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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 73


Mogalammakapa! What the heck just happened? I mean ruri..Did he just swear like that? Ka nnete this was cruelty at its epic best.Ke a simolla go utlwa matlhapa a ma kana, that was just too deep.I had no doubt who the caller was, Yaa ne, go thata lefatsheng. Such rudeness, disrespect and crap? How mean can this guy really be? 

Truly, Jabulani aka “Belerutwane” Khoza ga a tlhabelwa mo ganong. Ga e bane that’s what my friend has to endure in her marriage or had endured for the past seven years? Then no ways must she try to save that marriage. Obakeng must get out of that sham of a marriage, faster, before he can start abusing her physically.
Just as I was deep in shocked thoughts, I heard Obakeng coming back

Obakeng: “Mmata, I heard my phone ringing, Ke mang?”

Offcourse, her phone was in my hand, I must have seen who the caller was, hence she asked me that question..Who called her?. In less than a second, I said...

Nna: “It was a private number. I didn’t get to answer it.”

Right there, I just froze, I couldn't bear to tell her that I answered her phone and that belerutwane of a husband called and he was crazy swearing at her. I just couldn't.

Obakeng just took her phone, checked her call register, and her face just changed. I was still deep in thoughts about not telling her, wondering whether I was doing the right thing or not. The thing was, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I now fully understand her dilemma or, I experienced it. Hard-core and raw.

Obakeng: “Ke eng Mmata? You seem too far away. Ooh by the way, I got 5 missed calls from Jabulani. Im sure he is freaking out wherever he was. Gape ke bona bophelo bame bo tsala. I get tracked, stalked and cross questioned for every move. Anyway, o tla ba strong. Let’s eat and relax. I will leave here, when I am ready to go, not because he demands me to come home. Besides, Minnie is sleeping over ko rakgadi wa gagwe. So, rushing over to that man is the last thing on my mind.I just want to spend time with you. You must know since I am here, I will only see you after another two months..He keeps record on my going and comings. So, I might as well make use of the chance.”

Ijaa, ke bophelo bo bo jaang bo? What kind of life is this? Can one person be subjected to such cruelty and captivity? Nyaaya, this is not life. This is Abuse ka nnete. My heart broke into million pieces just thinking of that harsh call and I was wondering if Obakeng won't get into trouble because of it. Knowing or not knowing. Le ga gole jalo, I still couldn't tell her. Not today. Maybe some other time. Today she has been through a lot. The venting out session was enough for one day. She does not need confirmation from me about finding out how cruel her husband really was. I decided to keep mum about it.

Nna: “Are you sure you still want to stay?”

Obakeng: “I am Positive Mmata”

Nna: “Ahh Mmata, ke itumelela go utlwa gore o batla go spender nako le nna bathong. It means a lot. Soo, o sure you won't be in trouble with your JK? I really don’t want to get you in trouble.”

I asked her over and over if she was sure about her decision to stay. I didn’t want to come across as pushing her away. She said she wanted to stay. That was enough.

Obakeng: “Mmata, we haven't bonded with each other since re simolla go itukisetsa lenyalo. We were too pre-occupied with making sure you're day was perfect. And it did turn out more than perfect.”

Nna: “Nxoo, it wouldn't have been that perfect without your support tlhe my friend. Ke a leboga.”

I hadn’t spoken about LSG and Kevin saga to anyone; I decided not to entertain it at all. It was a non-issue, so I couldn’t go on telling people that I snooped into my husband’s phone and bumped into some kinky messages. Since that night Kevin apologized to me and clearing those messages, we have never discussed it…

When we were on honeymoon, Kevin suggested that when we get back, we should change our contact numbers and give the new ones to people we cared about and our closest friends. That was big coming from him. I thought he was making sure bo LSG and Rich don’t call. We did change our numbers. So we were on a clean slate.

I took Obakeng’s hand and we walked back to the kitchen. We decided against the snack and opted to order a huge pizza.

Obakeng: “I can really do with a slab of peppermint crisp and magnum. My pick me up.”

Yoo, slender se, se ja too much junk and doesn't even gain weight at all. She looked good. Hai, I cannot compare myself to her, or eat so much junk like her..I always have to watch my waistline.

Funny enough, I had already picked up a few kilos between the wedding and the honeymoon. I really indulged, so I needed to slow down or else I will pick up the 9kg I lost pre the wedding.

Nna: “Hai Mmata, tla reye ko shopping center and get “your pick me up. Aish plus I need to get some veggies for tomorrow’s lunch.”

We drove to the nearest shopping center, Baksy was driving us in my new Jeep. She was just in awe. It was just a quick drive.
We got to the pizza place, placed our order and went to spar. We took our trolley and started with veggies and some fruits, proceeded to the chocolate aisle, bought four slabs of chocolate ,two for Baksy, one for Minnie and one for Kevin and I. We then proceeded to the fridges, bought two packets of mini magnums and two individual once. Since we finished the ice cream tub, I decided to get for the house.

Obakeng told me she was quickly rushing to the toiletry aisle to get some stuff she needed. I said I will go to the wine section and get some wine for the house.

Kevin was not a heavy drinker, occasionally he would drink two tots of his Johnny walker, otherwise, whenever we having a formal dinner, we would wine and dine….We always kept a few bottles of red wine.

Since we came back from our honeymoon,we haven't done groceries so we lived from hand to mouth. I was planning a quite Sunday Lunch after church the next day. So we could do with some wine.

As I browsed through the wine racks, I was met by a familiar voice which I never thought I'd hear, especially at that place and time.

At first I thought, maybe ke di voice tse di tshwanang fela, it can't be who I thought it was,so I carried on with what I was doing.

The voice was now closer , and I recognized it , its those voices in my Life I could never forget...

My my my, It was definetly the person I thought it was...

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