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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 114


DYGO 114 
I nearly threw my phone against the wall. Trying to smash it so that it can hurt the stupid person on the other side of the phone. I decided against it because honestly, I was not about to let her get the best of me. I wont mess my phone over Kedibone, she was not worth it hey.

She decided to call me, this time of the night, asking me if I have seen her husband? Today of all days? Ka nnete Kedibone Lebogo o tota o ntlwaela gampe jaanong. She must not start with me. I was not in the mood for rubbish. I had my own stuff to deal with.

How was I supposed to know where her husband was? While I was worried about my own. And did she say today or lately? I was bored, in a pissed off way.

I thought, let me not be worked up ke this woman. Ka ipotsa gore, ele gore where did she get my numbers? I changed my numbers shortly after the wedding. I didn't want ghosts from the past like her, calling me. Well, it looks like she managed to find them. Oh, I remembered that I gave Richmond my numbers that time I bumped into him ko Hydepark. Ever since then Richmond and I kept in touch but at a very distant way. We would whatsapp once in a while. I also bumped into both of them one time ko Sandton. I was with Kevin, I was highly pregnant. We just greeted each other and continued with our shopping. That same night, I received a whatsapp from Richmond, who congratulated me on my pregnancy. We have been talking on whatsapp, but not too often. He knows I moved to Dainfern, he knows I gave birth to the twins. That was just that. I haven't spoken to him in a long time nor saw him ever since. Even his WhatsApp’s last seen showed December 2010.

Nna:" Kedibone wee, why are you asking me about your husband? Did he tell you that he was meeting with me or something?
Kedi: "Aowa, ga so mpotse, ke no ba ke mo cheka. I have been looking for him for the past two weeks, His phone has been off, and everyone around him doesn't know his whereabouts. I'm sorry to bother you."

Nna: “Where did you get my numbers from?

Kedi: “Haahaaa, its embarrassing! I once snooped in his phone and bump into your messages, then I saved them.

Yooo, ok, now that sounded so creepy. I thought of sms or whatsapp conversation I once had with Rich just remembering anything incriminating or inappropriate that she might have read. The only thing that came to mind was the sneakers saga. When I was asking Rich if he saw or spoken to my husband regarding the sneakers. I ignored the thoughts besides it was long time ago.

This was ‘A disappearing husband time’? Here I was, not knowing where my own husband was , who seemed to have gone mia for a day and she calls to tell me that her own husband vanished into thin air for two weeks? Yoo. I felt sorry for her, rather her than me. I would be dead with worry.

Nna: "I have not spoken to your husband in like forever. I really don't know where he might be. Have you checked his family, mother, the hospitals?, Police stations? Or even mortuaries?"

Kedi: "Aish Noli, I am so frustrated. Mme wa Phalane and I are not talking, his brother said he was with him end of Feb, his sisters only spoke to him over the phone, ga ba ise ba mmone recently. I asked Leruo about his other friends. No one seems to know anything."

She was now crying, I couldn't hear her properly. I asked her to calm down and pull herself together. She needed to think hard about places she has been to le Rich, where he could be, hotels that Richmond goes to recharge etc.
Kedi: "I tried everywhere, even mortuaries, police stations and nearest hospitals. I really shouldn't have kicked him out. I didn't think he will go for so long. I am thinking of reporting him missing."

Oh, gante you kicked him out? That explains why. I thought to myself.

Nna: "What makes you think that I would know his whereabouts?"

I asked her out of curiosity nje.

Kedi: " I just thought maybe you guys keep in touch and he might have opened up to you. He once told me that you are more sensitive to him than I was. He said you were supportive of his situation with Warona than I ever was. So we really had a huge fight about Warona situation again, hence you came to mind."

Nna: “Ok. Well, I have no idea where he is or might be. The last time I spoke to your husband was about 3 months ago."

Kedi: " Go lokile, sorry go go tshwenya. Thanks for not hanging up the phone when you realized it was me and let me talk. I appreciate it. Keep well and Yaa, re tla bolela. I wil keep you updated on any developments. That’s my number, please contact me if he gets in touch with you"

She said all that and hung up. In my heart I wanted to support her. In my mind I felt she deserves everything that was happening to her. Yes, I remembered that day I met Rich ko Hydepark, he was really stressed about how Kedibone has changed. How she and his mom were sworn enemies, how she doesn't want Warona to stay with them, how she was overspending and controlling. Yooo, ka nnete. Now she kicked him out of the house because of the fight about an innocent child? Aowa, Kedi had a problem that she needed to sort out. She brought all that to herself by kicking her husband out of their home now she was worried? Yoo some people maar. I had problems of my own to deal with. I needed to find my own husband.

Just as I was thinking about Kedi, I heard the door opening. I rushed downstairs. As I was going down the stairs, there stood my husband, looking unharmed. I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I forgot everything that happened few hours ago, and ran to my husband.

I hugged him so tight. In my head and my heart I was relieved he was home, I was happy he was ok, I couldn't care about anything. We stood there still hugging. I broke off the hug because I couldn't stand the awful smell I picked up from my husband. It was really disgusting.

Nna:" Lavo, what have you been up to, You smell so horrible. Here I was freaking worried about you, going crazy that something bad happened to you. Meanwhile you were out there indulging in Alcohol. O tswa kae Tau?"

Lavo: " Can you stop with cross examination and questions? I need my whiskey and meat. Wena ke tla ho bona later. Stop standing there and make yourself useful."

I was just stunned by my husband. For the times we have been together, it is the second time I saw him like that. Kevin was not a heavy drinker. He would drink now and then, but not being wasted like this. He drank this much ka a week before and after funeral ya Itumeleng, his friend. He was not coping with the loss. Itumeleng just bought a new car, he was by our house to show it off. On his way back home, along William Nicole, he dialed Kevin's phone, boosting about how German cars are faster than Italians. He was telling Kev he was already at William Nicole, the way his car was such a powerful machine and cruising fast. While still talking on the phone, Kevin heard him screaming " Ooh shit, Noooooooo", then Kevin heard a sound of crushing and suddenly Itu stopped talking, the phone was still on.

Kevin and I immediately rushed off to William Nicole. We were met by emergency sirens. Itu had a terrible accident, apparently his car rolled and caught fire. He was burned. Luckily the roadside assist was not far , and managed to set off the fire. They saved him from burning to death. He was still breathing when we got to the scene. The paramedics also found us at the scene. They tried to resuscitate him. Unfortunately he inhaled too much smoke and his head was badly injured on impact. He was pronounced dead right in front of us. Kevin was way too distraught. He battled the whole week with the unfortunate news. So he was drinking heavily during that time.

So seeing him like that, reminded me of Itumeleng's death. I wondered who died. I stood there , asking him questions. I kept asking if he was ok, what was wrong, who passed away, was he drinking , how did he got home, did he drive himself drunk as he was ? Honestly I was scared.

Lavo: “Bobo wee! Stop asking me so many questions tuu. I asked for my bottle of whiskey and nama. I will talk to you afterwards. No one died, so relax. I just need some alcohol, if you don't mind"

Mokgala mmakapa. These was big ka nnete. This man in front of me was not my husband. O ne a tlhakatlhakane. Really messed up and wasted. I held his hand, taking him to sit down by the sofas. He sat down and pulled me to his lap. He was very aggressive and his grip was too tight, something Kevin was not. I even felt a little pain on his grip. I sat on his lap and looked at him. Right before my eyes stood a very strange face.

Lavo: " Intshwarele Mofumahadi Tau, I'm going through shit, I don't know how to handle this. You can't help me, I can't help myself. I tried to handle it, but e thata. Otherwise just chill there is nothing money can’t fix.”

Just as I was about to ask him hore o bua ka eng, he asked me for iced water. I rushed to the kitchen to bring him water. I boiled the kettle to make him strong coffee. I returned back to where he was sitting. Owai, motho ke oo is dead asleep. I tried to wake him up, but he had a blackout .I took off his shoes, let him sleep on the sofas. I went to the linen cupboard, and took out a throw. I put it over him, and switched off the TV. I went to check if he locked the gate, car and doors. All seemed well.

I made myself green tea, switched off all the lights, and left him sleeping on the couch and went upstairs to sleep. I thought, I would get the answers tomorrow. Thank God he was not going to work, so we would have the whole day for 3rd degree.
I just got there, drank my tea and do what I do best. I knelt down by my bedside and talked to my savior Lord.

" Dear Lord, help me to dwell on the good and positive in my life and in my husband. I know that it is You who 'looks deep inside people and searches through their thoughts '.Search the inner depths of my heart and expose anything that is not of You so I can be set free of it. Help us to always make You our top priority, and to make each other our priority under You. Make us the vessels through which Your love flows. Restore us to the place where we should be. I bring to you my worries about my husband. Help him Lord, to learn to love You above all else. Let everything he does be done in love. Where his priorities are out of order, I pray You would help him to realize he needs to put You first, me second and our children next before everything else. Mo thuse a bone mo a tshwanetseng go dira diphetogo in the way he spends time.

Help him not to feel so pressured by his work that it overtakes his Life and make his family suffer as well.Tshehofatsa mosebetsi wa gagwe so that he can accomplish more in less time. Enable him to say no to dilo tse di ka mo faposang mo tseleng, things that do not please You, things that are not to be high on his priority list. Don’t let him be led astray by delusion. Help him face whatever problems he is facing with positivity, and view them as something that can be overcome and not something insurmountable. Strengthen him to be able to control his mind and emotions and help him to remember gore, ga re lwane against nama le madi, but against powers and the rulers of darkness and wickedness. Teach us to listen to one another and recognize the signs in each other that give us greater understanding.

Teach us to recognize the enemy's plan to steal, rob and destroy our marriage. Help us to settle all matters of disagreement and misunderstanding between us in a loving ,compromising, and considerate manner. Enable us to be in unity with You and with each other. Help me Lord, to be sensitive to any heaviness in my husband's heart.
Show me what his burdens are and how I can help ease them. Help me to encourage and support him. Thank You that whatever we ask in Your mighty name, You will give us. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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