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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 98


Modimo wa dikhutsana. Go tlhagile eng? Ooh Jehovah, give me strength. I was about to answer, explaining that I was at Melrose arch with my sister; when I heard the call being cut off. Yoo He hung up on me.

That was a first. Never in my relationship with him, has he ever done that. Nor matter how pissed off he can be, he would talk, and let me talk, then afterwards, he will say a proper goodbye and say, we will talk later. Not this attitude and threats. What does he mean when he say I must be home before he lose it? Yoo that was rude.

I put my phone in my bag. Went into the bathroom and washed my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was pale, my face was even looking dull. I re-touched my face and re-applied it, put on my lip gloss, put my hand cream and put on a happy face . Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, an sms came through my phone. I stopped, took out the phone and went to the incoming messages. It was from my husband.

It reads: "How could you do this to us? I never knew you could do this to us. I am disappointed in you, Big time"

Yooo, I had a chill on my spine. I just have to go and find out what was happening. I got to Tsitsi, sat down and asked her if she already ordered my dessert. I was planning to grab it as a doggy bag and leave. Tsitsi laughed and said she thought I was joking when I asked her to order it, so she didn't order. Bathong!.

Yooo I was disappointed. I was looking forward to that dessert.
I told her that since she didn't even order my dessert, she should ask for the bill. She did just that, paid the bill then we left.

Before we get to our cars, Tsitsi said we should pass by Clicks as she wanted to buy some things. Luckily Clicks was just closer to our exit. We went in. I took a trolley, and decided to buy some toiletries. Tsitsi went to the Pharmacy counter. Hai, mme ’Nurse, ka mokgwa o a ratang self medication and over the counter stuff ka teng, every time she goes shopping she had to buy something for the medicine cabinet. She really loves stocking up every medicine. So I ignored her and got my stuff.

We paid separately, and left for the cars. I remembered dimpho tsa bana, guilt escaped me, thinking I didn't get Unarine anything. Oh well, ke responsibility ya Rendani, Richmond and Portia. O tla ba strong. I went to my car and Tsitsi went to hers. We were not parked far away from each other; I was parked two cars away from Tsitsi’s. I took out two gift bags, pink and floral for Princess Anza and a white one for abuti Rhu, I gave them to Tsitsi, who put them in her boot.

We hugged and just as I turned to walk away, She handed me a small brown paper bag, one that carries medication. I looked at her with that look that says" what the f&%$, is this?

She said, " Go home, POAS and let me know how far you are"

Mmm, PO what Tsitsi? Haai, nna I am an Investment Guru, not Medical or Pharmaceutical person, you don't get to use those medical terms with me. She ignored me, got in the car, closed her car door and opened the window and shouted.

Tsitsi: Its POAS as in Pee On The Stick Samma. You look like go fetile fela jalo ka wena.”

She reversed, a letsa hooter and off she drove. I stood there, frozen, still swallowing the bittersweet pill about what my sister was saying. I knew what peeing on the stick means. She once told Omo to pee on the stick. I was shocked by her analysis and actions.

I peeped into the bag, basadi!,

Pregnancy Test kits. Not one but three different types. I was shocked. I got into my car, just as I set my Bluetooth - Hands free, a message came through, I decided to ignore it as I had to rush home to Kevin.

For a little while I tried hard to forget about his phone call and sms. Idrove home and put on Cece Winans, I surrender all on repeat. I drove singing along with her.

‘All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give, I will ever love and trust Him. In His presence daily I live, All to Jesus I surrender, Humbly at His feet I bow, Worldly pleasures all forsaken, Take me, Jesus, take me now, I surrender all, I surrender all, All to Thee my blessed Savior.’

I was pouring out tears, not knowing why. I just let go. Thinking about what lies ahead. Ke ne ka utlwa letshogo le nkaparela. I whispered a little prayer. God, please be with me. Forgive me for the secret I deliberately kept away from my husband. Please intervene and let me humbly apologies to him and let him understand that I didn't mean to hurt him. Nketelle pele, guide me. In Jesus name. Amen.

The drive was too short. I got home quickly. As I opened the garage, Kev's car was not there. Bathong!

Motho o mfounetse are ke boe mo ntlung, then he leaves? Ruri? I went inside the house, took only the paper bag Tsitsi gave me. I called DK, asked her to go get all the stuff from my car boot. She asked me something

DK : Ebe o kopane le Ntate Tau?
Nna: Nyaaya, hobaneng o botsa?
DK: Ke a golwa le fapane mo tseleng.
Nna: Nyaa dear. Ga ke a mmona. Ke kgale a le mo ntlung ?

DK said he came back home around 14:00, went upstairs to change, since a dutse kamoreng until now when he left. I said thank you and headed upstairs. I checked the message that I received earlier, it was from Husbee
It read, " Lady, get your priorities right, I asked you to come home over 30 minutes ago, and you decided to ignore me. It’s ok, dula teng mo o teng".

Ou. Em. Gee. Naare Karabello Tau o tsenwe ke eng? I thought. This man smoked something, o kgalefisitse ke eng ga kana? It was really unlike him to react like this, especially pele a ka bua le nna. Normally he will, state his case, and then give me a chance to explain, only after that; he would decide how to react. E e diragala kajeno tota, ea makatsa. I was surprised.

I decided to take a shower. I took out my clothes, ran the water, put on my robe and went downstairs to check what DK was planning for supper.

It was just after 16:00, so, she was at the laundry room ironing.
I was craving for seafood. I went towards the laundry, she heard me coming and came out.

DK: “One o mpitsa mme?
Nna: Yes DK, but its fine. I’m here. Ke ne ke botsa hore o tlo pheha eng for supper? Ke utlwa ke kgaletse seafood.
DK: Aah , di prawns le di mussels le hake fish di fedile, go setse calamari rings & cubes and snoek fish ( she was looking down while giving me such a long list) ale shy, ntshwarele tlhe mme.

I was not happy that she's the cook, fela dijo di a fela a didimale a ska mpolelela. She knew I hated emergency shopping. She knew she was supposed to have wrote the List and put it with the care keys so that either myself or Kevin can get whatever was finished from the shops. I was bored.

Nna: Gosiame Dikengkeng, Please. Always check your fridge and pantry tuu. Please write all those stuff down. I will quickly call Kev a tle le tsona. Then o ka nna wa ya go feleletsa seo neng ose dira. I’m going to shower first.
I got upstairs, took my phone, dialed his number. It rang three times and went to voicemail. I dialed again, it rang twice then he picked up.

Kev: "Yes".

Nna: Lavo, where are you? Can you be able to go to Woolies or pick n pay for me?

Phone went dead, like Tuuuu, no answer, silence. I kept on saying Lavo, did you hear me? I must have asked him twice without any answer, but the line was on.

Joo. I hang up . Thought I should call again, but decided against it. Clearly he doesn’t want to talk to me.
Yaa that Awkward moment when your husband is mad at you too much that he can't even speak. It hurts though.

I showered quickly with the intention to run to the shops. I finished and wore my jeans and a sweater. Just as I hurried downstairs, I called DK in a rushed tone.

DK: O tatetse ho kae mme?
Nna: Ke kopa List ke tatetse ho ya shopping.
DK: Ke neile Ntate Tau list ya Ntho kaofela tse nka di hlokang ka jeno.
Ditsebe Emi!
Nna: Ebe Ntate Tau o ho letseditse?
DK: Aowa mme, ha o qeta hoya hodimo ore o ilo mo letsetsa, one santse ale ntlung. Ke be ke mo jwetsa hore o ne o re o mo letsetse hore a re tlele dinthonyana . O bile a mpotsa hore ke hloka eng dishopong Ka he ke ne ke so etse list.I gave him only a list with stuff that I would need tonight and he left.

I said ok. I was just bored. Kevin is now acting childish, why didn't he tell me over the phone that he was home? And that he was going to the shops? That’s so low. Now I looked like a fool in front of my helper. I am sure she figured that there was something wrong, hence we were not communicating. She knows it gets like that at times .Mpx

DK: Mme, Ebe tsotlhe di hantle mahareng a hao le Ntate Tau?
Nna: Yes why?
DK: Ke mmone a se hantle earlier. He was asking me hore ke mang o wrapileng mpho ya hae maobane.?
Nna: And?

DK: I told him ke nna, then he shook his head and left. Ha aka a cho letho from there. O ile a ikwalela kamoreng .
Yoo, this was serious mos. Why did Kevin ask DK those questions? It was now clear that whatever pissed him off has something to do with the sneakers and Rich. But what? Did He call the shop and they told him the story? Would they know who it was to even tell the story? What really happened? But those guys didn’t even know we knew each other. They also know that I was going to reimburse Rich afterwards…
Why was my husband so pissed?

I was not looking forward to the confrontation at all.
I went back upstairs to change into my Pjs. Just then I remembered the brown paper bag laying down my dressing table. I was just not in the mood to POAS. Not the way I was feeling. I took it, ka e latlhela in my cosmetic drawer. Besides, what gave Tsitsi idea or even a thought that I could be pregnant? Hai, o mpone ke inonetse then assumed I was pregnant?,

Hai. She was a Nurse after all. She breath, eat and sleep, every symptoms and signs of everything.
Wa e tseba paranoia, when you gain weight, it means you are pregnant. Weight loss means you are HIV. Swollen face means domestic violence.

I thought, Hai my sister should know better, I just gained weight, not pregnant.

I spotted a box of Kevin's sneakers by his closet, I went and checked if he wore them. As I opened, there they were, untouched. Yesterday he could not wait to wear them to his catch up with Kgosi. Come to think of it, he didn't go to meet him. DK said he has been home since 14:00, meaning he came back from Pretoria and stayed home. So what could have really pissed him so off? Ga kalo? To even cancel his date le buddy ya gagwe?

Whatever was going on with him was huge. As soon as he comes back, I am confronting him. Re buisane, re rarabolle bothata bo. Pele re robala. That's our culture. We don't go to bed angry or mad.
Just then he entered the room, I was sitting on the edge of our bed. He went passed me into the bathroom. I just sat there, watched him disappeared inside. I waited right there shocked. Usually, when either of us was out in the day, whenever the person comes back, they would greet the one who remained and kiss them. So, here I was expecting to be greeted and smooched, fela, ba mpeditse ka load shedding ya Eskom.

When it rains it pours. Abuti o, o kgalifile mos. I need to be very careful about my approach, Gonne e lebega ekete, ke nna yo o phoso. He came through to the bedroom, I heard the water running, looks like he was going to take a bath. So, I will wait for him to warm up ke metsi, then ke be ke ya ho ene re gone go bua. I went to the kitchen to fetch juice, I was thirsty. When I came back, he was in the bath tub. I had some ice cubes in my juice, so I had one in my mouth. I knelt down by the bath, took the one out of my mouth and started moving it through his neck. At first he sat there, his eyes closed, enjoying the teasing. Then he raised his hand towards mine, and stopped me. I stopped and broke the ice.

Nna: You seem so unhappy my Lavo. What did I do to make you so unhappy? From earlier phone call and smses, you are not a happy man.

He shook his head and started pouring water on his face. I stood up and sat down on top of the toilet seat, facing him. I wanted to look at him in the eye when he tells me what seemed to be eating him up.

Kev: You are right, I'm not happy, I'm disappointed, I'm angry to say the least. And you my wife, are the cause.

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