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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 18



I decided to go to Mpho's place. Re ne re itseetse dikgang,catching up on Mmatau gossip. I also told her about Omo, but asked her not to say anything to anyone, not as yet, especially, malome wa gagwe( referring to my dad) and rakgadi wa me- her mom. She cooked my favorite food, Ting, beef stew, cabbage and gravy. So I ate my supper there.

Rich came to fetch me there, we went to my flat. Whenever Batso is around, I'd go meet him downstairs, either we stay in the car, or we get to the flat, but stay in my bedroom or balcony. Sometimes we drive to Pretoria North, his apartment. Those two couldn't stand each other. I made peace with it.

With Batso out of the flat, it was only me and Rich, you can just guess or imagine what might happen. Since I had my supper at Mpho’s. Ke ne ke kgaletse something sweet, a cake. Before we get home, we drove to Brooklyn, there's a coffee shop that sells the juiciest, freshest & delicious mouth-watering cakes.

Rich once took me there after he first tasted my mom's tiramisu cake. So he said,he knows where I can get a substitute when craving my mommy's cakes. That was the next closest cake place after Sweet Havens.

We got back from Brooklyn, with a box of cake. I cut two big slices for us, putting on some romantic soft music and we enjoyed the mouth-watering cake. We finished off, I felt tired after the walk to Sammy Marks. So I wanted a long hot shower.

I told Rich that I am going to shower then we can decide what to do on a lazy Wednesday evening. Either we could hire movies, or watch tv or just cozy up mo sofeng.

I stood up, took the dishes to the kitchen. I went to run the shower, just the way I liked my shower. Before I take a shower, I run the hot water first so that there is more steam in the bathroom, then,I jump in .Batso always complained about that. Are I'm wasting water, but I don't care, I love doing that.Its a bad habit, my bad habit.

I went to the bedroom, took off my clothes, put on my silky robe and went to the sitting room, while still waiting for the steam to start coming down the bathroom door. Rich pulled me to his lap and kissed me, so sweet and tender. It was hot, I got horny. He got excited wanting to get rough & tumble on me, right there & there. I pulled away, I told him to hold the thought.I teased him and told him that I was going to take a quick shower then we would carry on where we left off.

I love to feel fresh when I get that kinky. Nothing turns off the sexual mood, like a foul smell on both women and men. For women, it is that fishy smell & man is that muscular sweating, nkare motlhapologo wa two days.

I always make sure before I indulge, I feel as fresh as possible and comfortable. You wouldn't want poor man/woman, getting down there to eat out in that jelly jar ( jj) smelling the fish or sucking honey stick smelling motlhapologo.Yaaaaak. Hygiene is very important brothers and sisters. I believe when a woman is comfortable in her own skin, she's at a better position to enjoy love making.So as men, they perform better when they are comfortable with themselves.

Mmamogolo wa me told us that, every lady must always have 8 things in her bag, all the time, especially when you are going to a party, wedding, funeral and or outing. She always says, you will never know what might happen to you or who you might bump into. Ok sisters, I am going to share with you what my aunt deem is necessary for a lady to have.Her Super Eight must haves items in a lady’s bag.
One - Lip gloss bathong, I hate a lady, who will go around with a dry looking mouth, worse a ntse a kopa bathong. “ke kopa zambuk, ke kopa vaseline or Vicks, ke kopa ntho ya go itshasa molomo,’ really sisters? Let’s have some pride. Nna I do not share my Lipstick/Lip-gloss or any lip balm with a full breasted lady, ke a gana.

Two- a small body spray or perfume, I always have those little bottles of testers in every bag, you know when you are at a mall, and those sales people giving our testers? I always, take two, so you can imagine how many of those I have. You should try that, I tell you, they come handy. A girl’s gotta smell good bathong, e seng o bo o nkga swankie look, clere or that green camphor.

Three - a pepper spray, ladies, I advise you to invest in this item, carry it all the times. There are some jerks, morons, sick and dangerous people out there, so if you are in those situations where jerks try to force themselves on you, and it will sure come handy.

Four - a packet of flavoured Condoms - incase your jelly jar ga e gone go itshwara or you decide to offer mouth services to your man's mamba in the car, or you getting generous with a one night stand hunk, you will need some glove, practicing safe sex & avoiding unwanted pregnan-cies and diseases, trust me protection is important in a woman's life.

Five - a packet of any minty or flavoured chewing gums or sweets (tic tacs, spearmint, Dentyne etc), this you will definitely need in those instances when you are going to smooch your man or some random guy. You would not want to smell garlic or foul nje. You won’t want to kiss a foul smelling guy, so that minty or fruity breadth will help.

Six - a packet of intimate wipes in your handbags, very very important, carry them wherever you go. Ladies, we all know most of the times when we leave home we already know whether you will be laid or not, it hardly ever happens unplanned. You become aware immediately when you are dressing up. You always choose that sexy underwear & definitely a matching bra. While putting them, in your mind you will be thinking, bringing it on bro .So wipes comes handy when you want to feel fresh and want your man to be generous to jj, vacuum licking it. Also, while you are with your man, especially when you are not at the comfort of your home and you know he's about to tap on that booty, before getting into the mood, foreplay and all, excuse yourself before the moment heat up, go to the bathroom, freshen and wipe it clean before being tapped.

Seven - sanitary pads, yes, pads, put two individually wrapped, just in case you are not in the mood, and he wants to tap it. When he starts making his moves, excuse yourself, get to the bathroom, put it on, and come back. When he tries to chow mei you, most man will touch your jj while smooching, so, he will be met by a bumpy pad, you cry foul, saying it is that time of the month. Some man are turned off by that, unfortunately some would say it doesn't matter. Per-sonally, I will never agree to such a messy sex.

Eighth one- Good smelling hand lotion, yoyo, this one, is like lip-gloss, some ladies ba tla go ma-katsa. You know you have dry skin, yet you go around without something to lotion and moisture your hands. O fitlhela ausi o montle ka matsogo a setlhafetse, what a turn off. So ladies, try to have these super eight.
Ladies, first impressions tlheng, they do last or score you some points. When a man approaches you, they look at a few things before bo abuti ba ka ipala mabala a kgaka, or make advances. So, please make sure you are always on point.

Rich tried pulling me back, but I moved away faster, he only managed to grab my robe, which was almost halfway out during the heated moment. I took it off completely, a sala a tshwere yona mo matsogong. I left butt naked, letting him in full view of my God given African trade marks (atm’s). I walked away confidently shaking what my mama gave me. Makgolo (my grandma) are ke di money maker, ( So ke ne ke shaka money makers tsa me) Heehee..

I disappeared into the bathroom, leaving him with a hardened, erected and ready for action light skinned -mamba (I called his honeystick Lamamba) ….

As I entered the bathroom, I heard him putting up the volume of the music, changing the cd. I thought He was going to wait up on the balcony till I was done showering so that we could carry on... Before I left to shower, we were listening to Brandy's cd. He put on Keith Sweat's Nobody. It started playing just as I jump into the shower. The feel of the water running through my body was sensual.I wanted to shower fast so that I can go carry on with Mr Rich....

I was squeezing my shower gel and working it out on my body. I heard the bathroom door opens, as I turn to look, there was my tall, ooh so handsome Richmond, butt naked.

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