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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 96


Dygo 96
Nna: No, sisi, you didn't, no he didn't. That’s shocking. I hope o trapile nja eo e maswe. Nxxx, as for a dumele go skepiwa in another woman's home. That woman really has no shame and respect, and as for Rendani, I have lost all my respect for him. Wa ntena. Yoo sisi, tse di bothata, I understand why you choosing go tlhala, it is too much. 

Tsitsi:" ngwana mama, I was devastated because, she was half naked, sitting cozy with my husband and their son, my kids bear witness to such disgrace. I froze, I greeted them, nagana, ka feta ka ya ko kamoreng ya rona. I almost fainted. My bed was messed up, the room smelling like sex. I took out my Pjs, went to sleep in Anza's room. Rendani came knocking, I refused to opened, I just didn't know what I was going to say. He must have left with them that night. He didn't come back. I drove to Rustenburg in tears.

The kids started revealing that it was not the first time that lady came to our home. Even ka June when he took the kids to Venda for school holidays, he drove with her. I was shattered. I asked them why they didn't tell me, they said, their dad told them not to because I was a crazy woman who might hurt mama Unarine should I find out that she comes to fetch him and sleep over. Apparently he made the kids believe that she was sleeping in Una's bedroom. Whenever they woke up, Rendani, Una and mama Una would be gone. Early enough gore ke ska ba fitlhela.

Nna: Haa Tsitsi, no. That must have been hard on the kids’ tlhe. Especially Rhu. Hape o setse a godile, 14 years? He understands what was happening. Anza ena shame, go sale bosigo, at 9 years, she doesn’t understand.. How could he do this to you and the kids? After all he and his family has put you through? Nxabe sisi. I really understand why you doing what you are about to do.

Tsitsi :" My trip to Rustenburg was filled with a whole lot of decision making. I plotted my exit plan. I decided there and then that the marriage was over, but I wanted to catch him again and have proof. I wanted to take him to the cleaners, a loose everything that he had and a se ka a batla go claimer anything from me, not a cent. Remember we are married in community of property, so he was entitled to half of my hard earned money. He is just a Lecture, so he will benefit more. I don't want that happening. So, I went back home after dropping the kids ko mama. I decided to gather my proof. The one I needed to make sure he lose everything.

I had shivers. But I was so curious to know more.

Nna: Wa feleletsa o dirile eng sesi?

Apparently Tsitsi’s neighbor told her everything about his husband’s shady dealing during the week when she was at work. Rendi was bringing some lady over every day after she left for work and during the afternoon he would take that lady back before Tsitsi arrives. Tsitsi dismissed her nosy neighbour.

A colleague of hers advised her about a video camera, a portable one to plant it fela ko bedroom ya gagwe and get the proof she needed. That sounded sleazy and hectic and disgusting. But Tsitsi opted for that, thinking maybe it will come handy. She contacted the security company immediately and had it planted. She said all she needed was a week because there was one more week left before school opens, so meneer Mulaudzi will have cheating party for one last week, because bana ga ba teng and he was free during the day.
Yoooo Yaa, a cheating husbands tale. I was really disappointed that my sister had to resort to such measures but I knew her marriage was finally over. It was sad that she went ahead pretending and staying in that house while the device was capturing the moments in her bedroom.

I was shocked to the core. The things people go through in their marriages? I was really in awe. I cherished my life more. I had no such drama. Yes Kev and I do have our fallouts now and then, but it is just that, Our fallouts, nobody else's. We were able to sort it out and move on quickly. No third parties or shady shebang’s. But this, was too much.

I guess when you are pushed to that point; you can even do nasty things that are out of your character. There was no turning back for my sister. Her marriage was really over.
I was sad for my sister. Looking at her and thinking about what she has become, and what she was doing to get out of that marriage was beyond my imagination.. One thing I noticed about Tsitsi is that, since she started ka story sa gagwe, she never shed any tears. It was unlike her. I knew this has damaged her heart. She no longer feels pain. She has toughened up. It was really sad though. Yaa can marriage turn a loyal, loving and humble person into such a vindictive bitter and scorned woman? It was really unhealthy. I was scared for her and I hurt for her as well.

Tsitsi: The nice thing about the device was that I could view the recorded stuff on a laptop or smart phone. So it was really intimate. The guy from the security company asked me over and over if I was sure I wanted to do that.

I knew, there was no turning back.

Nna: Ao ngwana Mma, ruri lenyalo la gago le felela jaana. Gape ga o ise o itumele in that marriage. All through the 16 years you have known Rendani, you were only happy the first two years. Dilo di senyegile after bana. Worse when he impregnated that skhenkhe of his . Your marriage ended then. Yet o bile maatla, wa lwanela lenyalo la gago, against all odds. Ka nnete, there's so much one can stand for in marriage. Boamaruri ke gore, you have done everything in your power to save it, o lekile Samma.”

Yooo I told Tsitsi about some movie I saw recently , the mother of the woman said something to her daughter, you know those words stuck inside of me. She said, "When they stay (meaning the man), when they had already left, they become bitter and dangerous."
That was true, if you let him stay longer in your life, when in all sense he's no longer in the marriage, He will hurt you more. He can even infect you with death sentence disease. Leave sisi. It’s hard but, you have to protect yourself and the kids. Good riddance to bad rubbish."
Sisi, you won't be the first woman to go that route ya Divorce. You trusted a man who, instead of loving, respecting and protecting his family, decided to do the opposite.

You can't let the rest of your remaining life go to waste. You will pick up the pieces, maybe even find truelove. So I support you 100%.

Tsitsi: 'Yoo, ngwana mma, ke a leboga go utlwa gore you support me. I thought you will give me 3rd degree or advice against it. Wena le mama always see the best in the worst situation. You always turn to take the H in hell, and turn it to W and make it Wellness. So I am humbled by your support, it really means a lot. And also it just made me realize that, you know how hard I tried to make this marriage work, and still it was not happening, instead it continued to getting worse.

Tsitsi told me that during her proof finding mission, she was not handling things right. She even took it out on her step son Unarine . She somehow blamed his existence for all that was happening in her marriage. Thinking if it wasn’t for him, his mom would not be coming and disrespecting her in her own home. Poor child became a victim of circumstance because apparently even Rhudzani( Tsitsi’s elder son) was harsh on Unarine, blaming him for Tsitsi’s unhappiness. He even told Unarine to never come back to their home.

Tsitsi continued with her Life’s dilemma. She was really going through some stuff. I was sad that this whole thing was taking a toll on the kids as well.

At times as woman we stay in marriages because of the kids, but what good would it be if you are miserable and also taking your frustrations on poor kids? I thought it was really best for mt sister to file for divorce ka nnete. Unarine , Rhu and Andza cannot suffer because of them. Yooo Una was worse because once all this comes to an end, he will have to go stay with her mom. Tsitsi mentioned that the way she was harsh on him, he was no longer happy to stay with them.

Tsitsi: Yoo ngwana mama, It hit me hard when I realized that Una was so miserable with us. He once told me he wants to go stay with his other dad and his little sister and brother because he was not happy here with us. I thought he must be referring to her mom's boyfriend who he got to spend time with whenever he was ko Soshanguve. I got worried about the type of life a poor child was living, so confusing to him. Having four parents and four siblings? I decided to tell Rendani about what his son told me. Obonolo, the guy twisted my concern, saying if I want out of the marriage, I must do so quietly without disruption. I have never wanted his child from the beginning, so, I must choose to stay and deal with the reality that Unarine was a Mulaudzi blood just like Rhu and Anza, or I should pack my bags and fok’off.

I was mad, because I was not trying to get rid of his son, I was stating how unhappy the whole situation was doing to both kids. Ever since, then, the tension in that house was too much, hence I was meeting up with my lawyer to serve Rendani with summons. I want to end this misery, once and for all. I have gathered enough evidence about his infidelity, so I want this executed. I want to start on a clean slate 2010. I have made plans for me and my kids, without him.

Sisi, wait a minute, how well do you know Unarine's mom? Have you any idea or any information about her? Maybe set a meeting, woman to woman le buisane ka taba ya ngwana. I mean if the child wants to stay with her, she needs to take him. Rendani will still look after him, from far. Wena you tried your best to be a mother to Una.

Ka nnete, It was about time for my sister to focus on helping herself and her kids deal with the after effects of what divorce will do to them. Unarine will also need his mother to support him. She must take over parenting his son.

Yaa nee, wa itse some woman ! ba na le dibete. She has a boyfriend le bana ba bangwe, yet she was busy sneaking with Rendani? I thought, Hai, Rendani le ena ke sefebe sa monna, just few years ago I saw him with Rich's ex-girlfriend, baby mama.....

Wait a minute!, why was there such a familiarity with Rich's story about Warona and my sister Tsitsi 's story about Unarine?

Was I comparing apples with oranges here, or there was a link?

Who is Unarine's mother?

Could it be Portia or it was just a plain coincidence?

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