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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 35


I felt relieved but also disappointed. Relieved that he came with someone…and disappointed that he came with someone…Yaaa, such is life..Kgomo ya moshate…Whichever way I was looking at it..There was a feeling of pain…

Nna: :Interesting, you have bo babe looking for you Mr Dikgale, let me get back to my people too."

Ohk, a part of me was hurt. No let me rephrase this. I was beyond hurt. Not because of the fact that he was with a girl No. Dont get me wrong. Ke utlwisa botlhoko ke gore, previous months he was declaring his love for me, telling me that he wanted me in his life. I told him he can have any woman he wanted,why me. He said I am his life, he said he left that womanizer lifestyle behind and swore that I was the only person he wanted in his life. Yes the past months we had gotten pretty close. I was not sure I wanted him again as a boyfriend,yet he insisted on staying in my life.

It means, after I declined to join him today, he gotten himself a plan B? So he lied, he's been lying. He hasn't changed his ways. So ya, that's what hurts me.I thought gore, le ga nkabo ke jola le Ena. He would always have second option apart from me. Yes I was also there with someone, but I never two-timed him, whereas I have been subjected to such hurt, almost all through our relationship. Thank God for bringing Kevin in my life.

As I turned to walk away, He removed that lady's arms around his waist and tried to grab me. Ke ne ka kgapa letsogo la gagwe, and continued walking. He followed me, grabbed me too hard. I turned around to face him and tell him where to put his stinking hands.Just as I turned, I locked eyes with his girl. Laughing so loud, guess who?

Yep, you guessed it. The lady, no, scratch that, the stinking skank from the bathroom. The one who nxxx'ed and tsek’ed at me for refusing to share my lip-gloss with her. I laughed so hard.

Nna: “Ooh Rich, this is your new flame? Heeheee, well done. So can you get the hell away from me, o sale le this( pointing at the skank). I must go. My date is probably worried about me.”

I turned and walked two steps. He literally pulled me, holding me with his two hands, pulling me roughly towards him.Richmond for you. Always rough.

Rich: " Thato, please go inside, I have to talk to this woman, I'll catch up with you just now."

Without saying anything,Thato ( the skank's name) obediently turned and walked away as ordered. Mokgala mmakapa.

Nna: "What is this now? Rich let go of me tuu."

Rich: "please don't go, at least not until I say what I have to say first.

Rich: " See Mabhebheza, I'm not good with words, I'm not good in apologies, and Im not good with sharing my feelings.. but I am going to try.

I've known you for close to 3 years now. I spend a lot of time with you. There were times I did very bad things to you. Hurt you, cheated on you and lied. Somehow I knew I could lose you over that, but I could not care.I'm sorry that I strung it out so long, I was so scared of hurting you directly that I just fed you a little bit of hurt each day, I really was not aware how horrible that was.I was weak and scared and not strong enough to end things earlier before I hurt you even more.

But you Mabhebheza, stood by me through the sh#t that I put you through. You were patient; you loved me unconditional regardless of my flaws. You have been the only woman pure in my life. I dated a lot of them, but they were in for personal gain & money. You mabhebheza, you tried to make me a better person. It took me time to finally get that. I took your love for me,for granted, I knew you were my safest Harven.

I could go and be wild out there with other woman but you, you would tame me, put me on a leash because you cared, you loved and supported me. Yes, I have been a bad guy, irresponsible,lying and cheating.Im so deeply sorry for how I pushed you to end our relationship then. I lied and broke promises so many times I lost count.

I'm sorry that I did not treat you the best way I should have, nor you deserved.I'm sorry that I didn't change then, and that I couldn't stay the same as I was when you first fell in love with me.
I'm sorry I humiliated you, and abused the fact that you would forgive me and swallow my lies because you loved me so much.
I am so sorry I did not take better care of your beautiful loving heart.I'm so sorry I was not able to be a better boyfriend.

But the past two months,was by the the most beautiful, unforgettable, priceless moments I will forever cherish. I finally got to experience Love, so true and pure. All thanks to you, I changed, for myself and mostly for you. It felt so good to want to love…I wanted so much to give my heart and my love for you..Everyday for those two months, I woke up with a purpose...I woke up wanting to be a better person.

All those I did because I Love you. I love you too much to even wait for you to give us a second chance. I realized that in as much as you were around, I had already broke your heart and it was not easy for you to trust me all over again..You tried, we both tried..I know have not been able to forgive myself completely,I always wondered if I was enough for you, If I will be able to penetrate your heart again,I then realized that I'm damaged goods.You don't deserve me.I surely didn't deserve your pure heart.

I care for you so deeply, I just feel I can't give you the kind of love you deserve and long for. I still don't know how to love, and until I learn that, I would not be able to give it, but I hope you find love again, the kind you deserve , the kind you will give and receive equally and I have no doubt in my heart, you will make a better woman/girlfriend .

Who knows, maybe our paths will cross one day & then I'd be a better man,worthy to be your soulmate. There is a saying,' if you love someone so much, set them free, if they come back to you, it means it was meant to be, but if thye dont return, it means they were never yours to begin with.'

To be honest, I saw you when you enter the club.I saw who you came with. I recognized him from the day at the Flat, when you asked me to play five. Its clear, you moving on. I watched how he looked at you, I saw how he held you.

It broke my heart, but like I said, you deserve pure and genuine love. The kind I witnessed few minutes ago, the kind He is displaying.

Your roommate succeeded in match making you with her brother.Let me not waste any more of your time. There is nothing I dreaded more than you finding someone. In as much as it hurts to admit, I think you have found someone…Now my dreams and wishes of ever having you as my partner and being more than friends with benefits have come to an end.

Today, I realized that, I have lost you for good, and I can't blame anyone but myself.I wish you all the best in your life. O mmotse bari ya gago ya ko Sharpville gore ge a ka latlha side,,,I am onto him, guns blazing... Goodbye Ma Love.goodbye Mabhebheza wa Rich..Ska lebala neh, I will love you forever...

Yooo, I kept quiet, holding my tears, I could not phantom what just happened. I was lost for words. I was way too emotional tlhe.What Rich was saying, was deep and beyond. As handsome as he stood right before my eyes, and knowing that,he just let me go, I was beyond amazed and in utter awe.

All I could do was hold him, one last time and say goodbye. I opened my arms and he got closer and we just lost ourselves in that moment. For a good 2 minutes. When I finally broke the hug,
Rich whispered something in my ear..

Rich: "Your man is behind you...I hope he doesn't take this the wrong way"

I pulled away from Rich as fast as I could..I turned around...There, behind me, stood my future man. He looked upset and somewhat disgusted and disappointed...Just when I took few steps towards him.He took two step back..

Nna: "Lavo, its not what you think it is.Let me explain to you"

Kevin: ".Not now, I can't go through this, not now Obonolo"

Yoooooo He turned and went back to the table.Rich was still standing there..He was really disappointed.He came closer to me and said...

Rich: "Go get him..He just misunderstood all this, go get your man mabhebheza...

I told Rich that I got to go, we will make time and I will explain all that. Right now, I gotta go talk to my man, and clear the misunderstanding

Ooh Modimo wa me, I cant loose.him.too

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