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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 21


Friday evening when I was at Meredale, I remembered my last time with Kev, by the gate, but then I shrugged off those thoughts. Why am I bothering myself with someone who doesn't toss a cent about me? I decided to call Hlogi, my Meredale neighbor and friend. Just as I was about to dial her numbers, I remembered what Abuti Omphi said few months back, about some guy named Karabo ,who was looking for me, from January till ka February . I never got to phone him because one thing certain, I didn’t know a guy with that name. I decided, lemme call him and find out gore ke mang Karabo.
I scrolled to Karabo Who. I dialed the number.
It rang three times, and went to voicemail. It was a phone generated voicemail, couldn't even get to hear his voice.

I let go. I dialed Hlogi, who told me, she was visiting juba ya gagwe ko Witbank. I was bored, a long weekend without Hlogi? What am I going to do? Aish, I thought why ke sa ya Evaton le Batso, but then I ignored the thought. I will just have fun with my family.
I decided to have fun with my nephews, playing Wii games. My two adorable little men. I sat with Ous Fifi, Omphi was not home. His job is very demanding, ke ne ke ipotsa gore ausi Fifi o coper jaang with such lonely times.

Omphile is an Obstetrician – Gynecologist ( Obgyn)
He had his own practice and also doing consultations at Parklane Clinic. So he was working late that Friday, he had 4 babies to deliver that night. Both C-sections. Mmm, it was just Fifi, I and the boys.
Fifi and I were catching up on life, asking me about my Love life,heeeheee, I told her that I am going through stuff blah blah.

Around 20:30, my phone rang; it was a number I didn't recognize, clearly not in my contacts. I answered, "Noli hello".
Yooo, the voice behind the phone, was somewhat familiar, but could not make out gore ke mang. It was those deep, interesting voices. A bit coarse.

Caller: "You are a very busy lady hle. It is so hard to ever reach you. I’m glad you finally decided to call me."

Nna: “Eng, but you're the one who just called me, not the other way round." I said.

Caller: “Oh no, yes, right now I am the one who called. I’m just returning your call. I’m at a party and its very noisy here, I missed your call, and hence I'm returning it."

"Missed call?” I thought out loud, ooh, it must be Karabo….I quickly remembered that I called him.

Nna: "Ooh, it’s you?" I said with a relieved tone. I thought that I am finally going to know who this Karabo person is.
Nna: "Eya, I called you earlier. I'm actually at my brother’s house and remembered that you came looking for me and left your numbers, so yes, I'm curious."

Caller: "yes I know you are in Soweto."

What? O itse jaang gore ke mo Soweto? I was puzzled.
Nna: "how did you know?"
This was interesting, my curiosity increased. Does this person live in the same Estate? Is he se-curity? But he is definitely not a security; my brother would have known him. So who is this person?

Nna: "Abuti, ke kopa o mpolelle gore o mang tlhe. You seem to know so much about me and I'm afraid it’s scary because I don't know you. "

There was some quietness for a moment. As if he was gathering words to say. I was getting impatient.

Caller: “Noli, are you being serious or you are playing games with me?"

Nna: " Abuti weee, ga ke tshameke di games, I'm so dead serious, ga ke go itse. I don't know a man named Karabo. You saying I called you earlier, but you returning my call with a number I don't know, because yours have been saved in my contacts ever since you gave them to my brother, how am I supposed to know you?"
I was being honest, I didn't know Karabo. He kept quiet again, saying nothing. I continued.

Nna: "Abuti weee, help me out here, put me out of this misery of cracking up my mind for 3 months, thinking gore o mang. Please! You must stop with the games and start talking or else I am going to drop this call."

Caller: "Shhh calm down. Let me explain. I know you do know me well, I'm just shocked that you forgot me & have no memory whatsoever about our meeting and my advances to contact you. Firstly, you saying you saved my numbers on your contacts, yet when I tried calling you, you ignored my calls. Secondly, I once sent you an SMS , on Valentine’s day and that also was ignored, now I return your call with same number you claim to have saved, still you can't pick it up. Lastly, your brother did not get the correct name, my Sotho name is. Karabello not Karabo.

I have never been so confused in my entire life like I was by this Karabello guy.

Nna: " Abuti, honestly speaking, you have confused me even more than before you explained, unless if you got the wrong person. Firstly, ke santlha ke kopana le motho wa monna, with such name, Karabello. Secondly, ever since my brother sends me a business card contact, I saved it immediately. Lastly I have never received no SMS from the number nor missed call. So I'm now convinced you are seriously mistaking me with somebody named, Noli.

The caller was now getting frustrated and irate. He let out a big whuuuu sound.

Caller: “Your name Noli is from Obonolo, the one who prefers to be called Noli instead of Nolo, as Nolo is mostly short name for a male person whose full name is Letlhogonolo. "

This man can explain Yooo, but I still can't figure him out.

Nna: "Abuti ke wena, it’s now 15 minutes re bua and I still don't know who you are. That long story about my name and why I prefer Noli instead of Nolo, ke e bolella every Sotho person who mostly questions my name. So give me something that will trigger my memory. Something like where w met, how we met, something like that tlhe. Be creative or straight to the point."

Caller : " OK Obonolo Dire, you are speaking to Karabello Kevin Tau - aka TK ( Tau Kevin or Tau Karabello)..... There, you have it. Need I say more?"

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