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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 82


I was really worried about mine. Why was everyone around me experiencing some form of displeasure in their marriages?
Will I one day experience that in my Marriage? Yoo I really pray God that I do not go through such phase.

I was just thinking to myself, I have really grown. Spiritually that is. I somehow inherited my mom's strength and courage. . I was not aware that I have adopted her ways. As I grew up, I witnessed my mom kneeling down more often than anything else she had to do in this world. She would pray for anything and everything. No matter how little or how huge, she taught us that Nothing was impossible with God. We all, at the O’Family residence used to call her Mmathapelo.

We used to think my mom was godnotized. Whenever we get home, we would pray, whenever papa was gone mia (missing in action), we would pray, whenever re utlwa gore a relative was sick or dead, we would pray, whenever someone in the family was not feel okay, we would pray. Whenever our dog was sick, we would pray, whenever Omo and I got into our sibling rivalry, we would kneel down and pray. We basically prayed for everything …Hence we gave her the name Mmathapelo
As I grew up and got to experience life, and how cruel it can be, I learned so much to trust in prayer. I always resorted to praying, and I would always feel the peace my mom always spoke about. I realized that my mom was right. Prayer changes, prayer heals and prayer saves, I was just feeling blessed for my mother, for teaching me the Power of prayer. Raising me to be such a praying woman… I will never cease to pray.

I will continue to be a praying woman, a praying wife, and a praying parent. I knew too well that a problem never goes away immediately after giving it to God, but I knew once you put it in God’s capable hands, it leaves you and you are free and at peace.

Kev interrupted me in my trail of thoughts. He came behind me and held me so tied without uttering any word. He turned me towards him, kissed my forehead and said something that puzzled me.

Kevin: “Reatli will be okay; Shugaboo.God will hear your prayers and heal her heart and her marriage.”
I looked at him, still puzzled by what he was saying.

Nna: “what are you talking about?”

Kevin: “I came in earlier into the house to put the plastic bags from spar, pointing at the grocery packets lying on the floor). You were deep in prayer, hence you didn't hear me. I put them on here and left, but I heard a little bit of every word you uttered.”

Ditsebe tsa ema. ...

Nna: “Hai Lavo, ke eng ekete you are making such a bad habit or should I say bad timing of sneaking up on my conversation with God. Sometimes it’s things you are not supposed to hear maan..Hau…”

We shared a laugh about my accusation.

Kevin: “maybe God wanted me to know what my wife was dealing with especially if we are not praying together.”

Nna: “You are right. God wants you to never ever put me through a position where I will be praying about you or for you, asking Him to deal with you. So you better behave Mr Tau. Or else….”

I was dead serious about what I was saying to Kevin. I do not want to ever find myself, crying out to God about him being astray. If ever I have to pray, let it be prayer of gratitude, love, unity etc etc. The kind of prayers we always pray about, together.
I asked him what exactly he heard. And he confirmed that he heard some things to do with infidelity and divorce. Yoo Ka nnete o nkutlwile, but it was okay, ke ausi wa gagwe.

Since Reatli asked me not to mention our conversation to anyone, I asked Kev to never say anything to their family especially MaNthabeleng. She hated hore batho (outsiders) know that her kids are not so perfect like she brags about. She likes to keep family secrets within her family only. Even if Reatli were to divorce, she would force her to stick it out. She was controlling like that, hence Reatli wanted to do it quietly without anyone convincing her to stay. Well I was glad I was able to stop her from taking that route ya divorce.

Kevin gave me his word that he won’t say a word.

Kev took out ice bucket, some ice, bottle of wine, and went to the lounge; he said I should bring all the wine glasses. I took 3 wine glasses and Kev’s whisky one. Ooh, seemed like we were going to have a party for 4. I liked the idea. I was not planning to go to church tomorrow .I was in the mood to party.

Let’s party ladies. I said that as I put on some house music. We drank and danced. I felt the heaviness of the events that happened lift off. I saw aus Reatli a phutulogile ale jolly. I was happy in my marriage and having the time of my life.

Kev pulled me up, and asked me to teach him how to do dombolo ( Nigerian dance). We were all tipsy, so it was very easy to get down on the floor. We all danced the night away. It was past two in the morning, when I woke up. We were all sleeping on the couches. I woke the sisters to go to bed. I also woke Kevin up. We went to our bedroom, undressed and just held each other and we dosed off.

I was woken by the girls giggling outside my bedroom window. Kev was not in bed. I looked at the time, It was 11:30, I woke up, brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen. The house was spotless. It smelled nice. Ausi Reatli and Omo were already cooking Sunday-Kos. My breakfast was in the microwave. I warmed it up, and went to join them outside. Kev was busy pumping the swimming chairs and balls. We were going to have a pool party.

I finished eating and went to put my dish. I went to the bedroom and searched for the swim suits for Aus Reatli. Ora and Tinyeko had their suits, they got the memo. Aus Reatli didn’t bring hers but because she was almost my size, she would fit in any of my swim wear. Omo had some of her stuff mo ntlung ya me. At some point, she stayed with me when Kev was still staying ko Three Rivers. We were all dressed up into our swimwear. Aus Reatli opted for a full swimming suit and a floral sarong and I had my bikini set with white wrap chiffon see-through dress that I bought while honeymooning ko Abu Dhabi.

I was a bit disappointed because I had put on a little weight, so my swimwear was a bit tied. Just when I got to the pool, my husband whistle at me, and Omo said that dress was too transparent, she could see everything. I told her jealous would make her nasty. Arg, it’s just me and my family, I was not bothered. I got closer to Omo, yoo, as I stood there, she was really staring at me and passed some nasty comments that my bikini and bra were too tied and that I looked pregnant. She went on saying my belly button had popped out too much and the line on my tummy was too thick and dark. Nxxx I got pissed off by her comments. I knew I put on some weight, no need for her to rub it in. But those pregnancy talks was just irritating me. I was really tired of people talking about babies, pregnancy blah blah. I heard a lot of that yesterday; I didn’t want to hear them today, especially from my own sister…..

Kev was done inflating the chairs and balls. Apparently He took the girls shopping for pineapples and strawberries for the cocktails, and stuff to decorate the pool side so that it had some kind of beach feel. He got ideas when we were ko Abu Dhabi, so he said, he was bringing the beach to the house. Retha joined us with her two friends.

We all watched as my husband was giving us free, quick and easy instructions on how to core pineapples into cups. He then poured us some homemade cocktails. For the kids, he made them smoothies and pour into the pineapple cup. We were as impressed by his hidden talent as he handed us the straws to indulge. He tried bathong. It looked like we were somewhere at a Caribbean Island.

We had such a great day. We ate and drank cocktails, courtesy of my dear husband. It was time to say goodbye to our guests. Aus Reatli called me ko bedroom before ba tsamaya. She was just thanking me for last night. She promised to go straight to where her husband was staying, to take him home. She still asked me not to say a word about everything we discussed, especially not her mom. So I promised, and wished her luck. We hugged and went outside to the gate. Both Retha and her friends left first. Reatli and Tinyeko followed, then Omo and Ora were last to go. It was just DK, my husband and I.

Kevin:" Now the house is too quiet. Those two rascals really brought some life into the house today. Bobowapeloyaka, ka nnete mofumahadi waka, we must seriously talk about starting a family ".

Nna: “How about now? Let’s make a baby now…”

I said removing the dress I had, running towards our bedroom. He must have stayed behind because he didn’t follow me. I heard him clearing up outside. I had my own kinky ideas to finish off the day. Then a thought came through my mind….I got to the bathroom, ran the bubble bath, went to the kitchen, took a bunch of roses,( the one I get every Sunday from my husband) scattered them on the floor, put on some aromatic candles by the bath tub. I fetched his laptop, and played some romantic music. Very soft….

I finished setting up and called him to the bathroom. He was in awe. I pulled him closer to me. We started kissing and undressing, then went inside the bath. We sat in the bath, talking and seducing each other. We made love right there in the bathroom, beautiful as always. Our sex life was over the top. I could not complain at all. .

Kevin: "Did you mean what you said earlier? About starting a family? I don’t want to pressurize you.”

I kept quiet, not answering or commenting. I thought of the conversations I had with Mme Mmatsale, Batso and Motsheoa.. Maybe I should just start the damn family… I left the bathroom and went to the bedroom. Ka fitlha ka itshasa and he joined in.

Kev: Shugaboo, why do you always ignore me when I talk about starting a family? Tell me your fears Shugaboo. Tell me you feelings about motherhood.”

Nna: “Lavo, I got scared, I don't know if I am ready. When we get married, I always knew we would, at some point get to a point of starting a family. I feel like I am not at that point yet. There is still so much I need to achieve. I still feel like you and I need to spend so much time together, alone. I just want to enjoy sex, travel, be exposed to a lot of stuff not be worried about kids. Right now, I feel all everybody talks about its, kids amd pregnancy. It gets overwhelming and its scarey”

I told Kevin about my conversation with Batso and Motsheoa and also her mom. I didn’t mention anything about the conversation I had with Motsheoa about her mom. All I needed was to be careful of her, besides, I made up my mind. Kevin and I are going to try to conceive. All those “doing whatever it takes for me to be pregnant talk she had with Motsheoa won’t be necessary. I knew for a fact that my husband will run to her mom and tell her we are trying for a baby. Hai bo Mama’s boy?. I told him my fears and that I was really scared.

Kev: “Scared of what Shugaboo? You and I are a team. We will go through everything together babe. Ignore my mom; she can be a piece of something at times. I know she meant well, but I promise you. I will be there every step of the way. Trust me. Nothing ever will please me more than to see you pregnant and also giving birth and raising bo little Bobo & Kev.”

His assurance put me at ease. I turned and looked at him.
Nna: “I will be off the pill from tomorrow. Yes, let’s do this. How many do you want Ntate Tau? Nna ke batla mini me and mini you. I’ll be satisfied.”

Kev: Mmm, how about ditawana tse tlhano,MmaTau? Tse pedi tse tshehadi, tse tharo tse tona?"

We laughed.

Nna: “Haa Lavo, ba ile gotswa hokae mona? Kana jj ga eno gotlella five heads out? Lekgale!"

Kev: I love it ha o setse o bua Sesotho. Turns me on and suits you better. Not that I don't like Setswana, but ke utlwa ke thaba ha ose o otla sesotho. Kana bana ba rona ba tlameha go bua Sesotho. So practice makes perfect. O bolelle DK a tlhe a qalelle ho ho ruta. With a soccer team on the way, you need to know it…”

Nna: “Eya, Ntate Tau, kea ho utlwa, ke tla leka ka thata ho bua Sesotho. Sentse ke qadile. Ebe o ka mphoqa ha kana, ore ke ithute se se thata se buang ke DK , empa wena o sa se bue? Chee ka nnete o sele."

We laughed and giggled. Kevin held me so close and thanked me for agreeing to be off the pill so that we could fall pregnant. I thought hard about it and I must say, I needed to be sure that I really wanted to take the journey of Motherhood. I had to face my fears, one way or another, sooner or later. Whether my husband might change or my body might change, I accepted that I would deal with whatever comes my way when I get to that bridge…
We just lazed off ko bedroom. We made love again. Mmm there will be more of bump and grinding…..Baby making sessions.
We looked at our house plans, and started planning our future at the new house with little ones.

We were waiting for municipality to approve our plans. Our architect said it will go quickly because the engineering already did his part. We were happy about our house and looking forward to moving and decorating.

We already bought the land, and found a reliable and highly recommended building and development agency to do everything. Kevin said if things can go as planned with no delays, we will be moving into our new house by May/June. 2009.

Looking foward to starting a family and living my Perfect Life...I had no doubt, Kevin will be the best Husband and Father...

He promised....He would support me, every step of the way.

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