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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 118


DYGO 118
I don’t know what time I slept or what time Kevin came home, I felt him sleeping besides me. I woke up and checked the time; it was 4:00 in the morning. Kevin smelled like a bottle store. O ne a nkga bojalwa. The way he was so drunk, He got in bed with his clothes and shoes on. 

I tried to wake him up to undress and sleep properly inside the sheets. He was poop drunk. I took off his shoes, and pulled out his denim and unbuttoned his shirt and threw them on the floor and went back to sleep. I cancelled the reminder for the Sunday alarm; I wasn't going to church today. I had to talk to this man sleeping next to me. He has gone out of order these past two days.

I woke up around 9:30, Kevin was nowhere in bed nor in our bedroom. I prayed that he was not gone. I needed to talk to him. I woke up as quickly as possible, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to check for him.

Thank goodness he was at the kitchen, fixing some breakfast. I remembered that I didn't prepare supper last night so maybe he came home and found dipitsa di le empty. I didn't even care; I had eaten by Omo's.

Nna: "morning papabanake"
Lavo: "morning shugaboo"
Nna: "something smells Devine, what's for breakfast Lavo?"
Lavo: "It’s the usual, bacon, cheese ,eggs and tomato. Would you like it with brown bread or white?"
Nna: "Any one is fine. Thanks"
Lavo: "Ok, mam, coming right up. Dining room or Garden?"
Nna: "Garden is fine"

Hmmm the food looked and smelled divine. Oh did I eve tell you that my husbee was good in the kitchen as well? Yes, most times whenever DK was off, he'd surprise me with home cooked meals or whenever we decided to have some quality time, we would go shopping and he would ask me to prepare veggies for him and ask me to just sit, watch and learn when he half nakedly dressed in an apron and cooking up a storm. The thought of those moments in time almost brought tears to my eyes. I remembered how close and madly smitten we were. How spending time with him was done effortlessly. How every free time we'd get would be spend together, just the two of us. What changed now? I shrugged off the thoughts.

We went and had our breakfast outside in the garden. He was making small talk and I was engaging with him. He asked about the kids and all. We finished our breakfast and I took the dishes to the kitchen. When I went back to the garden, Kevin was on his phone. He was walking towards the end of the pool, talking. He was too soft; I was not able to hear the conversation. As soon as he turned around and saw me, He cut the call and came back. I thought, hmmm, Mr. big shot thinks he is on cloud nine. I didn't have my phone with me, so I deliberately thought I would ask him to borrow me his phone ke founele Omo to check gore ba robetse jang. Then try to go through his phone in front of him to test level of secrecy.

He sat down opposite me. We were facing each other; I was looking at him, deep inside disgusted by him. He was seating there as if everything was ok. He was good at covering up. Right in front of me, stood a stranger. I could not recognize him at all. I saw lies and deception written all over him. I thought, hai, maybe I was being too hard on him and paranoid. Maybe my husband was as innocent as he looked. I stopped thinking negative thoughts about him.

We were quite for a few seconds and I broke the ice.

Nna: "So Lavo, how was your weekend? You are expensive to be found hey?"
Lavo:" Hau Bobo, hobaneng o cho joalo? You of all people know that I'm a very busy business man. I have to make money for us my dearest. No time for sleep."
Nna: "is that so my Lavo?"
Lavo: "Eya Mofumahadi Tau, e joalo taba ena."
Nna: “If you say so my Lavo. Oh can I please use your phone, I need to phone Omo, ke tlhole gore bana ba hantle naa?"

I said that, already pulling it from where it was. He looked at me with eyes that said, No. But I took it. Ke rile ke re ke a dialer, gatlha thu le password. I looked at him. He just extended his hand to take the phone back. I don’t know if he was taking it away from me or he wanted to put the password. I pulled it back towards me, ensuring that he doesn’t take it.

Nna: "what is the password for this phone Lavo?"

He point blank refused to put or tell me the password. My heart pounded.
He just looked at me, his face changing from warm and fresh to being ticked off. I don't know what happened; I was just too shocked . I was focusing on his expression when he quickly grabbed the phone from my hand.

Well well well.. what are we hiding in the phone Mr Tau?

I stood up, went to where he was sitting, trying to take the phone back. We literally fought for the phone.
Kevin was very tough, so I failed dismally on wrestling with him.

Lavo: What’s your problem Obonolo?"

Yooo, my husband just called me Obonolo. I was shocked. I looked at him. He was now furious. He even said, I should fetch my phone and use it to phone my sister. Modimo wa batshedi. What was wrong with this man with secrets? All of a sudden?

Nna: "since you don't want me to know your secret passwords, put it in o mfe founo ke tlhole bana. I can't go so far to get my phone whereas you are here with a a phone. That’s insane."

Just as he was inputting the password, I had a plan. I planned to call Omo then ran upstairs, lock myself in the bedroom and go through the things he was keeping away from me.

He scrolled to Omo's number, and literally dialed the number. He then handed me his phone. I spoke to Omo, and walked back a few steps, trying to plan the distance I will have to run and how fast I will have to run. Kevin is an active sportsman, so I should plan this careful or he will catch me before I could even get to the sliding door.

I was still talking to Omo when he stood up and came right beside me. Hai, my plan was disrupted. I won’t be able to run. He will definitely catch me.

I said goodbye to Omo and hang up. Just when I remove the phone from my ear, his hand was already reaching for the phone. I thought this man o ntlwaela hampe. I pushed him aside and pressed the phone so that it doesn't lock, and I ran faster towards the sliding door. I realized that he was following me, I went straight to the guest bathroom, and locked myself inside. I sat down on the toilet seat.

I was excited that I managed to escape with the phone. I thought, now I would be able to go through the phone, peacefully and quietly. All messages ,emails, whatsapp, the works. First place I checked was call register as it was still open. I checked the incoming calls, There was Bobowapeloyaka, Kgosi, Nyiko, Sheryl , and some unsaved numbers.

I remembered that earlier on Kevin was on his phone, so definitely, he didn't receive that call because all incoming calls were yesterdays. It seemed he made that call instead. I thought, let me go check the outgoing calls, surely if he made the call, I would see the person or number he called.

Kaaboom, there was too many dialed numbers tsa Sheryl . The 1st call was few minutes ago. Yes, it made sense. All those dodgyness, him answering his phone so far away and hanging up as soon as he saw me…So, who is Sheryl ? Must be the name behind all this nonsense going on. Kevin has never mentioned a colleague with that name, so why was he constantly calling her?

Kevin kept knocking and banging the bathroom door. I ignored him. I needed something more. E rile ke re ke lebelela di messages, ka thola hore, they are password protected. I tried Whatsapp, Emails, every channel required a password. I looked for something to write Sheryl's numbers, I could not find anything. I was really bad with memorizing phone numbers, so I did look at the last numbers and opened the door. My attempts were very unfruitful.

Kevin was not at the door. So I called upon him. He didn't answer. I went upstairs to look for him, he was taking a shower. I got in the bedroom and put his phone on the dressing table. I peeped on the shower door and told him that his password protected phone was there. He didn't look worried because he knew I could not go through his phone.

I was hurt beyond words. I felt like I was not getting anywhere with playing detective. I needed concrete proof.

This was a serious red flag. Years prior, my husband would never been secretive about passwords on his phone, email, and Facebook. We shared phones, email accounts, cellphone accounts and also our internet banking account password openly. Now here I was, with the husband that has changed his protocol and he was secretive about stuff. I thought this was alarming. It might be worth taking a closer look at. I really must do something.

I went back downstairs and tidy up. I had more questions and the suspense was growing bit by bit.

I went back upstairs to take a shower. Kev was dressing up in his closet. I entered the room. He was a bit offish towards me, I could see from his body language.I never wanted to discuss the barbie stuff until I had my proof but right there I knew I could not wait for proof, it was starring right in my face.

Nna: "who is she Lavo?"

He turned and faced me. He didn't even seem surprised. He hesitated to answer my question. I stood there, waiting for an answer, which I doubt I was going to get. I rephrased my question.

Nna: "Is she worth you losing your family? Nkarabe Kevin! hmm.... Is she that important to you?"
Kev: " What are you talking about?"
Nna: "Don’t insult my intelligence tuu. Do not take me for a fool any longer. I am not stupid."
Kev: "I am not taking you for a fool Shuga; I was simply asking you a question."
Nna: " Mamela Mona Ntate, this is not the time for you to be asking me questions. I'm the one who is asking you, seeing that you are busy tearing our family apart le bo-Sheryl?"

Kev: "Oh ke ka moo o batlang go e turner ka teng? You decided to invade my privacy and because you didn't get anything to accuse me of. You went and got the little you think you got and you come here and ask me manyala ano? Chee, I am not going to give you that satisfaction. As far as I'm concerned I did nothing wrong, you did."

Ooh bravo! He was just going to stand there and turn this around on me? Accusing me of being the trouble maker? Hell no, today he was not going to get past this one. He was going to give me what I wanted. I thought.

Nna: "wa tseba Lavo, You forced me to open my eyes this weekend. I was too blind to see through you. O bua ka privacy kajeno? Have you forgotten that you lost that privacy when you signed that marriage certificate? Oh, or you were not signing up for that?

Look. I don't want to waste your time, maybe you have to go back to your very important privacy. Just answer my questions and I will leave you alone. Or you prefer that I call her myself and find out hore ke mang?

I must have said something that scared him. He suddenly gave me full attention. His facial expression changed from looking arrogant to being scared. Wow, is it the last part that got him? Obviously he was thinking about my statement and he realized that I knew too much.

Kev:" Shuga, let’s sit and talk about this. Ke a bona you got it all wrong. There is no need for you to be calling anyone here. I will answer your questions."

Nna: "Chee, I changed my mind. Ha ke sa batla go utlwa anything from you. As far as you are concerned, you don’t owe me no explanation, why now? O hlotswe ke go nkaraba. I will find everything out myself. Everything that you are trying to hide from me will come out in the light. Don't worry. Carry on with your plans to go be with batho ba gago ba ba botlhokwa. I'm not going to sit here and listen to more lies. I have her number ( lying to get some reaction), she will give me the answers that you failed to give me when I asked.

Kev: "I would not lie. Please listen to what I want to tell you"

Suddenly he was ready to tell me whatever. Yoo Sheryl must be very important to my husband. Why did I scare him so much when I say I would contact her? O tshaba gore ke seka ka letsetsa motho wa gagwe because o a tseba she might give me what I want. So he wanted to block me with lies or protect his mistress from me. I thought, let me hear him out.

Kev: "You want to know hore ke mang Sheryl? Ok I will tell you.

Yoo I stood still, not expecting him to give in so easily, let alone to tell me the truth bout the Barbie doll he was seen with on Friday afternoon. My palms were sweaty. I shoved my hands deep into my back pockets and exhaled hard. I sucked in a slow breath. There were no words to describe the way I felt.

I nodded as I went and turned off the shower that was running; I must say I was scared of what I was going to hear. I was not sure how I felt and whether I was ready to find out. I came back to where I was standing. Kev was also still standing where I left him. I went a little bit closer and folded my arms. I looked at him; he was not showing any signs of guilt or innocence, he was just plain. I said; Go on, I'm listening.

Kev: " Sheryl is my ex colleague. I have known her way back when I was working at Vereeniging. Her aunt worked with me. She used to come to our offices after school, waiting for her aunt. She was just a little girl back then, so curious and eager to know stuff. She used to come to our workshop and observed how we worked. When I finally resigned from Vereeniging office, we lost contact. I bumped into her mid 2008, when I was dropping off Olefile at res.

We spoke briefly and exchanged contacts. She was doing Third year at Vaal Tech. She told me about her aunt's passing and that she needed temporary employment ka di weekends to make ends meet since aunty wa hae a ne a tlhokahetse. She was now a breadwinner. I told her I will try to help her. She was studying Financial Administration, so I spoke to our HR at Vereeniging office if she could help. She was given an opportunity to work part-time. We have been in touch and she has been very grateful for what I did. After the wedding when we changed our numbers, I deleted her numbers, and I never heard from her till early this past year. She went to our Vereeniging offices and someone gave her my new numbers and she contacted me. She left the job ya ko Sasol. She has been hustling to make ends meet. We are just good friends, nothing more. Happy now?

Mmm, it seems authentic, I thought. But if Kevin was helping a poor breadwinner, how come I didn't know about her all this time? If he wanted to help her, why didn’t he ask me for help? For crying out loud, I work for a financial institution and I have contacts with other financial partners. I could have also been helpful to her. No, this was just a cover up. There was more to the story and the Sheryl character than my husband was not letting out. If he was being just helpful to her, why was he driving to Hammanskraal le ena, behind my back?

Nna: "So you are not just her guardian angel and a Good Samaritan you are also her chauffeur?"
Kev: " Ha ke tlhaloganye, what do you mean?”

Nna: " I mean you drove her to or should I rephrase and say, you drove with her to Hammanskraal on Friday afternoon while I was waiting for you mo ntlung?"

Kev: “O tsibile joang ka taba eno, how did you find out? Are you stalking me"

Ooh Really now Kevin

DYGO 118 cont.

Oh hell no. He just didn’t ask me such a stupid question. How arrogant, cocky and self-important does he think he was? Asking me that nonsense? Why will I stalk him? Why does he feel that I was stalking him? I shook my head in disbelief. This man in front of me had such a nerve. 

Nna: "Ooh was it supposed to be a secret athe? Well that is not important; I have my ways of finding out hidden stuff. I don't have time to waste stalking you. The God that I pray and serve has His ways of revealing things to me. How I found out is none of your business, Wena just answer my question. I know more than you are letting out. You know that Friday you drove Sheryl to Hammanskraal. So my question is, why and for what reason were you playing chauffeur to your girlfriend?"

Kev: "Hau MmaTau, she is my girlfriend now?

Nna: “Can you answer me, and stop asking me questions instead?uto? You'll ask me questions later.

His face changed and he realized that I was dead serious. He even laughed, thinking I was bluffing. I shrugged my shoulders. I was not about to entertain his stupid questions. I needed to know if it was true he drove her to Temba.

Kev:" Ok, Eya ke mo file lift maoba. Her car went for service, and she had to go home to see her mom. She called me a le Taxi rank, a njoetsa hore ha ikutlwe hantle. Since I was still around Vereeniging, I told her I will give her a lift till Joburg and she would catch a ride home ko Noord. After I picked her up, she was getting worse along the road, I just didn't feel right just dropping her ko Noord, I insisted on taking her to Hammanskraal."

Nna: “WOW, you insisted? You insisted to take some random girl to Hammanskraal, and you could not bother to phone me and tell me all that? Ka nnete, she is that important neh? You will do anything for her neh? You will rather lie , reject and hurt my feelings over her?”

This was interesting. Ka nnete Sheryl o botlhokwa ha ka kang! Nna ke tla boniwa? Karabello Tau o sebete ka nnete.

I continued..

Nna: “This makes sense, she is very important to you. I know you well to know that you would not risk hurting or disappointing me if whatever the cause was not that important. So it is clear to me that she took precedence over our date, over our family time. Only if she wasn't that important, you would not have insisted to drive her that far without letting me know. So it is just crystal clear how much she means to you. I get it my Lavo, I realized this weekend that I am no longer your priority. People like Sheryl are now ranking high on your most urgent and important list.”

Lavo: "You are being insensitive and unreasonable, poor girl needed help, whereas you were home safe."

No he just didn't. He just didn’t make such a statement. My husband just did not compare me with his girlfriend. I really hope he just didn't expect me to feel sorry for someone I didn't know. Someone I had never heard of before, someone who was stealing from me and my kids, someone who was trying to get my husband to pity and hand out jobs, and money to her. Despite the ring on his finger, she could not think of his family. She was just too happy to be taken on a cruise to Hammanskraal …While we were left stranded. Why must I feel sorry for her? No flipping way. Poor girl? Gaah

Nna: "I hope you are not comparing me to that thing of yours. I am entitled to demand everything from you, be it petty or something bigger. I and your kids should take priority over anything else. I don't care what. Your life is tied to us, not your floozies. You and I had plans for the weekend, yet they didn't seem important to you. You rather lie and sneak out to drive her to Hammanskraal, and talk to me like thrash, telling me you are tired and that we have to cancel our plans. For what Kevin? For her? Now you call me insensitive and unreasonable? What about you? What are you?

I was really getting mad, angry and hurtful, I was starting to cry. My voice was shaking. Ke ne ke nagana ka tsela e monna wa me a ntshwereng ka yona because of a girl.

I continued.

Nna: " If taking her home was that important, hobaneng o sa leka ho ntetsetsa o njwetsa ka your plans? If it was not dodgy as it seemed to me? Why the lies Kevin? Ke eng se se kana se o se fumanang ho yena, that is so better gore o be o hlope ena over me. She must mean so much to you. For you to choose taking her home than spend quality time with your wife. The very time that I had to force and beg you to spare for us, so that we could bond. It’s not every weekend I ask you to spend time with me. I took the kids to Omo and gave our helpers time off so that we could reconnect, just this one weekend, and you stand there telling me that I was insensitive? Was that too much to ask Kevin? Couldn't your poor girl wait for a taxi or arrange with other people to take her home? Couldn't you tell her that you had important plans with your wife and that she should make alternative plans?

"Are you sleeping with her?"

Yooo ke ne ke cha ke tuka. Ke khenne ho feta tekanyo. I was not even thinking clearly. I just blatantly asked him that question and I needed the answer. He was shocked and embarrassed by it. He raised his left hand and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and tried to come closer to me, I took a step back so that he doesn't touch me. I was disgusted by him.
Wait a minute, Kevin was not wearing his wedding ring…Holly molly. What the freakadel is going on here? For how long has he been without it? Yaa neh, I must be a very foolish woman, I cant even remember when last did I see my husband with his ring?

Kevin disturbed my trail of thoughts and questions ….

Lavo: " Shuga, please, theola moya tlhe moratuwa, please just calm down you are just working yourself up for nothing. Please don't think like that. You know I love you and our kids; I would not do anything to jeopardize that. Please forgive me for putting you second. I was wrong. Please forgive me, intshwarele Mofumahadi Tau."

Nna:" it’s easy for you to say that I am working myself up; you just don't get it Kevin. You have brought a third party into our lives and you expect me to believe it’s nothing more than friendship? No, I really don't trust that. I feel you are not being truthful about your relationship with her. Something tells me it's more than that. Why else would you lie to me? Why else have you stopped being intimate with me, why else do you come back home every Friday and Saturday tired? Why else did you come home drunk, two consecutive days and not bothered to explain to me why? On Friday, you even told me that you messed up and that you don't know how to fix whatever and that I also can't help you? O entse eng Kevin? What is it that you are not telling me? Tell me maan Kevin. What are you keeping away from me? What did you do that you said money can’t fix?"

Lavo: "I swear there is nothing. True I have been overwhelmed by work and I have been harsh to you and neglecting you, but I swear there is nothing going on between Sheryl and I. We are just friends. As for other explanation or answers to my drunkenness, I am really dealing with something that I will share with you . I asked you to give me some time and I promise I will be ready to talk about it. Please trust me on that."

Nna: Is that the part where you are asking me to put our marriage on hold and not be told other stuff? Just Trust you and wait for you to talk? Well I guess I cannot force you to open up to me. Maybe you are sharing those stuff with your new friend. Wow Lavo: "just friends Kevin? Does she know you are married? Does she? Since you don't wear your wedding ring? Does she know you and her are just friends? Does she? And where is your wedding band Ntate Tau?"

Lavo: "Ao Shuga, ke e tsotse a while ago. E ya mpinyella, ha ke tsebe ho sebetsa ka yona. I thought I told you. I don’t know if I gained weight on my fingers or what. But it was hurting me and I decided to take it off. Off course Shuga, Sheryl knows that I am married.

No freaking way will I forget such an important thing about my husband. He was plain lying to me. He has never told me anything about a ring that was too tight for him. I would remember that. I would have suggested that he get it enlarged or better yet, buy a new one. I do not believe in married man who never wore their rings yet expects their wives, actually demand their wives to wear theirs daily. Worse I knew how he feels whenever I can take mine off and forget to wear it. He gets so so personal with me. One time I forgot it and went to school, yoo, he drove all the way to Wits to bring my ring, So I was not buying the I thought I told you bullcrap. My husband was really out of order. His lies were just too much to handle. Nor wonder bo Sheryl ba iketsetsa fela. To them they see a free agent nje.

Nna: "Lavo, I know nothing about you taking off your wedding ring. I swear you never told me. I would have not been so shocked to see your hand so naked. Anyway, is she happy to be friends with a married man?

Lavo: Ka hongwe o lebetse dear. I know I told you. What is your question?

Nna: Well let’s agree to disagree ka taba ya ring. My question is, are you telling me you are not having an affair with Sheryl, and that she knows you are a married family man? Ooh and she is very clear that you are just friends?

Lavo: I am not having an affair with her. . Eya, o a tseba hore we are just friends. She has a boyfriend."

Nna: …and you think that the fact that she has a boyfriend is supposed to make me feel better? Or it might prevent her to want you or stop you to have an affair with her? E re ke ho jwetse, it is even worse!. O kena kena ho kae le basadi ba batho ba bangwe? Does her boyfriend or husband know about your friendship? And the fact that you have been such a Good Samaritan offering his girlfriend or wife lifts and jobs and God knows what else? Does he know?

Lavo: " Empa ntho tse dingwe ha ke no di tseba, how am I supposed to know if her boyfriend knows? It’s between them. Nna ha ke kene moono. It’s none of my concern nor business .

Nna: "Is that so Tau? If that was between them, how did you find yourself in-between them? She is not your responsibility at all. She has a boyfriend who is supposed to be worried about her wellbeing and safety. You were not supposed to be driving another man’s woman to Hammanskraal. If ka nnete ha o di kene, you should have asked her to call him. You are a married man. If you ever find out that I was so sick at work or wherever and that some guy decided to take me home without your permission or knowledge, how will you feel?

Lavo: Obviously I won’t feel good about it and certainly I wont appreciate it. But you are right, you are my wife, and she is just his girlfriend. Besides I offered, she didn’t force me.

Nna: Wow, Kevin Tau . Stop right there….playing defense to poor friend! What is the difference between someone being a wife and a girlfriend? To me, the same “I wont feel good feelings” will apply to both. Meaning, Sheryl’s boyfriend wont appreciate a married man playing good Samaritan and chauffer to his girlfriend. Married or not. And for the mere fact that you wont like it, I also don’t appreciate my husband playing maxi taxi or mageza to other man’s girlfriends.

Lavo: Well, being married means you have a right to your partner. Being boyfriend and girlfriend doesn’t give each right over another..

Nna: Yaa neh, That is so nice…Sheba mona..Ho lokile hee. Ere ke ho jwetse, since I have a right over you, ke hloka hore o nneye nomoro ya ngwanana enwa, ke tsebe ho mo letsetsa ke mo jwetse hore ha ke thabele segotse sa lona. I also need her to know that she has no place in our marriage equation. The last time I checked, you did not have female friends and I did not have male friends. You and I were each other’s best friends. So if nothing is going on between you and her, and fact that you helped her find a job, then ha re mo hloke jwale, ha o mo hloke mo bophelong ba hao, you really don’t need her. I am pretty sure she doesn’t need you especially because she has a boyfriend. I need to tell her to find herself a new male friend.

Lavo: " Aowa mme, ha ke bone ho hlokahala hore ebe wena wa mo letsetsa. It is really unnecessary. I will personally call her and end our friendship. Ke pheto ke tuu."

Nna: " No, I want to do it now hore ke be le closure, kapa ha e baneng ha o batle nna ke mo letsetse, ho betere, o letse hang hang, re tsebe go kwaela taba ee. Mo letsetse hona jwale. Go ahead, take the phone and call her. And put her on speaker. I need to hear her response.”

Kevin shook his head, more like refusing to give me Sheryl’s numbers and or calling her in front of me. I pushed and pushed but he did not want to do it. So it was clear they are not just friends. He was protecting her. I asked him over and over if they have ever crossed the line, kissed or slept together. He kept saying they have not. I didn't trust his answers and him anymore. It turned out that my husband has turned into a pathological liar. He was able to lie about a lot of things in only one weekend, what else was he hiding? I asked him for his account passwords. He said he would sit with me re bule everything together. I told him I want to take a shower first, then we can sit and go through whatever that was locked on his laptop. I really was not buying his story. I'm definitely going to continue with my investigations. I needed to be sure of what I was told. I needed to find out the real truth. Until then, I won’t trust him.

He went on apologizing, promising to be a better husband and father and prioritize us. He was sorry for the pain he caused blah blah. We changed our topic and focused on the twins' upcoming birthday party in a week and a half time. Almost everything was ready. I told him that I took leave from the 20th March and asked him to also put leave. Both our parents were coming only two days before the party. He said he will see what he can do ka taba ya Leave.

We chatted long about him working every weekend while he had Mringo there full time. We decided that he will only go to MAKOOTA one weekend in a month or when there was emergency. I told him we need to spend time together. He was agreeing to everything that I was suggesting, I don't know if it was guilt or what. I just thought re tla bona o tla keeper his promises naa. Ka he sentse ele master of lies. Kevin has really shaken up our marriage. I decided that from now on, I am going to question and guard him 24/7. He brought this to himself; He had to watch his back, because one thing for sure, I will be watching him. There is no smoke without fire, and there can never be fire without someone holding a lighter to put on the fire. Unfortunately he was holding the match box that caused the fire, that blow out a heavy dark smoke that was polluting our marriage

I immediately decided hore, if nka ya ho tlhapa pele, he will have enough time to tamper with evidence, so why not now? I can always take a bath or shower afterwards..

Yeah there is no time like the present moment....If my husband is not lying to me, then I should not worry about what I might found , or better yet, He should not be worried to give me all his passwords or access to his accounts. akere!

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