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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 27


What am I going to do with this revelation? Must I ask Rich? Or Must I confront Rendani? Or must I tell my sister? Something doesn't add up or perhaps I am adding wrong things. 
I snapped out of the trail of thoughts remembering the yellow dress saga. That's the last time I ever worn it. I once packed it, send it here in Meredale. It was a painful reminder of my brother in law’s infidelity. I decided, I’m definitely wearing that dress with the same stilettos & same clutch bag.
The only thing different, is the fact that I’m not going to Morula Sun with Rich, & I won’t be bumping into things I was not supposed to see.
This time I'm going on a date with one Sotho man, Kevin Karabello Tau.

Finally, I was all dressed up, gorgeous and hot. I went to the dining room, where my sister and her boys were setting up the table for dinner. The older boy Atli, whistled at me, my sister, brother and little Afi turned around, all in awe, clapping hands and praising me. It was like my matric dance night, waiting for my date, and my parents' approval. I felt like a princess. My sis-ter said, Kimmy, you look gorgeous. My brother said, you look like you are Miss Party. The older boy shocked everyone and said “Rakgadi, you look so gorgeous; your date will be blown.”
Hahahahah, we all laughed, ka nnete tota, I'm going on a date, Atli is right. But will I blow my date? That I didn’t know. What I know was that I felt beautiful and the mirror and my family said so.

My sister said I needed something to complete the look, she held my hand, took me to her walk-in closet, pull out a stunning glittering silver grey shrug, and said I must put it on, incase its chilly. Omg, it fitted like a glove. I looked beautiful. She also insisted that I put on a little make-up, so I agreed. Hai I looked like a doll, not Barbie though, Tinkerbelle.
My phone rang, Don’t Answer flashed on my screen. I picked up,

Nna: "Hey, what’s up?"

Kevin: “Are you ready ?

Nna: “Yes I am”

He said he was 5 minutes away, so I must wait outside. I said OK and hang up.

Now, the best part, How do I get to live the house, without my brother cross questioning gore why batho ba ke tsamayang le bona ba sa ntate mo ntlung? Especially the way I was dressed? And the stilletoes. I could not say I was goin to walk 5 houses to Hloni’s place like that. So more lies…I thought fast.
I continued talking, ( Alone offcourse because nna le Kevin ne re setse re feditse taba ya rona).

Ke ne ke bua maaka gore Omphi a utlwe.

Nna: "Ooh, its fine, I don't mind him fetching me first; I'll be outside by the gate. Tell him I'm wearing a yellow dress."

Hihihi maaka mare? I was making noise gore my brother a nkutlwe gore someone, is fetching me by the gate. Knowing my brother, ke tsibile gore o tlo mpotsa gore ke bua le mang..

Omphi: "Ke mang jaanong o a se nang bothata gore a go late Noli?”

There goes the expected question.

Nna: "Ooh, its Hlogi's brother, He was in Mabaleng, so he's on his way back to their house. Hlo-gi asked him to bring me with so that we just leave for the party from their place.”

I blatantly lied to my brother like that. My brother shook his head obviously with dissatisfaction and disapproval but he said;

Omphi: “ok fine.”

He asked the boys gore ba mfelegetse ko gating. He said I must have fun, and not forget our agreement. My sister could not contain herself, she kept praising me.

I took my clutch bag, my shrug. I called the boys to come with me. As I was approaching the entrance, just by visitors parking, there was Green Golf.

Nna: "O.k. boys, le ka boa, I'll wait here by security."

They ran back to the house. I checked if security is eyeing me. Bo marata helele ba ma security, hai, ba ka tla ba bua maaka .Luckily the security was busy signing visitors in. I quickly went to Kevin's car, He opened the door for me, and whistling nonstop, like, jovijo...I was blushing ear to ear. He got inside, before he could drive. He kissed me on my chick.

Kevin: “You really looking sexy and beautiful.”

I said thank you.

Nna:"You are not bad yourself."

He had also changed, he was now wearing a red and white pinned stripped sleeved shirt, folded back closer to the elbows, a black jean and white puma sneakers, and He was looking hand-some ka nnete. He drove outside the Estate. I opened with my remote, and then we hit the road. As we got to Columbine Road, just by Mabaleng he said.

Kevin: “let’s go to the Zone Rosebank, have dinner, catch up, then either go to my place or somewhere. What do you say?”

Nna: “You are the boss, I am not familiar with Jozy, and you are. Take me anywhere. As long as I will fun and get to spend time with you, any place will do.”

Kevin: "Careful what you wish for. I can drive to Durban now.’

Haahaaaa, I laughed

Nna: "yes anywhere, as long as I can be home before Midnight."
I've never been to The Zone, that's one place Rich hasn't taken me to.I quickly said," A reye Zone."

He laughed and repeated what I said. A reye Zone.

Off we went to The Zone, to a place called, Catz Pajamas, Mmm, it was hip and happening. Ba-tho ba Joburg ba bantle, both women and men. All dressed up and looking like magazine mod-els. One thing I noticed about the women, they were naked. Aowaa,most of them had two cen-timeter shorts, dresses etc. A few that I saw, dikutu tsa marago di ne di tlhagile.
Hai,I could never get used to such nakedness.I still had Mmatau mentality, gore mosadi tshwanetse a apare anything as long as e fitlha marago. Thats what I was wired to think proper dress-ing was. Anyway, I guess that was Jozy not Rusty dusty.

Our date was going so well. I asked him, why it took him so long to get to today. He went on explaining what happened after he dropped me off at Meredale, that faithful night...
Apparently, He told Kgosi about our meeting on their way back from Airport and that he asked him for my numbers. Kgosi told him he didn’t have them, but he will get them from Batso. Kev asked Kgosi to keep it a secret, a seke a bolella Batso. A week after the wedding, Kgosi stole Batso's phone. He was snooping in his sister’s phone. O ne a batla my numbers only to find 4 similar names that confused him.

Noli (Batso’s classmate Noleen), Nolie( Another schoolmate from high school Noluthando),Nolo (some guy from Mafikeng named Letlhogonolo) and DK Noli( being me- Dire Kim Obonolo).
First numbers Kgosi stole were Noli's.He gave them to Kev who phoned. A colored lady ans-wered saying who she is. Kev told Kgosi about that, unfortunately Batso left with her sister & hubby to Welkom (Bogadi ba Nkagiseng).She was only coming back in two weeks time, before Xmas.

When Batso returned, Kgosi attempted again, this time she took Nolie's number and gave them to Kev, who called the number, a Zulu speaking lady answered, also stated her relationship with Batso. The guys felt dumbfounded.

They got busy preparing for their yearly Boys trip, heading to Kruger National Park. They were only coming back in the New Year. Kev decided they will get my numbers January. Kgosi even suggested that, when school starts, he must come with him to drop Batso and just meet me face to face.

January came, Kgosi got hectic with other stuff, until one day he overheard Batso on the phone. She was telling theperson on the phone,that she can’t wait for schools to open, ba tle ba bo-nane. She even said, oh Nolo, I missed you so much. Kgosi was so convinced it must have been me. Kgosi snooped again, this time he went straight to the call register,to check Batso;s last call. On the incoming list, He spotted last caller, Nolo & decided to write it down quickly, as he was rushing to write the number, underneath Nolo, was DK Noli, another possible name. It means I called Batso only a few minutes before Nolo called her.

He wanted to write both numbers down, but Batso was getting back into the room. He left the phone. He told Kev that, He saw another possible contact with DK Noli, and Batso nearly caught him so he could not get them.

Kev then decided that Kgosi's attempts were fruitless; He was going to get the right number from Batso. He just didn't know how to approach Batso. So He started being too friendly with Batso.

A week before Batso got back to Pretoria, Kgosi managed to get both Nolo & DK Noli's contacts and gave them both to Kevin. Kev then dialed Nolo's number first, a man answered. He then decided to go to my brother's place to confirm which number I am using. He called out DK Noli's number to my brother, who then confirmed they are indeed mine.

Finally, he got my numbers. He tried calling immediately after that, my phone kept ringing, and no answer. Poor Kevin, I was ignoring his calls thinking it was Rich, stalking me, then Kgosi.

Kevin: "That weekend when we came to drop Batso, I was heartbroken seeing you with that Rich'man. I decided to give up on pursuing you. A part of me really couldn't just let go. Kgosi o bile a nkgothatsa, are Batso told him that, you broke up with him December, but now status of your relationship is "complicated". I had a little hope. I was planning to just get to Pretoria and steal you away”. He said jokingly.

Nna: "Why didn't you come? Why did you stop calling? Why didn't you try hard, especially after finding out that, my relationship was complicated? Kevin, I feel you gave up on me without trying."
I said that, in a sad voice.

Kevin: "You have no idea what I went through. I was battling with accepting what I thought was a defeat. I didn't want to mess things up for you with your guy. All the time I thought of you, something pushed me to not give up, I just couldn't forget about you. I even started being too friendly with Batso, I was pretending to be interested in her Life, asking questions about life in Pretoria, her friends, her course, etc. I was doing all that, hoping to get her to loosen up. I thought perhaps she might give away some information about you. I didn't want to just let go. I thought I really needed to try and find you, one last time. I wanted to atleast talk to you and tell you how I truly felt about you. I needed closure.

When Kgosi told me he was leaving for U.S.A. I knew I had to try, one last time. I decided, since Batso is coming back home for Kgosi's farewell party, once and for all, I will ask Batso's help. I told Kgosi about my plan, He was ok with it. He even suggested that I must take Batso to News-café and buy her chocolate latte, o tla tswa ka ditaba. Kevin naughtily laughed.

He continued,

Kevin: I was planning to tell her how I felt about you, ask for her advice, and honestly needed to know if you and your boyfriend have worked things out. I knew then that, only my talk le Batso will give me the closure I needed. I thought afterwards, I will know whether to pursue you or not .I then send Batso molaetsa, ke kopa go bua le Ena on Saturday afternoon. I specifically told her it was very important. I asked her to go with me for drinks. That was the last kick of a dying horse

Kevin was talking from the heart; I could sense the desperation of finding me and declaring his love. I could see how much it meant for him, right there before his eyes, was the woman he thought he had lost. O ne a le genuine. I felt sad as he was telling me all that.

I said to him," Thank God that I went to Meredale and decided to call you last night. Now here we are, nothing and no one can ever stand between us. "

Kevin was laughing so hard to learn of the Don’t answer story, how I thought it was Kgosi. Batso playing match maker. The one that killed him was Richmond’s part in the play.

Yaa we went through a lot to find each other. There and then, we decided to put it all behind us, and official-ly declared that we are going to get to know each other better.

Nna le Kevin Ra jola. Aye ye ye.

I asked Kevin if he has told Batso about me already as, according to what he said, they were planning to go for their chat.

Nna: “Oh no Kevin, that phone call earlier, was it Batso? Reminding you about your meeting? Hence you had to leave?"

Kevin: "No shuga, that was my grandmother. I had to quickly go drop them somewhere, they are going to a church conference.

No, it was not Batso...True we had a meeting, but after you called me last night, I knew I didn't have to go dig information from Batso anymore, besides, I was not comfortable with that, but because of desperation, I was planning to. I don't like talking my business with my friend' younger sister. So this morning I smsed her saying we must cancel, something important came up, and that I will tell her later what is it.”

Nna: “O.k. Kevin, I haven't spoken to Batso about ever meeting you. I just couldn't say anything about it. I was hoping we'd hook up December and ne ke tla mo bolella the good news ka January. But after I thought you ditched me, I was embarrassed to say anything about you also be-cause she kept pushing me to date her brother. I couldn't tell her, that I wanted you not Kgosi. So please, let me be the one to tell her everything. Don't mention anything to her. Just come up with a story."

Kevin and I agreed that I will tell Batso the good news myself. Also tell her that Kgosi was look-ing out for Kev. He does not want me. I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when I tell her.

I just hope her “date” with her mystery man went well. Mm, I thought to myself, me and Batso have a lot to share on Monday. My meeting/ date with Kevin and her date with mystery man.

I was thinking of everything that Kevin was telling me and something He mentioned about his plans to get closer to Batso triggered my mind....

Wait a minute! Ema pele.....

Is Kevin the mystery man Batso was telling me about? No, it can’t be?

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