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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 72


Nna: “Askies Mmata, this is too heavy, I understand, but think about it, sure the choice to move forward is difficult, but it’s yours. Dira se se tla go itumedisang, you are not glued to JK. Gona jaanong jaana, o nagana gore o tlile go dirang without JK, o tlile go surviver jaang kwa ntle ga gagwe. 

Trust me, once you get passed the what will happen, you will know what you will do. I know exactly how you feel. I was once there remember? With Rich. I believed and let him treat me so bad, yet I stand for it. I was at university with pressure of staying in a flat, I needed him to finance me, to shower me with material love, when I knew in my heart that he didn't love me enough and that I could survive without him. But often we associate first relationship to first love and accept to be treated like rubbish, because that's the only love we know.

I learned that much about truelove from Kevin. I let myself be loved , I let myself experience something totally different from what Richmond was shoving onto me, disguised as Love. I was able to break free from him. Le wena tsala, with time and realizing your worth, you will set yourself free. Think about how empowering that will be! Let that power infuse you. Gannyane gannyane, when you visualize your freedom, you will do anything in your power to taste it and touch it.

Efa Ntate Modimo mathata a gago, ask him to guide and lead you to make a good decision. Right now,you are going through a lot of emotions. Don't beat yourself up and don't be hard on yourself , you are stronger, smarter and very clever, you can get past through this. You have got power, you can fight, and you can win.”

Obakeng: “Ke a go utlwa Mmata, fela, ke a tshaba, ke a tshoga, I wonder what will happen to me, to Minnie. I am a junior secretary, I don't earn that much, I would not survive. I'm scared. Ke nagana gore ke tshaba gape, go baa ke le mong. I am so brainwashed by that psychopath of a husband that I am nothing without him and that I will not survive without him. Maybe it is true. Maybe I am destined to just be what he says I'm ever going to amount to. Useless. Mmata, I lost all my self-confidence, all my worth. I look at myself in the mirror, I see a shadow. I see Jabulani’s puppet. The things he says to me, they build up to my reality. How will I ever survive?”

Yoo, this was just too deep for me. Obakeng was drowning in pain. She was so broken and beaten up. Her voice was full of hurt, resentment, and self doubt. Most of all, she was frightened. To be honest, I did not know how to comfort her, and tell her that it will be ok, yet I didn’t know half of how she was feeling. She was going through something big.

I believe as people, we can be able to give a proper advice or comfort to somebody going through something we once experienced or been through. We would be equipped to know what we personally did to get out or get passed whatever the challenges; our experience qualifies us to be able to give such advice. I felt I was not able to give my friend a sound or realistic or good advice about what she was going through. I didn’t want to mislead her. I just decided, I can only tell her, what I would do, should I be in her position.

Nna: “Obakeng, utlwella mmata, life is not easy, and it doesn't guarantee us a smooth sailing all the way. It doesn’t mean that there wont be awful days, but what quest doesn’t have it’s challenges. Life is a mixture of Rainy days and shiny days. We all go through the stormy seasons, but there will also be unexpected streams hidden in those barren places. They will sustain you, and see you through to the next resting place.

O ka se latlhege Obakeng, I'm here for you, so as your family. You won't be hungry. You should not stay in a place where you are not happy,because you are scared of how you are going to survive.No, don't.You can beat this. I know it, I see the warrior within you. You are a fighter.Most of all, you are not alone. I am here for you my friend. Just know that whatever decision you will make, I will be there, every step of the way. Nor matter what. Ga o mongwe tsala. Wena fela, o tshwanetse go itse gore o batla eng, I will support you. Ke a tshepa you know that.

We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But we are not our mistakes, we are not our struggles, and we are here NOW with the power to shape another day and our future. Every single thing that has ever happened in our life is preparing us for a moment that is yet to come in our future !! Thats all I could ever tell my friend.

Poor woman, she was really broken. I must say, she was going through hell. I just wiped out her tears and put on our favorite song, Count on me. We sang our lungs out, with tears in our eyes. Right there,in that moment, I saw my friend in a different light. For her to have endured so much,kept it all in,for 4years, and stil standing? Thats strength. I was just so proud of her. I think le Ena o ne a imologile mo magetleng, the burden of keeping the secret from me was now gone. And I never even questioned her why now. Because it was just about her finding the courage to let me know at her own time. I thought, I should be thankful to God for my drama free life. I was blessed to have Kevin by my side. Supporting me and loving me enough.

Emotional session was over. Obakeng went to the guests bathroom to freshen up. I was busy preparing a snack for us, when,her phone rang. I thought,argh,the person will leave a message.

Suddenly it stopped. Then rang three times again and stopped. I was now being distracted by the ringing phone. I thought, maybe it was urgent. I decided well, let me fetch it and if it rings again before Obakeng a boa, ke bone ke mang or even answer and take a message.

Just as I picked it up, it rang again. I immediately checked the caller id, it was a private number. So I pressed the answer button, just before I could say hello, I heard a man's voice. He just shoots:

Caller: "mamela lana Sifebe ndini, ucabanga ukuthi uhlakaniphile ne? Uyazi yini ngicela imoto yami,bese uhambe uyofeba kahle, kunini ngikufuna , ngikufonela ungabambi nefone, njengoba sengikuzama nge private number wase wa gijima uyibamba.You really don't want to piss me off. Ngifuna imoto yam."

Then he hung up.

Yooo, my jaw nearly dropped down to the floor.

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