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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 69


I fixed my makeup and headed to the Lapa.

As I enter the Lapa, I was met by glitters and shinny stuff being thrown at me..And a loud scream from people inside the Lapa,


Well, I was not really surprised because I knew what was happening...But I was in awe. The place was nicely decorated & my birthday cake was to die for. Everyone dear to me, who were at the wedding, was there.

The party was great. The food was also exquisite, with guests feasting on Lamb spit braai , chisanyama, wors, chakalaka, ribs, garlic rolls and pap with green salad.

As for booze, it was nothing but the best and guests rose to their feet and toasted us and myself and wished us a lifetime of happiness and many many more happy returns.

What a great day I had. We partied the night away, drinking, eating, mingling and being happy.

I was grateful and blessed.

This day 25 October 2008 will forever be remembered. My husband and I, together with our families and friends will remember this moment for the rest of our lives. It was Unforgettable to say the least.

Although I was not really prepared for how joyous those moments would be for me, in a day that was so bright and beautiful, full of such memorable and wonderful memories, this was by far the highlights of my day.

Kevin and I, together with our families, spared no expenses for that weekend affair. I looked up and said God, we did it. It was a magical and special event. To be remembered forever. Thank you Lord.

I walked down the aisle and married the Lav'of my life at a place where God planned for us to meet. This was Destiny.
My fairytale wedding was something from a Cinderalla movie, every aspects of my wishlist was there and I had no regrets.

Apart from the little mishap, I would not have had my wedding day any other way. It was a dream come true.

Just as I was deep in thoughts, I heard fireworks outside, seems everyone heard the same noise.

We all made it outside. I could not believe my eyes, Kevin and his family, standing by the parking lot, behind them stood a Red Jeep Grand Cherokee modern midsize SUV. With personalized number plate: BoboTau GP

DaddyT ( my father in law) presented me with a key, and hugged me for a few minutes. I was in tears. I thought, Yaa, in my life, I've never cried as much as I cried this two days, Friday and Saturday. I was consumed by greatest joy. Kevin followed and said, happy birthday and happy wedding day my wife.

The entire Tau family hugged me, followed by all my family and friends.

That was the best wedding and birthday gift ever...What did I do to deserve so much Love ?

I had so many wedding and birthday gifts to fill my house and Kevin;s house..

Some guests went to their rooms, while others went back to dance their night away.

My husband came to where I was standing and whispered in my ears

Kevin: “Mrs. Tau, do you still want to stay behind and mingle or you want us to go indulge on our sacred pre-honeymoon dessert?”

I giggled like a preschool child being promised a lollipop after finishing eating her veggies..

Hmm, my jelly jar (jj) even smiled. I swear it was dancing vulindlela….Right there. I was excited.. I loved the sound of it. After the teaser I got earlier, I was really looking forward to the sacred dessert.....

I choose the latter....

He asked me to give him five minutes then we will disappear into the night….He was going to say his goodbyes and goodnight to his guests as some of them will leave very early on Sunday morning...So he wont be able to see them.

He walked away from me, and just as I looked to the other side, He returned and handed me his cellphone and said I must go to our honeymoon suite run my hot shower and that he will join me very soon...

I almost asked him why is he giving me his cellphone..but I stopped very fast.Yoo ke tla itshwarisa ka maphodisa. Why did I even thought of asking him that?

I just took his cellphone and said OK.

Hee banna...…Yoo, I was so shocked. Has my husband not gone through his phone to see what was in there? For him to give me his cellphone with those sms between him and LSG? E kabo monna wa me o ntshepa ga kalo? Or o itshepa ga kalo? Doesn’t he think I might go through his phone? Yooo, I felt tested ka nnete.

I was really consumed with mixed emotions…. To snoop or not to snoop?

Hai ka nnete bathong, I made my way to our room. The whole trip/walk to the room was filled with lots of questions . Should I , must I…

A part of me was really tempted to check what happened between the last time I had the phone and two seconds ago. All I know was that, after the Reception, when we went for our walk, My husband had his phone in his pocket.

A little voice inside of me just said Feed your Eyes Makananelo. I went ahead and opened the Messages Folder…

OMG…….The inbox was all clean, Empty, not even a single message…I went to sent items. Nothing. Haaahaaaa. That explained why I was given that phone, hassle free...

Why did he give it to me though? Guilty conscious? Or perhaps Paula told him that I had his phone and that I went through? So he was trying to prove that he was clean or showing me that we starting afresh?

Anyway…It;s good that he removed all those messages. He must have removed them when I left him by the garden at Avianto. Maybe he thought hard about our conversation. Anyway… I made a conscious decision that I forgave him and I won’t even bring it up…Ever..

I got to our room, and ran the shower as ordered…

Just as I was getting out of my dress…I heard the door opening..I knew it was my husband.. I carried on trying to loosen the strings behind my back; He came closer and helped me out…

The dress was now on my feet. He then proceeded to take off my earrings, while breathing on my neck. Mmm I was feeling my jj getting that excitement again… He turned me around; I was now facing him…

He pulled me closer ,pushing his sweet and juicy soft lips against mine. I felt his hands grabbing my waist, and then moved them down to my atm’s (African trade marks), squeezing them so hard….

He teased me, pulling me into a fiery passionate kiss. I extended my hands to his neck as he pulled away from my mouth and passionately moving his lips on my shoulders and neck.

My hands moved towards his strong and firm broadened shoulders, letting his jacket fall off his shoulders. Our lips met and we kissed for a very long time. Soft and tender…I kept rubbing and moving my hands on his broad chest ..I felt million butterflies playing in my tummy…I felt I was losing control of myself. I was so mesmerized

I took off his t-shirt and pulled him too closer to me. Our bodies touched, Mmm, it was so pleasurable, the feel of his soft and yet firm skin against mine. I had goose bumps, like lightning striking my entire body........

He fiddled with bra as he continued kissing me all over my upper body, my neck and my ears…He unbuttoned my strapless bra and threw it on the floor…I was left with my underpants only. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jean and helped him push down his jean down. He kicked them off, throwing it somewhere on the floor…Our pace increased, we were breathing faster…I wanted him so badly…

We were both in our underwear, I could see his hardened BM (brown - skinned mamba) through his boxer short, as his hands slipped down to my waist, I felt him, prominently hard against me. My jj released some jelly juices..My heart was racing up, my head spinning with joy, my body rejoicing…,,,,,, I moved my hand to the hard and ooh so long BM....Uuuu Laaaa Laaaaa....My body shivered....just the thought of BM rocking me....mmmm mmm

He grabbed me and pulled me up as if he wanted me to jump-hug him…I did just that as my legs clamped around his hips. My hands moved to his neck, while curling around his strong neck as he carried me through the steamy hot shower… Our lips still locked in a passionate kiss. He put me down and adjusted the shower water from hot to warm….

He slid down my panties and knelt down to my jj…I was now letting a little moan..He washed my jj with his hands and took off his boxer shorts…I helped him clean BM…We were now standing under the running shower, kissing each other so hard…and passionately.

His hands pushed my legs apart and he moved his BM between my thighs…Rubbing it against my inner thighs, pulling it in and out...Ooh, I almost came just by feeling him...

He turned me around, my back facing him. He slightly bend my body forward…Ke ne ke beditse donodono..He pushed BM inside me, gently. I let out a big moan, more like scream of pain, bittersweet kind of moan...Then I started feeling the sweetness of my husband's BM inside of me..

Mmmm Matsogo a gagwe a tsamaya up and down to my already aroused and perky breasts, fondling them as he went deeper and deeper in…and out...slow and faster..
He was really hitting on my g-spot, hard le teng. I was having fun.It was as if BM was visiting some parts of my JJ that he never went to before, places I never knew existed, it was really beautiful..

Hardly 10 minutes into the bump and grinding, I felt his pace increasing and my orgasm was building up very fast..I let go of myself, trying to enjoy the ride, when suddenly he let out a big moan…Ooh shucks…He climaxed, …..

What the F@#$k?

Already? Oh No...That was really quick...I was disappointed because I was on my way to heaven’s gate….

He pulled out BM from jj and pulled me up…He turned me towards him, kissed me so so sweet and gentle.. He was nibbling on my ears, while feeling his breadth. No words spoken….

I was enjoying him touching me…, listening to what his hand was doing as he was softly and gently rubbing his hands on my body…. with the palm of his hands…. I even forgot gore o ntsieditse, He really robbed me off my O'moment..

Then he whispered to my ear…

Kevin: “I’m sorry Shugaboo, I got carried away, and I got a little excited…I owe you I will make it up to you...."

I just giggled and winked at him..

Nna: "I trust that about..."

Yooo, I know my husband can go far longer than that. I guess he was really hungry; hence he went for the 5 minutes noodle and robbed me off of my big O….

I wanted more….

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