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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 11


I dialed Hlogi, 
Nna: "hey Choma, what's up?”
Hlogi: "hey you strange, I’m good. Mara when are you gracing the South with your presence?"
Nna: “Choma, I will let you know, soon though, maybe ka month end. Ke go gopotse too much. Anyways, I was just returning your call."
Hlogi: “Ok Choma,I miss you so much. Ke fetsa go feta ko geno, so I thought I should just phone.Ga ke na ditaba,ne ke go cheka fela. Please make sure you visit soon."

We said our goodbyes. Hlogi stays few blocks from my brothers place, so I met her ko South-gate Mall, she came to me, are I look familiar, I said same, she asked gore ke dula kae. I then said Pretoria, but visiting my brother at Meredale, Spartan Heights Estate, she then said, Yaaa, its definetly me. She told me she stays at house number 13 same street, and she used to see me. She said sometimes she passes me by the Estate' gate playing with those two cute boys. Yoo, the lady has clearly been noticing me.

Ka nnete, whenever ke le Meredale, the boys ba nkopa gore ke tshameke le bona, actually, guard them as they ride their bicycles, just by the gate. There is enough space for rides, so I do know I often play with them there. Although I don't remember Hlogi, but her face really looked familiar. Ever since then we became friends. When I go to Meredale, we hang around. She is like Richmond, always take me places, shame o ithatela monate
I called my mom, Ra dulela mgozi wa ko Mmatau. Spoke about my family first, and her neigh-bours. She told me she baked my favorite cakes, o di file Mpho. She asked if I went to church, I lied and said yes to avoid lecture. We said our goodbyes. As I finish talking to my mom, ke dropper call. Kedibone called. I answered.

Nna: " Hey mogotse wa me."

Kedi: "Mogotse, gane o te phitlhejeng this weekend? Gape ke kgale ke go nyaka.You don't an-swer your phone and you don't return my calls either. O ga botse?"

Nna: " Aowi mogotse, ke gona, ke be kere ke tlo go letsetsa, ke go kope o mphelegetse Sho-prite. I was busy ka something. O dira eng wena? O busy?"

Kedi: “Aowa ga ke busy mogotse, ke noba ke boregile fela. Ke ya tla mo go wena gana byanong. Te tukishe re ye Shoprite."

Nna: " Go siame , ere ke itukise. "

I was almost done anyway, so I fetched my purse. She said sharp and dropped the phone.

Kedibone Eugenia Lebogo, my friend from Seshego.We met ko varsity,first day re ya go regis-ter. We were on a queue to enroll for Bcom Accounting degree, and then decided to take Bachelor of Economic Science. We hit it off there and there. We have been very good friends. First three months of studying, we stayed ko ga Mmane wa gagwe ko Soshanguve while looking for accommodation. Mmane Mokgadi insisted that we stay there as long as we want. She was staying with her son Lerumo, who was hardly ever at home. So she was lonely.

We considered her offer, but the traveling was too much. We had early classes and I was not keen to commute to town daily. We looked for a place to stay closer to Varsity, and that's when we got our flats. Beside the bursary we got was going to pay for our Course, Stationery, Meals and Accommodation. We decided not to be roommates but got to stay at same blocks of flats in Sunnyside. She is one sweetest girl I know. Very humble.

I dread the last call of the day, calling. Rich, after what happened maobane, it was just a mis-sion. I knew his number by heart, so I always dial it. I don't know how many times I dialed it; and never pressed the call button.

I finally dialed Rich. I cleared my throat, and it rang twice before he picked up.

Rich: "Mabhebheza, skhipane?" I always liked how he spoke. He was just ghetto, speaking loxion lingo. Sometimes ne ke sa tlhaloganye gore wa reng, but I was smitten with the lingo.

Nna: "Hey Richmond,How are you? I was... just before I could finish my sentence, he interrupted me.

Rich: "Ntwana xava, ke sorry about yesterday, via bo di SMS, I overreacted, hardi Mabhebheza. All that kak I wrote, I was trying to hurt you but instead I hurt myself. Sure, o nqoshitse, so I was being vengeful. Grand grand, go go chaila waar, you one girl among all that I have dated, who loved me genuinely, who made me feel wanted, who made me want to change my life. Whenever I m with you, I always saw myself being a better person via bo ma studying further, going to church, stopping go groover,eintlik, loosing you really left a mark on my heart, I realized yes-terday after sending that message that, I am bitter and wanted to get even. Askies Mabhebhe-za, ke vraeza o ntshwarele. Can I come see you? Xava, if o sa phande, ke tla understand, but pretty please, five minutes is all I ask."

Ooh God is this really happening to me? Like seriously? I decided; ok let me listen to him. All he asks for is 5 minutes.

Rich stayed in Pretoria North. He was a dropped out Mechanical engineering student. He comes from a wealthy family, his dad owned a huge construction company, and his mom was a Dent-ist. So he wanted to study Sound Engineering, but Ntate wa gagwe insisted he study, all the Engineering except Sound. So he enrolled for Mechanical but never loved it. His parents made a condition that; they will buy him a place, a car and a fat allowance if he studies Engineering. Hence the fancy BMW he drives, a hot apartment, fancy clothes and very posh, fast and extra-vagant lifestyle & loads of money.

One thing I realized about him was that, He was finding love and happiness in material stuff not real love. He was very broken and unhappy, but really trying hard to put a brave,” I got it all face “
He managed to study Mechanical (to please the parents and benefit from the money) for 2 years .During his 3rd year, He lost his father, suspected foal play. After his dad's funeral, there was all this fighting going on between Rich’s mom, His siblings and his father's family, regarding the business and the late estate. He told me, the whole thing went to court, so he focused on the court appearances and neglected his studies until he finally dropped out. Apparently, his mom won the case, as the Legal wife, the father's family lost. They were bitter and sore losers who sabotaged the business, till it went under.

His older brother has since took over the running of the business, took it from underground to greater heights. His father was apparently, stinking rich, so they still enjoying the money daddy left. He being the last-born child, his older brother and sister and mommy still pamper him with lots of money. He just cruises around, shops, dines and does nothing. After meeting him, and knowing his sad story, I encouraged him to enroll for his Sound Engineering. At least he is studying what he loves.Lefu la rragwe le a mo mphedisa.Mommy and siblings are even supporting him financially.

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