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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 93


I was skeptical about it. I didn’t think it was a good idea. Ka nnete. I don’t need this in my Life. Drama?

Rich: “I won’t cause any troubles for you. I promise. I just need to have them. You’ll never know when we might need each other.”

Nna: “As long as you know that I am a married woman and you’d respect me and my husband by not misusing them, then it’s ok.

I took out my business card and gave it to him.

Mmm, did I make a right choice by letting Rich back into my life? By giving him my contacts? I hope I don’t regret this. As soon as I gave him my numbers, I said, he must not make me regret this.

Before he could answer or say something my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I picked up.

"A man greeted me.

Man: Hello mam, its Rubben from Snix Footwear, we will be closing in the next 10 minutes, you can come and purchase those sneakers, we don't think the owner will come, its already late",

Yippee yooo, I was just too excited. I quickly said, thank you, and told him I was on my way. I hang up. Yooo I was just over the moon that I will give my husband his beloved sneakers..

I love it when things work out. I was blessed….

My husband will love his 34th Birthday Present….His Sneakers….

Rich had walked few steps away from me, probably giving me privacy to take that call. He was facing towards where I was heading, the way to the sneaker shop, he looked impatient. I was right behind him, having a full view of his ass.

Mmm, the guy looked handsome even by looking at him from behind. O ne a eme sentle, jealous down. This man was really handsome. I was drooling over the view..(Silly me)

I rushed to him. I said I got to rush somewhere, so, we will chat soon. I opened my arms for a hug. We hugged briefly and he said goodbye.

Just then my phone rang again, It was my husband. I said goodbye to Rich, told him to go ahead, I needed to take that call. He winked and left. I was following behind him while talking to Husbee.

Husbee: “Mofumahadi Tau, I'm 25 minutes away. What's for dinner?”

Nna: “how about we skip dinner and dug into dessert? MMm I am thinking jelly jar on a platter, honey stick and we'll see afterwards if we are still hungry we can order take away.”

We laughed.

Husbee: “Mmm, sounds perfect. Sentse BM e le thata, ke bona eka ke tlo fitlha hae in 5 minutes instead, I must push this car to 160”

Nna: “You are very naughty my husband. Yoo I don't want to lose you Ntate Tau, ke kopa o ganne ka kelehloko tlhe. Desert can wait. Safety is important,.”

I said, jokingly reprimanding him about taking 5 minutes on such high speed. We said our goodbyes and I hang up.

I was glad Richmond and I parted ways. Him letting go was the best thing that he has ever done for me....Otherwise, I would not be where I was right now in my Life…So so happily in love and married to the Lav’of my Life…

As I walked past the sneaker shop’s window, about to enter… my surprise I spotted Richmond inside. Ooh Hai, kana ke e mong ya ratang di sneakers tlhe .I thought.

I didn't know how many pairs he owned, well, back then. Maybe now that kgosigadi Kedi was calling the shots, he does no longer overspend on clothes and shoes.

I went inside, searched for Rubben with my eyes. I couldn't see him. Just as Rich moved sight way, there was Rubben, knelt down in front of him. They both didn't see me. I thought, ere ke mofe nako a fetse le Rich, He would attend to me. Besides, I was just going to pay and collect my husbee’s sneakers and go. Kev said he would be home in the next 25 minutes, so I will get home before him.

I was looking at some other sneakers, when Rich was now finished with Rubben, they were at the counter. I guess Rich made a purchase, so, I decided to go over there, so that Rubben can also assists me. I went towards Rich, as he was facing the counter, I tickled him, and he jumped. He hated that, so I did it on purpose.

Rich: " are you stalking me", we laughed.

Just as Rubben looked up, our eyes met. He was shocked. He looked like he saw a ghost. I literally turned to check if maybe go nale mongwe or selo fo morago ga me. But there was no one or nothing, so it meant ke nna ke mo tshositseng. I immediately said, you look like you've seen a ghost.
He choked on his words.

Rubben: “I'm sorry mam, the owner of the sneakers finally came to collect them. ..

What? Are you kidding me?

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