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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 95


Just as I was deep in thoughts, battling on whether to tell the truth or not, Tatyana came back with a plate of Queen Prawns and shrimps in a creamy sauce. Mm it smelled divine. I asked her for refill; Kev asked for same, passion fruit with soda water, he doesn't like lemonade. Tatyana left, and we dug into the prawns, buoy, they tasted lovely and very spicy. 

Our orders followed. We ate and chatted the evening away. For some reason, I decided to keep quiet about the sneakers story. The mood was too beautiful and romantic; there was no room for mentioning that story and ruin it. Maybe some other time I could tell him, maybe not ever.

There was some performance as well. So the mood was just right. My husband stood up, held my hand, helping me to get up. We danced and danced. It was fun. We really needed that. As soon as we were seated, he looked at me..

Kev: "Are you ready to try for another baby, no pressure,"

I nodded, I would love to Lavo. I said but, I want to take you up on the offer to help me into shape before you can get excited about sexing me daily. I said laughing.

I told him about my outburst with Zuraider and sis Zodwa's suggesting to seek professional help, and how she thought that I might be depressed blah blah. He said he would support me in everything I want to do to help me be completely healed and healthy. He even offered that should I decide to go counseling, he would join me. Hai, for real mara, was I dreaming of having such a perfect husband or it was true? Can a man be so sweet like this? He really worshiped the ground I walked on. I just couldn't help but fall deeply in love with my husband.

I asked him about his plans for tomorrow, and he said he had a meeting in Pretoria around 12h00 then he's meeting Kgosi in the afternoon. Aah well, it’s ok I said, in a disappointed tone. I thought we could do some shopping tomorrow. I need my gym gear and some few stuff. You also can do with some new wardrobe.

He said maybe he should cancel Kgosi and do shopping with me.
Nxoo, I felt bad, Kev really needs some time out. The past months he's been so busy with starting his company, the house , helping my little brother with school stuff and being there for me, he didn't have time for his friends and family. That's why earlier when he said he passed by his parents and grandparents house, I wasn't too bothered, He has not seen them in ages.

I was just concerned about Olefile, he has been taking up Kev's time as well. Always asking for his help. Kev couldn't say no to him, almost every Friday, whenever Kev goes to Sasol offices in Vereeniging, he would ask him to pass by Bedworth park - student residence to come help him with something. Although Kev didn't mind, I felt that Ole was getting spoiled. Sometimes he would ask Kevin to do his assignment. Aowa. It was too much sometimes. Kevin will really do anything for him, for goodness sake , he got him a full bursary from Sasol, that was paying everything for him. Tuition, Accommodation, Books, Allowance. All he needed was to focus on studying and give my man a break sometimes.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts. No sweetheart, don’t cancel Kgosi. We can always do shopping on Sunday afternoon. I even forgot, Tsitsi said happy birthday. She called me earlier. She actually wanted to know if I was available tomorrow afternoon for drinks. She said she wanted to talk to me. She said she was stressed out. So, when you meeting with Kgosi, I'll go meet up with her. How about that?

Kevin agreed to continue with his plans as planned; I was going to meet my sister. He smiled and kissed me. I knew he was happy. I was happy. We were happy.

We ate our dessert, I opted for my favorite Tiramisu, Kevin went for Panacotta Ai Frutti Di Bosco, served on wild berry sauce. We called for our bill, paid and left. We were very happy about their service, so Tatyana got herself a well deserved tip.

The place left a very long lasting impression on us.

I thought, I would not mind coming back here


We got home, cuddled up on the sofa. I remembered that I promised Tsitsi that I would get back to her regarding meeting her. I looked at the time, it was almost ten thirty. I decided to sms her instead. O tla tsoga a bona my message. I told her that I didn't have plans tomorrow at all, so she must let me know when and where to meet her.

I put my phone aside. Kev asked if I needed something to drink, I felt like Nescafe coffee with marshmallows. Kevin was pouring himself a glass of wine. I have not touched alcoholic drinks since my miscarriage. I didn't even les for it.

We sat there just talking till we went upstairs to bed. Kev really appreciated my gesture, gift and thoughtfulness. We brushed our teeth, and had our second dessert .

Saturday arrived. We had our breakfast as usual. Kevin was going to his meeting and I was going to Northgate
It was just 11:00 when Kev left for his meeting. He kissed me goodbye, wished me a great day and left. I was still in my pj's. I decided to bathe and get ready for my date with Tsitsi. She replied very early in the morning and said I should join her around 13:00. So I decided I will leave early, go shopping for my niece and nephew's long overdue stuff I promised them. I have not been to Alberton for over two years. I think part of it was that I have been mad at Rendani for what he put my sister through. Although it was something that happened a long time ago, I think I have forgave him face value, deep down I still resented him.

One thing for sure I was madly in love with Rhu and Anza. I finished off, wore my denim dress, tried to button it all down, yooo, ya gana. I was really noticing that I have really put on some extra meat. I m not one with huge bum, tummy and big waist, but I saw I have picked more right there. I took out a loose fitting top and some jeggings, and put my denim dress on unbuttoned it, and wore it like a coat. I was ready to go. It was 12:00. I got to Nortgate, did some shopping for batloholo ba me.

I finished off and aus Tsitsi smsed and said she was done. I told her I was already in the mall. She asked where did I park. I told her and she looked for my car, and found it. She called are re tsamaye. Hee banna, I thought we were meeting here mos. Anyway I pushed my trolley went to where I parked. Right there, I spotted my sisters car. I firstly went to her car.

Nna: Gante re ya kae ausi? I thought we were meeting here

Tsitsi: Ke mang o go boleletseng gore re tla kopana moo, I said, I was going to Northgate and want to meet afterwards. We are going to Melrose Arch. Follow me.”

Nna: “Ooh sorry, must have misunderstood. No need to bite Tiger!”

We drove and got to Melrose Arch. We wanted to go to Moyos but it was packed. We went to JB's corner instead. Yoo, that place was rocking. We sat outside.

Tsitsi: “How are you doing ngwanakogae?”

Nna: “As sesi, ke siame, hanging in there, but slowly healing. Wena o ntse o ya jaang? “

Tsitsi: "Yoo, its been hectic. Work is too demanding, I'm always on night shift, I miss spending time with my kids. This nightshift work has cost me a lot. I think I have opened the door for worse stuff in my marriage."

What things sesi? I asked her. I thought Rendani understands your demanding job and has learned to live with the unfortunate fact that you are never home.

Tsitsi: "Hai, I thought so le nna. Ore go mpona jaana, I had a meeting with a lawyer. I'm filing for divorce Noli. I made up my mind and nothing is going to stop me. I have been through a lot in that marriage. I have forgiven a lot of things, not anymore. I am just sharing with you, ga ke batle opinion or pity or interrogation. I have been contemplating this for a year now. Somehow I was hoping that things will change, but instead they are getting worse.”

Hee bathong ba Modimo, o dirile eng this time Ntate Mulaudzi?

Aish, this was sad

Joo. Just maobane I was thinking about you and how strong you have been and even thought Rendani has turned a new leaf. Ke utlwa ke swaba waitse.

Tsitsi: "wa itse, I hate worrying everyone especially ka mathata aka. So, I was putting a" united brave family front", but it was just that, a fake unity. I haven't been happy ngwana mama. Not by a long short. Now its affecting my kids. I cannot carry on like this. Please ke kopa se ke tlo go bolellang sona, se felle teng mo. I haven't been sharing a bed with Rendani since the beginning of this year. I find out last year that Rendani was still busy le skhenkhe sa gagwe sa ko Soshanguve, mamago Unarine

Apparently all the time a tsamaisa Unarine for school holidays they meet up somewhere and have their fun. One of my colleagues saw them twice. I started insisting that I will drop him off when I take Rhu and Anza to Rustenburg, he refused point blank. December e fetileng, when I was taking bana ko gae, he vanished without saying goodbye to the kids, a dirella gore ke ska mmotsa ka go tsamaisa Una.

I decided to cancel my trip to Rustenburg, thinking I would rather take the kids shopping before they go. I didn’t phone him to tell him we did not leave just like He didn’t tell me he decided to take Una to Shosha ka bo ene. After shopping we went to visit my friend. I went home very late

When I parked in our garage, his car was there. . I was not expecting him back. Whenever he goes to drop Una, He always sleep over his sister’s place. So I was just surprised to see his car. I thought well, maybe ke guilty conscious…Le le molato la ikatlhola

I got in, with the kids, to my horror, Rendani had company.

He was with his son and the baby mama, couzing on the sofas… in my own home, playing house.

What? Oh hell No....

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