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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 58


It was now time for the last speaker of the day, Mr Tau ka sebele…. I know Kevin to be a bit shy at times, I was wondering how his speech would be.

He held my hand, and said, let’s go MmaTau. DJ played Baby come to me by Babyface. We stood up.

Kevin cleared his throat,placing the mic by his mouth and said,

"Thank you for those kind words Kgosi! I don't know about you buddy but I can’t get over the size of these thing,( pointing to the mic in his hand).

Kevin: “Master of ceremony, both my parents and my parents in law, Ladies and gents, boys and girls? I just want to let you know what a very special day this is for me.

I had a fantastic speech all worked out for today. Ka hobane sentse ke itlamme, my new wife o njweditse gore ke tlameha ke reng, he kissed my cheek and chuckled.

On behalf of Mrs Tau and myself.. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for coming and sharing our special day. We know some of you have traveled a long way to be here to celebrate with us.. so we hope that this day is as enjoyable for you as it is special to us.

I would like to take this opportunity to propose a toast to the people who for one reason or another.. cant be with us today. Ke sa lebale, bao ba re siileng, empa, ba nale rona ka moya ba re shebile, today with big smiles on their faces. Ladies and gentlemen.. Please raise your glasses


Bobowapeloyaka, Ke a ho rata Shugaboo, ka mmele pelo le moya.Im looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. I feel very lucky, Bobo is beautiful, kind, caring, such a remarkable woman and I would go on except that I cant read her writing. The guest laughed at his statement, so am I.

He continued

Ladies and gentlemen ke kopa le emelle, I would like to propose a toast. To the most beautiful woman in this room, My Soulmate, my Wife: Obonolo MaKananelo Tau.

The one thing about being a man, ke hore manyalo seems to organize themselves. Obviously this is not the case. A wedding takes a lot, a lot of planning, organizing and hard work. Firstly, ke rata ho leboha mofumahadi waka for tiro e thata, entle, e khabileng e a e dirileng, hore tsatsi lena le atlehe.

Ke rata ho leboha Batsadi ba me and all my family for the part they played in everything to do with the wedding, from raising and supporting me till today.

Kevin looked to my family's table, and continued, Thank you Mama Tsholofelo, my late father in law,Bra Russ, and Dire family,for raising such a remarkable and wonderful woman.

Thank you MaNthabeleng, Mama Tsholo, aus Reatlehile and my sister in law Tsitsi for also helping to pay for the wedding dress,whoa, not just one but Three dresses. You may think thats a lot of people to help pay for something, but if I put it this way?. Mese kaofela,e turu ho feta Koloi yaka! AND MY CAR CAME WITH A RADIO. However As I said before Obonolo looks absolutely stunning. I would not trade that for anything.

I laughed, thinking, how did he know of the 3 dresses that I bought? Ooh, the two ladies sold me out. Ene ele di spy for my husband. Nor wonder when I was fitting, they kept supporting me. I fitted a lot of dresses and really loved three; they said I could have all of them. I said Kev will freak out but they said I must not worry about Kevin.

Ous Base ke skelem. She was in it with them. When I fetched my dresses, I wanted to pay the balance for the 1st and 2nd dresses and full amount for my 3rd Dress, as the mommies already paid the deposit for the two, she came with stories that her machine was not working and that I should go have fun at my wedding, we will sort the payment later. I really could not understand why she could trust me with so much outstanding money. Gante o ne a itse sentle gore everything was paid out, even my surprise dress.. Ijaaaa

Kevin continued to thank bakgaphi ba rona.

Ke leboha lerato, mamello and theho ya lona, the wedding would not have been so complete without you, our bridesmaids, page boys, flowergirls and groomsmen. You all look gorgeous.

Right onto the Maid of honour, perhaps I should rephrase that, Baksy Obakeng Khoza, Thank you for being there for Obonolo through the ups and downs of the wedding planning! Im sure everyone will agree that you look absolutely stunning today.

I would like to say a big thanks to my best man Kgosi. Who made an absolutely perfect stag day, and has been my rock over the past few years. I would like to thank him for all he has done today. Kgosi and his fiancée Motsheoa have their own special day coming up, with the birth of their baby in December. I’m sure everyone is with me when I wish them all the very best for the future. Right over to Kgosi to make an even bigger fool of me.

Ladies and gentleman please raise your glasses,


Thank you to PDDs, the crew,ushers,chauffeurs and everyone for outstanding job. This whole thing would not be a successful affair,if it was not because of your professional help and support.

Thanks to all of you that helped to prepare the food, If it tastes as good as it looks we are all in for a right feast. I would especially like to thank ausi Fifi Dire and ausi Nthabeleng together with their husbands for all the running around and help.

Thank you to my friends Thabo & Bongi owners of Thabongs Guesthouse for accommodation and their part in organizing the surprise Honeymoon. Obonolo will be blown away.

Finally.. I'm sure, I must have missed or left a lot of people out, to those I didn’t mention and played an important role, I do apologize.

Without all these people,everyone who played their part in the wedding, today would never have happened. And we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tradition dictates that I now tell you an amusing story or two about how I met Obonolo.. fortunately Kgosi indulged you with a preview. Besides, she already dictated that I do no such thing.

But I will say, that we've known each other now for nearly 6 years, and in that time Ke ithutile thutho e e botlhokwa:

Ha ke le phoso - Ke tlameha ho dumela and ha ke le right, ke tlameha ho thola.

That's probably good advice for most men actually!!!

Thank you all. I would give the mic to my wonderful wife to say her bit.

Kevin handed me the mic. I was shaking because I had not prepared a speech, Kevin and I agreed that he will speak alone, for and on behalf of us.

He gave me that silly smile and shrugged his shoulders.

Ooh No. Karabello o nketsang joanong..I didn't prepare for a speech tlhe...

What am I going to say?

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