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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 42


I was deep in thoughts, when my phone rang, it was my man,

Kevi: "happy,happy birthday to you. O hole, hole,my beautiful bride.This is the day that the Lord has made,n we shall rejoice in it. Good morning Bobowapeloyaka. Ke ho hopotse hampe jwang. Ebe o robetse hantle rato laka. How did last night go? "

Ooh, so Kev was in on the planned suprise shower & he never gave it away. Unlike my first big surprise shower organized by my friends .I suspected terrorist attacks by Baksy & him. To extend that I suspected fowl play, ka dira di find out & snooped in his phone, only to find out gore my friends were planning my shower.

This one was a serious Surprise. I didnt suspect a thing.

Nna: "Lavo, o sleg tlhe. Why o sa ntshebela? Gore bo mama are throwing another shower? Hai o sekeleme sa mafelo. Anyway it all went well, I had fun.Thank you”

Kev: "Nxooo, am glad you enjoyed my Shugaboo, that is all that matters. Nna ke ne ke tla otlwa ke bomme ba ba ngata so, for letting out the secret? Le gale."

We spoke long about us and what was about to happen, the cake, etc. I really missed him. I was not allowed to see him until ko altareng. The last time we saw each other was last night before the bridal shower.

Tsitsi one a nkopa gore ke ilo bona Kevin for thirty minutes before the shower could start. Some ladies were still busy compiling their messages. So I Smsed Kev gore re kopane by the garden. I asked Batso to call me when they are ready.
We were just catching up. I was just being disturbed by his phone, constantly ringing. It was L.S.G with sexual healing. She kept calling Kev who was ignoring the calls. I was not impressed. I even asked him gore colleague ya gage e ntse e mo founela gantsi jaana? And she was calling him that time of the night?,

NNa: "Kante o batla eng. Ga o ise o mo romele di gps coordinates naa?"

He said he has not sent her the GPS coordinates as yet. Ka nnete ke ne ke sa tlhaloganye. It was just annoying me. I asked him to either answer and tell her gore o tla di romela or he must just put his phone on silent ka gonne e ne e ntena, especially that ringtone.

Le teng gobaneng sexual healing for a colleague?.I just thought it was really inappropriate, but I let it go.Yoo monna o o ne a le bofitlha tlhe.The mention of LSG was not sitting well with him. Anyway, maybe poor lady is really waiting for the directions to come celebrate with her colleaque. So ere ke tswe mo go yona.

Kevin chose to put the phone on silent instead of answering. What could be so difficult to answer a call and tell the person that He will get back to her?, than to put the phone on silent? Somethings are just weird. Again I decided to ignore my uncomfortable feelings regarding the LSG issue.

I turned my focus on my husband to be. We had stolen kisses and chatted about random stuff.Batso showed up. She told me gore bagolo ba nkemetse to start the shower.

Nna: “Don’t forget to sms your LSG…oh and I hate that ringtone o mo assignetseng yona. Please change it. It’s annoying and inappropriate”

Kevin: " Yes Mam, I will do that right away"

We kissed good night and I told him that I’ll see him the following day at the altar. Off I went to attend my Pre-wedding shower.

I snapped out of my trail of thoughts about last night.

We continued with our conversation. Just as we were about to hang up, there was a knock on my door; I told Kev that I had to go.

Nna: " Lavo, there is someone at the door, I got to go, see you on the flip side of Avianto, I love you to the moon, the sun and back."

Kev: "I love you to the rivers, oceans and the mountains combined. I could not have chosen a better soul mate, I love you more Bobowapeloyaka. Kisses coming your way. Enjoy your birthday morning without me."

We hang up. Ka nnete, this is the first birthday morning without him by my side.

There was another knock. I shouted that I was coming.
I was still putting on my personalized robe - engraved, Bride OT, and my slippers. I went to open the door.

Nxooo,I was met by my flower girls standing in front of my door, dressed in maids uniform, looking so cute, with a huge cupcake. They started singing happy birthday. Yoo. I was touched shame.Tears just came flooding down my face.

Paula was filming the whole thing, and apparently that was a request from Kev. He was not allowed to see me today, until ko altar. My cousin Mpho followed the girls, grabbed my hand, and directed me out of my room to Thabong's dinning room, where I was met by everyone else except my man and my sister Tsitsi. Apparently they both left to go sort out the cake story.

What did I do to deserve so much love in 24 hours? The love I felt that weekend will forever be in my heart. I was humbled and overjoyed. I was pampered & loved. I was so Blessed. I could not stop crying, while I counted my blessings.

A continental breakfast in my honour was served. There was so much food, we all ate and mingled. Everyone was wishing me a happy birthday, and a blissful wedding.

I was so overjoyed, yet another intimate celebration. Mpho read all the birthday messages that were written on a Huge Card.

First message was from Kev, followed by Tsitsi 's then everyone present.
Paula then started with her diva tendencies, shouting at everyone to get their butts up and go be ready.

Everyone started making their way to prepare for the coming big moment. It was just after 8h30, I headed back to my room to get ready, so as everyone.

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