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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 55


I searched for my sister and just as I looked at my family table, we locked eyes. All she did was wink, pout my way and showed me her thumbs. I figured she was saying everything is sharp sharp. I smiled. Deep inside I asked myself gore, sentle sentle go diragetseng on the cake because I seemed not to spot anything major.

Oh, one thing I noticed, which I didn't mind was that, my cake was meant to stand upright, but the 8-tier was now set up completely different, but even more beautiful. Mmm I thought, whatever happened, definitely has to do with the tiers but couldn't pin my fingers to it and clearly they managed to get it fixed and I didn't care anymore. From where I was sitting, our cake looked perfect. It meant even the guests saw that perfection.

Mc followed the Reception program. Letting the guests know the order of events.
It was time for speeches.

We kept speeches very short. Only four people were going to talk. My uncle (on behalf of my dad), Kevin's dad, Kgosi and Obakeng.

Mc, called on my beloved uncle, Leswika aka “Stone”
Uncle Stone: “Ladies and gentlemen, speaking on behalf of father of the bride, it’s my privilege to make the first speech, and I’d like to start by saying what a pleasure it is to welcome you all to Obonolo & Kevin's wedding.

I would like to welcome Kevin's parents, MaNthabeleng and Motheo Tau, ausi Tsholofelo & Dire's family, all the relatives , friends of both families , groom and bride' friends and to thank you all for coming, especially those of you who have travelled great distances to be here today. It’s really great to see you all. Looking beautiful.

Today, we are surrounded by most of the friends and family who have been important to us during our lives. And by your presence today, you show your friendship and love, and bring even greater joy to this wonderful day.

Unfortunately, we are missing very important people – Obonolo's dad( my brother) and Kevin's grandmother and uncle , who were taken away from us, last year. I would be grateful if you will raise your glasses in honour & loving memory of Russell Dire, Nkgono Malereku Tau & Morapedi Tau.

Thank you.

I’m also pleased to formally welcome Kevin into the family, although, as far as we’re concerned, he’s been a great part of the family for ages. During the time that we have known him, we have come to realize just how special he is to Obonolo – anyone can see that they’re made for each other. I’m sure you’ll agree they make such a beautiful couple.

A lot of effort has gone into making this the special day that Obonolo and Kevin deserves, and I’d like to make particular mention of a few of the people concerned.Kevin's parents, Ntate Motheo and MaNthabeleng Tau, who have made a big contribution towards the success of today, and I’d like to thank them for all their efforts.

Thank you to Obonolo and Kevin themselves who have worked hard, and with great enthusiasm to make the necessary arrangements.

I’d also like to thank the staff of PDDs, Catering crew, Dj and the band for helping to make this a special day.

And there’s another person who has worked tirelessly over many months to create the handmade invitations, the Orders of Service, those Table names, and the menu cards, which I’m sure you’ll agree are fabulous. Also, her talents extended to helping Pat Derango in preparing all the table decorations that you see before you. She would say that it was a labour of love, and I know how much Obonolo and Kevin appreciate her efforts, but I’d like to add my thanks and propose a toast to the mother of the bride – to Ausi Tsholofelo.

I am really fortunate that motlogolo wame has met her Mr. Right. Of course, marriage isn’t just about finding the perfect partner, but also about being one. Obonolo has made such a success of her life and career so far, that I’m sure her marriage to Kevin will be just as successful..

Atang le ntsifale, I wish you two lovebirds a fulfilling, loving and everlasting marriage.

Before I go, my sister, mother of the bride,wanted to say a few words. Ga ke itse gore go tla ba molato gotsa nyaaya, fela jaaka morongwa, ke ne ke mpa ke fetisa kopo. (We all laughed as Malome said that statement) He said thank you, and went back to his seat.

DJ played, him, Bra Hugh's Thanayi.

As the music played, MC , looked our way, seeking our approval for Mother of the bride to say few words, Kevin whispered to my ears and said, its ok. We both nodded. Mc then called for Mama (Mme Tsholofelo Dire)

As she stood up, she sang our favorite hymn : Great is Thy faithfulness. This is the O'Family song that we sing when God's hand is clearly at work among us. Everyone joined in.

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father,There is no shadow of turning with Thee,Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not,As Thou been Thou forever will be.

Great is Thy faithfulness!Great is Thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see, All I have ever needed,Thy hand hath already provided- Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Guests were touched, as they stood and worshipped. My mom sings that song with so much passion and emotions. You'd think she would somaar start preaching the word of God once she digs into the song , there is no stopping her.

Luckily, she raised her hands, signaling the guests to stop.
The violinist, that joined us in singing and the guests to stopped singing and took their seats.

Once the place was now quite, she started taking,

It is with incredible love, joy and pride that I stand here today to wish my beautiful daughter, a blessed life, full of happiness, joy and much laughter. O montle ele tota. You look like an angel. We know angels reside in heaven, but today, lf there is any such thing as angels on earth – Obonolo is one.

Obonolo is the sunshine to all that know her and truly, as all children are the most beautiful gift and blessing I have ever been given.Fela jaaka leina la gagwe, o bonolo ele tota. My humble and loving daughter.

As a little girl, Obonolo was always happy, always finding good in all creatures and her aura of gentleness was like honey to the bees, attracting everyone to her. Looking around to see how full the place is,it is proof enough how much a people's person she really is.

My mom turned and faced my husband and I, she continued:
Obonolo, your kindness and generosity, your calmness and strength are inspirational. Your wisdom and maturity are beyond your years. These qualities permeate every aspect of your life. I have no doubt that you will shine all through your life, as a mother and as a wife.You are a natural mum, you will give my beautiful grandchildren a blessed life of love, fun and caring. You really are a mother goddess meant for a tribe of little ones around you and yes I believe a tribe you will have.

You have a beautiful partner in Kevin and I am proud of you both. Kevin, my son, I value the love, laughter and security that you give to my daughter. Together you will create a wonderful family. I know Obonolo loves you with all of her heart and that you are her true friend and truelove.O ntlhokomelle mosetsanyana wame. I trust you with her Life, her heart and her well-being.

You have known each other for six years now. You have weathered some tough storms together and stayed by each others side, and I respect you both for that.Ke kopa le tswele pele, le tshwaraneng sentle. Lenyalo le tla le di challenges tsa lona, le ga gole jalo, only the two of you can deal with them, together. Kgetse ya tsie, e kgonwa ka go tshwaraganelwa.

No problem is too large for two people with same heart,same vision and same goal. Always invite the Man above in everything you do. You will see His mercies day by day.

Obonolo, I know there were times that were not easy for us, I remember the challenges we had in your teens and I know we have talked about this but I want you to know that sometimes as parents we don’t always get it right and that we have many lessons to learn.

Children are the greatest gift and we gain so much and learn so much from our children, I am grateful that I have learned a great deal from you, my darling daughter. I am delighted with whom you have become and very proud of you, which makes me feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have you not only as my daughter but as my very best friend.

And now that you are grown I may not hold your hand each day but I will always hold onto you in my heart forever.

Put God in the center of your marriage.Be a virtuous wife, love and respect your husband.

Obonolo & Kevin, ke batla le itse gore, le nale kemo-nokeng ya rona as lelapa, re tla le tshegetsa ka dinako tse tsotlhe lenyalong la lona. I promise to always offer my support and love for you as a couple, and as a family. May you both be blessed with much happiness, love and laughter and may today’s joy always stay with you.

With joyful hearts, we congratulate the commitment you have made to each other today. We love you.

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