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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 106


DYGO 106
My mom arrived mo Joburg on Saturday the 15th March, go mpeya setswetsi.

I was happy that my mama came as soon as possible, she was so helpful, helping me bathe, rubbing my back, a ntshidilla ,and also taking walks with me whenever my husband was at work or went to meetings.

It was already Wednesday , the 24th March 2010, I woke up that day ke le way too energetic. I was opening the kids’ gifts, packing their clothes in their wardrobes and setting up their jungle gyms etc. My mom was even worried but I was feeling fine and really feeling like spring cleaning the entire house. DK even joked that maybe ke ilo pepa soon.

I had some contractions. Pamela told me to call her if my water broke, or contractions were less than five minutes apart or if they become strong enough, mo nka se goneng go itshwara.

I went to bed with the contraction timer that my sister Tsitsi bought me.

Ke tsogile gantsi mo bosigong , timing the contractions. They were only about half and hour apart. I'd dose off in-between.
Ke tsositse ke botlhoko bo bongwe, ga ke ise ke tsamaye ke bo utlwa, I couldn't even move.Ke ne ke robetse ka letlhakore, ke utlwile ekete ke gatilwe ke Tlou. Ka tsosa Ntate Tau. Go ne gole botlhoko ka nnete. I told him to gore ilo tsosa mama.
I thought this could be it , DK was right, my marshmallows are ready to grace this world.

As my husband left our room to call mama, I dialed Pamela, ke mmolella gore I think I was in labour.Her phone rang once then she picked up.

Nna: Pamela, its Obonolo, I think they want to come out, its so painful.

Pamela: " So the contractions are different now? Did your water broke? How far apart are the contractions?"

Nna: Yes, ke leka go di utlwella gore di yang.

Ga ke sa ntse ke bua le ena, mama was already in the bedroom,I had another contraction, a sharp and painful one, ka bo ke latlhela founo fo godimo ga mpeto, my mom picked it up and continued talking to Pam. Pam told mama that we should get to hospital and ena o tla letsetsa Dr Ledwaba.

I asked Kev to get everything we needed. We were taking mama with us, gore a nthuse ka bana from hospital. The joys of having a brother for a Doctor. Omphi pulled his strings to have mama present in the delivery room. I know I pushed too hard, but I wanted both of them by my side as I bring to this world, my precious babies.

As I was waiting for Kevin and Mama, I had a couple of more stronger ones. I screamed at Kevin," Tla re tsamayeng bathong"

The contractions were so strong . Ke ne ke sa tlhole ke di timer, ka bolella Kevin gore re itlhaganele. O bile a mmakatsa are ke seke ka kgathatsega, the last two contractions have been 3 minutes apart. Iyooo, what a clever man, he was all along timing them. I was impressed.

The trip to hospital seemed longer, gare ga mpa ya bosigo, in fact it was passed two in the morning. It was quite a smooth drive other than obviously being in agony.

Mama was sitting with me at the backseat, rubbing my back , encouraging me to breath and to hang in there and she was praying as usual. She was asking God that the babies' birth could be a peaceful and safe one.She kept on softly shouting in the mighty power,and name of Jesus Christ. Mo kgaugele rara, mo tataise, mo etelle pele, ena le makgabunyana a bone, mmabaledi wa go loka. Ba kgorose sentle, ka pabalelo, tshiamo le lerato. Ebe dimpho tsa gago tse ntle, tse tiileng mebeleng le moyeng ebile di itekanetse. Tsotlhe re di neela matsagong a gago, re di kopa mo maineng a mararo. Amen.

A truly desperate, heartfelt prayer that was uttered through tears and discomfort, amidst great uncertainty.

Every now and then I had very strong contractions and even loosing concentration.

We arrived at the hospital, I was wheeled on the wheelchair to the maternity ward. When I got there, Dr Ledwaba and Pam were already waiting. Kevin went back to remove the car on the wrong parking space he occupied to drop us off and to take our bags.

Pamella gave my mom those hospital attire and everything.

Just as I got inside the room I had another contraction, groaning to stop the pushing desire.Ke bile ka itshwarella ka mpeto, ekete ke tla kotama fo fatshe, making a squat. Pam and Dr. had monitors mo mpeng yame, getting readings of the babies' vitals , heartbeats and the contractions. I told Pam that I feel a need to poop and pee. She got some linen and plastic sheets, put them underneath. She said I must let my body guide me and let itself, do the job.
When our midwife smiled and said I was at eight centimeters, and that the baby's head was right there, and that the birth was imminent, I was nothing short of stunned.Ke utlwile ekete sengwe se kgarametsa mo teng ga jelly jar.

Dr Ledwaba: "That's your bag of waters right there",pointing to my jj. With the next push, there was a pop and my water broke within minutes.

Kevin was already back, both he and mama were both by my left and right side.

Mama doing what she does best, having conversations with the Man above.

I heard her clearly saying," Lord you are gracious and merciful in all things, even this, the pain of new life. Father re kopa gore o re etelle pele, makgabunyana a gago a fitlhe ka bonako kwa ntle ga stress or kotsi efeng, we pray gore o boloke le go sireletsa Obonolo le bana tlase ga seatla sa gago se se matla during this process of childbirth.

Contraction e latelang, ke utlwile tlhogo ya ngwana wa pele. Ka pusher gannyane metsotso e latelane with each contractions, I could feel my perineum stretching at the end of the pushes. The head had crowned then retracted then I pushed it out again.Ke ne ka nagana gore, to get my baby out, ke tla tshwanela ke go pusher with all my might. So with the next contraction, I pushed so hard, tlhogo ebe e tswa, I puuuuusssssshhhhhheeeeedddd again.

Our baby was born at 02h45 with a single push, into a quiet and dimly lit room. Her wet and newly birthed body was placed on my chest, so slippery , warm ,coated in blood and amniotic fluid,and I was filled with such a profound gratitude: for the baby, for new life, for God's incarnation on earth. It was all intertwined in one powerful emotion.Ka isa matlho a me ko tlase,ka tlala boitumelo, She was beautiful, strong, and healthy.My baby girl. I held her to my chest and a bula maswafo a gagwe ka sello, fela jaaka a tshwanetse go dira.

The room was filled with bleating sound of a beautiful, newborn cry.A tear escaped my eyes,I let them run down my face. I was overwhelmed and elated.I thought to myself, I knew it was a girl. God revealed this to me.God kept yet another promise.An unspeakable joy coursed through my heart and soul,a joy of gratitude,relief and awe and amazement at the miracle of life.Every single prayer had been answered. Just then my mom brought her face up against my face,

Mama: " There's something very special about a daughter. She is so precious. Ke itse sentle gore o ikutlwa jang,right in this precious moments.",my mom paused, ke bone fela dikeledi tsa boitumelo di tswa matlhong a gagwe, tsa wela mo lerameng la me.

Mama: " Jaanong, gompieno,ka se sebaka, you know why I love you so much."

Ka bonolo,kelotlhoko, lerato le boitumelo, I wrapped my arms around her tiny little body ...

Nna: " Ooh go se se kgaisang se.Ga ke tshepe matlho a me ebile ga ke golwe how she feels mo gare ga matsogo a me. It is so surreal."

Kevin was close by, as we were starring at our beautiful petunia, who kept on crying. I felt another contraction coming on. Kevin took his shirt off to have skin to skin with our daughter , who was still attached to me while I birthed our son. Yes, the one we knew about long time ago.Kevin took our daughter and sat down with her little body laying on her daddy, still crying. Kevin was dazzled by what little diva did, she peed on him. He was in awe ,the Dr said that it was a good sign that her kidneys and urinary tracts were functioning properly.
Our midwife examined me and reported that my cervix was back to being eight centimeters dilated and that the baby was breech.

I was shocked and scared.

Let me share this with you. Shocked as I was, my midwife told me that I have to start all over again. Ke ne ke sa itse gore, when you give birth to twins, go diragala process of one birth twice. Ke ne kere, ba tlhaga ba salane morago and that would be it!

Here I was, in need of a another separate push, more like going through another labour in order to birth this second baby.

A million questions popped into my mind. Hearing that he was breech and not head down, I wondered, if he was okay? Were interventions going to be needed in order to speed his delivery? Would a c-section be required?

I was still feeling all of the relief and joy accompanied with the birth of our daughter , and yet now I had to regroup and prepare for a second labor and delivery of our son. At that time I didn’t even know what was going to happen.

Various medical professionals came through the room. Amongst them was a pediatrician, my brother Omphi, a few more nurses.

My wonderful midwife, who was so skilled and so calm, who looked not panicky or stressed winked at me. I trusted her. I was able to calm down, knowing she got this. Pam was so cool as an ice lollipop. That made me relax even more, though deep inside I was a little scared.

It was time to birth my son. One of the nurses carefully took our daughter from her daddy and wrapped the baby with a yellow receiving blanket and looked at my mom.

Nurse: "Thought you might like to meet your granddaughter."

My mom opened her loving arms and came too closer to me to ensure the umbilical cord was not too stretched. My mom held her close , as Kevin extended his hands towards mine and smiled at me. I really needed him next to me, to support, encourage and cheer for me. He kept on tickling and rubbing my back, wiping sweat from my face and holding my hand with both his hands.

Everyone agreed that both our son’s vitals and mine were stable enough that they were comfortable with me continuing with a natural labour. I was relieved. I could not bear a c-section. I hated surgery with all my heart. So hearing that I was going for another push made me stronger.

And so we continued. And I had to take a few deep breaths and regroup. I needed to have complete mental focus in order to be able to remain relaxed through another labour. It took all of the concentration and relaxation I could master, but all I needed to do was to look over at our daughter in order to know what I was working hard for.

My son decided he didn’t like the idea of being in there alone, it was a bit too cramped and lonely in there for him. That was when it really hit me that we were having our babies. Before then it had all been personal. “I” was pregnant, “I” was in labour, and “I” was having this baby. Now here the baby was, it’s own little being separate from me. I realized that inside me right now was a human being that I created with my husband. It was truly inspiring. With one already on earth, I knew I had to make sure the one about to make his grand entrance does it safely and healthy.

By this stage, I had birthed him to the abdomen, my Dr and midwife watched the baby's legs cycling to help itself out, a good sign that he was healthy.With the next contraction the baby didn't come out further ,it seemed he was stuck. It's feet on the floor, Omphi stepped in to make sure the head was born. He and Dr Ledwaba turned the baby around. It looked like,my little man had his arm above its head.Omphi started gently pulling out the baby's arms,one by one,tucked the head into its chest so he could be born.Both Dr Ledwaba, Dr Dire ,pediatrician and my midwife told me almost at the same time to push as much as I could with the next contraction. I did just that. Out came our son,exactly at 3h00 only twelve minutes after his sister.

Our little man had one eye opened ready to take a peek at the world around him. Once he was out, they laid him on my chest and started drying him off to keep him warm.He was so warm and squirmy and wet, but he was clean. No blood or vernix. His head wasn’t cone shaped, it was perfectly rounded. He wasn't wrinkled, his face wasn’t squished. He was the most handsome little boy.I could notice he had dimples too, like daddy.He looked perfect. He was absolutely flawless and handsome.I knew he could not see me as yet,but I could feel the trust and the love pouring off of him as I held him. I was feeling so emotional.I looked at him,knowing he will give anything to protect me and in return he wanted only one thing from me: to be loved.

Wait a minute, it doesn’t seem like he was breathing. He was so quite, not even crying…

Ooh No, God, please please, protect him. Please Lord….The room went so quite, even little princess was quite. All eyes were on the little man lying on top of me.

Dr Ledwaba came closer to us….and she looked at our midwife, who looked at the pediatrician
Then she looked at me. I could not read her facial expressions.

Was there something wrong with our son? Is he alive or stillborn?

DYGO 106 cont.…..

I was literally shaking, not knowing how our son was. I couldn’t even feel his breathing, I didn’t know what to do. I just lie frozen on that bed, quietly saying a little prayer to God.

I turned my face towards my mom who had her eyes closed, probably praying as well. Kevin was squeezing my hand, we were both sweating. In what felt like 3 minutes pause, the midwife came closer to me and held my boy. I didn’t want to see what she was doing, all I needed to hear was my baby’s cry . I closed my eyes.

He didn’t cry right away, apparently he was a little slow to take his first breath.

I opened my eyes, checking what was happening. I looked at my baby boy’s tiny body. He was a little pink, but he was fine, still attached. Dr Ledwaba put a little oxygen near his face, He sneezed then he started to cry, a good healthy cry.

Great is thy faithfulness. Ooh Lord, thank you so much. My son was alive.

Kevin cut both their cords, We were both in awe. He took little man and did same as with little diva. Skin to skin for few minutes on his chest. Both babies were taken away to be weighed . My diva weighed 3.2 kg and little man 3.4 kg.

Ahh my twins finally arrived, healthy and strong……….They were the most perfect twins . Praise the Lord.

The experience took my breath away. I actually could not breath, in a few split seconds. I thought of all the things I have been through, the miscarriage, the pain I felt. How I almost nearly turned my back on God. Thinking God's plans for me were dead, meanwhile they weren't, they had been revised, made new. As His mercies are new, morning by morning. As new as the precious life in my arms. I knew the best part of life wasn't over. Hope lived on, my two bundle of joy, were a living proof. Great is Thy faithfulness. All I have ever wanted, needed, desired, requested, dreamed of, Thy mighty loving and powerful hand hath provided. Exceedingly, abundantly and beyond. Ntate Modimo, mmabaledi wa dichaba. Senatla sa poloko.

There is no energy greater than God's Unconditional love, no power stronger than God's Unfailing love. As I accept, acknowledge, and embrace God's Abundance of Unconditional love, it became the guiding force of my life, and the lives Kevin and I created, the lives of the two beautiful babies we are going to love and protect. For that, I was so Grateful.

Right there in that moment, I knew I never existed before our children were born. The woman in me existed but the mother in me, never. When you give birth, as a woman, you become absolutely new. A mother's love perceives no impossibilities. When you are a mother, you are no longer alone in your thoughts. You have to think twice, for you and the other person. Nna, ke ne ke tshwanetse go nagana ga raro. For myself, my son and my daughter. Yes, I was now a mother. Proudly so.

God created people to need love, and He intended for them to first experience that love through their mothers. Mothers are the embodiment of love and care and tenderness -love that even the tiniest baby can feel and respond to. I was thinking, I am really looking forward to this motherhood journey.

Ke ne ke sa ikutlwe sentle, I felt very faint after my shower, my mom helped me to a sit. I had to elevate my feet up on a chair to help my blood pressure. In no time I felt a lot better. I sat on my bed, looking forward to seeing my babies.

As they placed two babies in my arms, I breathed such a huge sigh of relief. A gentle and natural birth, absolutely two beautiful and healthy babies.

They were perfect in all senses. I know most mothers think their babies are beautiful, but there was no denying: This two pink and blue munchkins were perfect. I was incredulous, really. Through my difficult final days of pregnancy, through my uncertainties and fears about the birth, God was so faithful.

Right there in front of our eyes was our complete blessing. We just welcomed our bundles of joy on the 25 March 2010. Seems 25 is our lucky number. Kevin and I were also born on the 25th.

Ke ne ke patlame mo mpetong, breastfeeding the babies together. Mama had pillows on either side of me for support and proper feeding. Dr Ledwaba stitched me up as I suffered a second degree tear. The pediatrician o ne a setse a bone bana ka nako e ke neng ke tlhapa. Go ne go setse gole mo mesong. Batho ba di hearing screening came and tested both babies. All needed checks were done on the babies. They were 100%.

Kevin and mama left. Kevin was going to shower, and come back. Mama was going to rest. Kevin will come with her the next day when we take the munchkins home. I was a little heartbroken, I felt neglected, but, tomorrow was just few hours away.

My babies were very sweet, they never cried too much or too loud. We both slept through the day. We were awakened by grandmother and grandfather Tau. Who were on cloud nine to meet their elder son's kids. DaddyT even shed a tear. Mmatsale ka go ba too forward, was already asking about the kids names. Saying ka Sesotho ba tlamehile ebe bona ba fanang ka mabitso.
DaddyT immediately dismissed her saying that they already spoke to us months ago about that. So obviously I am aware. Dahhh.

A mmolela gore she must embrace the moment and stop being such a mood killer. Ka tshegela ko thoko. Hai this woman can be such an irritation sometimes, even her husband gets that about her.
We sat for a long time , Kevin was already back. People from home affairs came in, dropped off the forms, they said that they will fetch them after a few hours or so.

Mmatsale wanted diva ebe Kananelo as she was firstborn, which was understandable because when I got married they already gave me the name MaKananelo, meaning, my first child will take that name. Even though I had a miscarriage, that didn't count. Perfect. Re a utlwana. DaddyT said little man ke Leaho , Kevin corrected him and reminded him that He said he wanted the name that starts with K. He quickly remembered and said " O nepile Mora , le buile gore re le fetolele ho Kaho. Mmatsale said, Ntate Tau, re dumelane ka Kahoentle.

Nxoo poor old man was just overjoyed to worry ka mabitso. He just said, hai, ho betere le a tseba ke rile lebitso ke mang. Kevin and I already decided on the kids' second names. We wrote on their birth certificate forms, Miss Kananelo Oboikanyo Tau and Mr. Kahoentle Oreatlile Tau.

Mmatsale said that it seems I came up with both names, seeing they all start with O. Heeeheee, mosadi o o mpatla eng naare? Ba file bana mabitso a Sesotho, Kevin was part of those names, he even asked that both names take the first letter of both his names, which was perfect. I had no problem with that. In fact I loved both the names deeply. He said I should give them second names which should start with O which I did. Molato wa mme o ke eng Maar? Kevin didn't even tell her gore we agreed, he let it hanging like that. I was rather defended by my father in law.

DaddyT: " Eya, a hantle mabitso ana Koti, Ks’ and Os’ family. Wena le Karabello le hlophile hantle, ha o yo o tla nahanang hore ha aba le monyetla when it comes to names. Chee nna ke thabile ka nnete. MaNthabeleng ebe wena o nale bothata ka mabitso a bana ba? "

She was embarrassed and rolled her eyes and answered her husband : " Aowa Ntate, ke ne ke ipotsetsa fela."
Liar! Nxxxxx. Yoo, I love my father in law, he's such a fair and firm man. Very principled. Ha ele mmatsale ena, lets just say, she can play the part of that a monster in law and the devil wears prada perfectly fine.

Saturday morning, Mama and Kevin arrived around 10:00, I was already discharged waiting for them. Omphi pushed that we don't spend the whole weekend in hospital. He said the kids and I were Ok, so no need for them to hold me there. They brought the carry baskets. Mama put them nicely inside and handed Kani to me and she carried Kaho. Kevin took the bags. We said our goodbyes to the nurses and our Dr’s.

We left the Hospital with my twice as nice K.O.K.O berries ( aka Kokoberries) .

We were about to embark on the perfect journey any loving parents can ever look after. To begin Life at home with our precious Kananelo and Kahoentle……

We were looking forward to parenthood.... Thank you Lord. I feel so blessed.

Everything in my life was more than I have ever imagined. Perfect Marriage, Perfect Husband, now Perfect gorgeous kids....

I was really happy that God trusted me with those two perfect individuals to love and protect, together with my husband...

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