, and asked me to twirl for him. I suddenly felt sexy. He came closer, he cuffed my face in his hands and kissed me so passionately and stopped. He looked at me with those piercing eyes, saying he could have me now. His look assured me that my husband still seems to see me as sexy, and that was enough.

Kev: MmaTau, o motle hampe, what's the occasion?

I looked at him and said, get ready, in 40 minutes we must be at Montecasino.

I moved away from him, took the gorgeously wrapped box and gave it to him. I kissed him on his forehead and said" I didn't forget your special day. (Lying through my teeth)

Happy birthday mohatsaka. Ke a ho rata.

He took the box, and shook it. Must I open now, or later, he asked.

Hau Lavo, it’s all yours. I said.

He said he was curious. He was just going to unwrap it, peep through and he will open it later. I laughed.

He did as he suggested, and I saw my husband's face, lightened up. He came closer, hugged me and said, “Thank you my wife. This is the best gift ever, I didn't expect this. I really appreciate it.”

I said, for you I will. Let’s get going Lavo..or else we will be late…

He said he will change his shirt and jacket, and we will be good to go. He did that and changed. Nxx my husbee though? How handsome can he look maar? He was my handsome dark chocolate indeed. Mine.

We went downstairs and said goodbye to DK, who was cleaning the dishes. I asked her to lock up before she goes to bed.

Quality time with the Lav of my Life


We got to Montecasino just in time. We went to the place’s map and searched for La Scala. We spotted it and went inside
Mmm, La Scala is a beautifully laid out romantic classic Italian Restaurant that sits in the heart of Montecasino. It’ s view from the balcony, leads you to believe that you are overlooking the streets in a Tuscan town, the combination of a warm and inviting interior, which draws you in. Badiri ba moo, ba friendly and ba boikobo. They seem to know what they are doing.

A petite lady greeted us, introduced herself as Tatyana. She was well spoken and sweet. She said she will be our waitress for the evening. She handed us the menu, smiling ear to ear. She said, she will let us go through the menu while she gets us something to drink. I ordered passion fruit and lemonade while Kev ordered double tots of Gin and tonic.
Kevin was really touched. He couldn't stop saying ke a leboha. I couldn't stop saying, same thing, For you I will.

Tatyana came back with our drinks and stepped back, seeing that we haven't opened the menus. I quickly asked my husband what he would love to eat. I said, I was skipping the starter, I will order main course and dessert. Kevin agreed with my plans. Ohk. I said as I summoned Tatyana to our table.
She came closer, ready to take our orders. I pointed her some funny written menu as I couldn't pronounce it. She quickly and beautiful pronounced it for me. She said oh, that's Bistecca alla Fiorentina, good choice. She continued, it’s a grilled steak topped with rosemary and garnished with extra virgin olive oil and garlic sauce served with roast vegetables or spicy rice or baked potato. Is that all you are having mam? Tatyana asked. I nodded. She asked me how I would like it served with. I said. Roast veggies and thanked her.

She went closer to Kevin and waited for him to decide what he was having. Kev loves Italian, he raves about their dress sense and their food. He is a sucker for pasta. While in Varsity he took Italian and French lessons so he could pronounce some words properly. He used to say, He will one day go holidaying ko Italy.
He closed the menu and said Involtini di pollo Ripieni.

Yooh, that's my man. Tatyana took it down and asked him if that's all, and he said, mm can I also have Gamberi Grigliati, can you bring it first, before the first orders? Tatyana said ok and left.
I was charmed by my husbee, mm I said, now tell me, what's those stuff you ordered moratuwa? Kana o tlabe wa ja dilo tsa go phela. He laughed. Kana nna ke lebeletse a familiar name like serloin steak and went for it, but wena, yours sounded complicated.

He smiled, ooh, this man in front of me bathong, just by looking at him smiling with his dimples popping out, I get turned on. Mmm, unkulunkulu ungbhekile, wa ngipha indoda ya madoda. He's just too perfect, my perfect man. I have been with him for seven long years, but over and over, it feels like we just met. I love my dark chocolate hunk. He still makes my heart skip.

Just as I was busy drooling over the hunk in front of me, he disturbed me.
My first menu is chicken breast filled with vegetables and robiola cheese, served with potatoes and vegetables. The last one I ordered is just grilled prawns. Ooh, wow. Interesting. I said, blushing, Mm I should have ordered the prawns meal, Aish. Kevin said, I know you too well, hence I ordered them for you. Ke tsibile hore your outing won't be complete without prawns.

Wow, see, now I'm more convinced that God had him in mind when he created me. How well can a man know a woman this much? Sometimes ke nale go tshoga gore,I'm dreaming about this perfect life I'm living. And that I will wake up and be miserable. But I was not dreaming I really had an amazing husband who does everything and anything to make me happy and fulfilled.

These perfect man who takes his perfect time to know me. He knew what ticks me off, what turns me on, what makes me happy etc. Sometimes I get scared just how much he knows me. He sometimes finishes my sentences and also can even pick up when I'm lying about something.
He would say, “No No shuga, simolla hape ko nhleng, and this time, please don’t put BBQ” Yooo, I would end up telling the truth without tweaking or spicing it up. He was able to see through me.

I thought of the sneakers story, how Rich paid for them. I thought, must I tell him about how I ended up with the sneakers? The whole story , the truth? Or should I just let go?, especially seeing how happy he was owning them. I thought, if I even start the story, it will force me to reveal the owner who reserved size 7.

Maybe I should just be honest with my husband. Maybe leave the part about the real owner...Or maybe tell it all...

The truth shall set me free...

Ka otlwa ke letswalo, but a part of me wanted to come clean....

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