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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 109


DYGO 109
Days went by, everything was perfect, the kids were growing fine. Kevin and I took the kids umbilical stumps to Sebokeng where DaddyT and MamaT showed us how to bury them with the rest of their own families. 

As soon as we buried them, Mmatsale called me aside. She told me that she knows that I believe in God and all, but she asked me gore ke dire ka potlako re ise bana somewhere ba ba beye di tlhogwana. Thank God Kevin and I already discussed it before and we decided to let mamaT be the one who takes the kids to have those kids stuff done on them. Initially we were not going to do it, but Kgosi and Tsheoa advised us to do it because apparently they nearly lost their son due to those stuff. We prayed about it and made a decision to go ahead with it.

We arranged with MamaT that we will take the kids when she comes over for the month eo a tlo mpeyang setswetsi. I asked her to explain to me how it works and what was going to happen. She explained and assured me that everything will be ok and that the woman who was going to perform those things on the kids, has done that to all her kids and that she doesn’t use razor blades at all she only uses water and some traditional herbs.

Having mama to help me was the best decision ever. She let me rest as much as possible while she looked after the twins. Initially I would only wake up and feed them. She bathe them, changed their nappies, burp them , the works. Ka nnete, o ne a ntefisa. Kevin was complaining about me being lazy and letting mama do everything. He even told mama gore she must not be abused by me.

Mama told him she really enjoys looking after the kids. She was saying in three weeks she will be home and doesn't want to regret not spending as much time with batlogolo ba gagwe. Ele tota, nnete e e senang bana ba phefo . She will miss them so much when she's gone and I will have to be hands-on afterwards. He ended up admitting that I need all the strength and rest I could get, let mama spend as much time le batlogolo ba gagwe. I really wished she was there forever or she was at least staying 30 minutes away from us. Gore when it gets hectic ke mo late. The thought of her leaving soon, made me so sad. I was not looking forward to having Gruella here , in those coming weeks.

All family members came to see the twins. Kaho was getting bigger, turning into a yellow boned charmer boy. Abuti wa dikoti marameng. He was looking a lot like both of us. His features we a combination of Kevin and I. Kani was more and more taking Kev's complexion, dark chocolate beauty. She looked so much like me though, mama said that from few days re buile sepetlele. I even took out my baby album and compared us. Yooo, Obonolo ka sebele. Even every member of Dire's family said ke ipelege, a darker version of mini me.

Mama left end of May. It was such a sad goodbye. She was so used to being a hands on gram's. We also loved having her around. Home made cookies, cakes and freshly baked bread every now and then. Kevin called Ntate Motsamai, mom's new driver to come fetch her. She was really missing Rustenburg, go ya ka ena, ekete nkabo a ka tsamaya le mawelana. Anyway she knew she can always come for a visit.

Mme mmatsale arrived a week later. She had a funeral ya leloko la hae ko Lesotho. So we spend the whole first week of June alone. It was just DK, Kev ,myself and the kids. It was such a stretch, but we managed, DK was also helping. I couldn't wait for End of June, kokoberries' nanny was starting. Our nanny Mamorena Bohali ( aka Mamo) was due to start her nanny duties on Monday 28 June.

She and Kevin took the kids to Mmabana go beiwa ditlhogwana. All went well.

Mmatsale was just a darling, I must say she was better than I thought. She was smitten and softened by the twins. She spent more time with them, bathing ,feeding and singing for them. I must say, she was sweet as honey, and really loved her grandchildren. She was very good with kids as well.

It was as if someone warned her to draw the line and behave. She never complained nor criticize me. She just wanted to be with the twins. At some point she was encouraging Kevin to take me out. She told me to rest as much as I wanted, to go out to see friends, to go shopping, and even said I must go to gym while she was there to help me with the kids. Yoo I must say my mother in law was a totally different woman. She was very pleasant. Dk even asked me what did I do with MaNthabeleng aka gruella. Oh gruella is the name DK calls MamaTau.

When Dikengkeng first started working for Kevin and I, while staying at my house in Sunninghill, she told me that MamaTau always asked about me. If I was cooking for Kevin, if I was being good to her, if my family comes too often there, if blah blah. So she said she knows the kind of person she was. She was anticipating a war or hostile takeover by my mom in law.

Hai, Ka nnete o re swabisitse ele ka nnete. She was on her best behavior from day one. I must say I loved the woman she was . We really bonded. I guess the fact that she also gave birth to twins ( Thabiso and Rethabile ) she knew exactly the strain and challenges that comes with being a hands on mom and the support one needed. She was really very nice and warm. I got to love and appreciate her…After all o mpelegetse monna tlhe bathong. Ke rapela Modimo gore a remain as sweet as she has been with me and the kids.

The only thing matsale complained about was the colors in Kani's bedroom. She even offered to help me redecorate it with pink wallpapers, she was saying a baby girl's room is not girly without pink. I told her about the reason we kept the colors neutral.She said, then we didn't know, now here is the owner of the room, it needs to be changed. I was planning to redecorate it before their first birthday when each occupies their own rooms. I told her that it will be unfair for Kaho now, to sleep in a girly room.She agreed and insisted that whenever I was ready, I must let her know so that we can redecorate it together …

Mamo, the kids nanny finally arrived. She started on Monday before Mmatsale left. I wanted Mmatsale to scout and check her out. I know Mmatsale is a no nonsense taker, so her opinion about Mamo would be highly appreciated.

When we realized that we were preggos with twins,my husband suggested that we hire someone who will focus solely on the kids and everything else that has to do with them. He said that she can also help Dk whenever she's free. Dk will still focus on the house, laundry ya me le ya Kevin and cooking. Mamorena has been on a four months childcare course . Kevin didn't want to take chances with the kids. So he insisted that we pay for her course before she can start. She has been attending the course since the birth of the twins. So she will be spending the coming month with me, ke mo lebella gore o dira sentle le bana naa?.

I took 5 months maternity leave.One month before birth and three months with the help of mama and MamaTau, so my last month I will be spending less time with the kids, preparing them for when I go back to work and also monitoring Mamo.
Its been a week since she started, and so far she seems very good. Mmatsale also gave thumbs up ka ena. She said ekete o hantle and seemed to know how to look after the kids. So I was confident about how she was caring for the kids.

MamaTau was packing her stuff, ready to leave us and the kids. She was so sad to leave, so as everyone but since she was not too far away, she promised to visit.She left on Saturday 4th July. It was indeed another sad moment because we were getting along very well. I was really used to having her around.

All our friends visited us. The Kokoberries were really being spoiled. They were showered with loads of gifts. Hai l was embracing motherhood and I was loving it so much.

With Mamo around I was able to juggle both motherhood, work and my marriage. Kevin was really busy with business and work and also being a great father to the twins . Yes most times he was away but he was really trying shame!

We were planning a road trip with the twins . Just the four of us. We were really looking forward to it…

It was Friday 24 September, Kev and I together with our babies were going to Durban for the weekend.We were going to celebrate the kids' 6 months birthday and Kevin's 35 birthday. We were going to start feeding the kids solid food ,as birthday treat. We were so excited.The kids brought so much joy in our lives. Dk packed for us, Mamo packed for the kids. We loaded everything we would need .We were ready to go.

The very first long distance trip with the kokoberries. Kev wa driving most of the time, I was sitting at the back, in between the kids. Now and then I was helping him with the driving while he also attended to the kids. Durban was fun and fabulous. We had the best weekend with the kids.

You, Me And Twins Makes Four.

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