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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 92


Stranger: Dumela matlho madala, o reng fela?

Nna: well apart from me almost bumping you, literally, I'm fine wena? 

He said he was just so so. Knowing him, so so ya gagwe meant, Is kaka but alright.

He stood up and held me up. He then opened his arms to give me a hug, I went closer, ka tsetsepela and we hugged. I broke the hug and stood straight. I felt guilt rushing through my body, why did I even hug him. I was supposed to be mad at him; I was supposed to hate his guts and to curse the sight of him.

But there I was, feeling none of those but excitement to see him. I snapped very quickly out of those thoughts.

You really love this place neh? Maybe you should move to Hyde-Park once and for all, I said. He said he come here after a while. He said he can't move again. It’s hard work. He continued complaining about challenges of moving houses blah blah...

I looked at him, with shock, and asked him When? And To where?
He said, it was not something he wanted to do, more like he was given ultimatums, and was forced at gunpoint to move. He went on saying he loved his kids so much to risk being separated from them as they were the most important thing in that relationship. And that there was nothing he would not do for them. Even if he had to move house and be far away from the Life, friends and family he cared for. He bought a house in Sunninghill

Nna: Oh that explains me bumping into your wife sometime last year. I wondered what she was doing ko spar. Oh, from Pretoria North to Sunninghill, that's nice. So what are you doing here alone on a Friday afternoon?

Stranger: I could ask you the same.”

He asked me hore O kae monna wa me? And How was married life? He even said he should not ask because I still looked beautiful as ever, I was glowing and even picked up a bit of weight, at the right places off course.

He continued saying my husband was doing a good job taking good care of me. He tried to reach for my hand, I pulled them back and folded them.

I quickly answered, telling him about how I have never been this happy in my life. How my life was fulfilled and how my husband lived to make me happy, and how I couldn't have chosen a better soul mate than my other half. I was bragging like that.

Stranger: “Oh well, I’m happy for you. You two deserve each other. I will never stop regretting ever letting you go. But anyway, we both moved on. Atleast one of us, found their happily ever after, while the one seems to be paying for the wrong deeds of his past.”

He said with a heavy heart. I wondered what he meant by his statement, but I was not about to ask him. I looked at him, he was still handsome, but his hazelnut eyes looked dull, they were filled with sadness. He looked really miserable. My heart broke for him. Yes, although our relationship didn't end well, I still cared about him. He was my first. Yes, it was Richmond Phalane Dikgale.

Apart from the sadness in his eyes, he looked more handsome. I don’t know if I was supposed to be mad or angry or embarrassed, but I was actually happy to have bumped into him. I don't know why, but, I was not angry at him.

I always wondered gore motsing re kopana, how was I going to react especially given our last encounter at my wedding. I was surprised that I even gave him a hug. Well, gatwe di dupyana marago ga di tswane. Mo go kileng ga bo go ema metsi a pula, there will always be some, should it rain again. Yoo that must be true, to some extent though.

I dismissed my wicked thoughts and thought, Arg, nna le ena we just love to hate each other though…besides, whatever happened at my wedding was long forgiven and forgotten. I must say, I was mesmerized by the tall person standing in front of me.

Ke utlwile ke setse ke mmotsisa gore what was eating him up, he looked so unhappy.

Rich: Are you rushing elsewhere? If not, can we talk ? Half an hour? I will give you a briefing about my unhappiness.

I thought, well, I have to wait for the sneaker shop guys to call me, so, why not, it was just an innocent and reasonable request. I thought, we just going to sit down and talk, besides it was 17:10 I was not going to do anything elsewhere, I was just pushing time till 17:50, to go back to the sneaker shop, which was closing off at 18:00, then from there.

I would rush home to prepare myself for our intimate dinner that I reserved at Montecasino's La Scala restaurant.
I decided to call them on my way to Hyde-Park, making reservation for two. I decided I was taking Husbee there for his birthday at 19h30 . Kevin was a sucker for Italian food, so he will have fun at La Scala.

Nna: “No, I'm not in a rush, I could spare half an hour”

Rich: “Ohk, there's a coffee shop across, let’s go sit there, pointing to where the food emporium was.

We went there; a lady came with menus and left us to decide what we were having. Rich ordered a Latte and I ordered cappuccino. I asked the lady for blueberry muffin with cheese. Yoo nna le Dijo bathong, re ne re le metswalle e meholo tota. Rich just smiled at me.

Rich went on telling me about how his relationship has turned sour, how Kedi has changed and became this bitter, reckless spender, demanding and controlling. How she doesn’t want his son Warona to visit them. Baby mama drama with regarding to Warona staying with Portia’s sister in Alberton and how unhappy he said he was to the extend that he refuse to go back to her after every school holidays..blah blah.. Problems.

How Warona was unhappy where he was staying and wanted to stay with him.

Shame he seemed so drained from all that was happening around him. The other thing that perhaps was hurting him more was when he mentioned that his son wrote him a letter contemplating to kill himself if he doesn’t fetch him from where he was currently staying and how his mom Portia was forcing him to call her sister’s husband “papa” so that they can continue staying with him. Apparently the letter was too detailed and sad.

Rich said she confronted Portia about the letter and she denied everything, claiming that Warona was just acting up and wanting to stay with him and Kedi and their two kids. Rich asked Portia to let the kid come stay with him but she refused. Apparently Rich was paying Portia R6000 monthly maintenance.

Rich has ever since been worried about Warona. He said he didn’t see him ever since that time he gave him the letter and now he was worried about him and worse, he doesn’t even no gore where in Alberton does his son stay.

Yooo his dilemmas were too much shame. But there was nothing I could help him with. I just sat there and listened to him. I asked him why doesn’t he force Portia to atleast give him address ya kwa ausi wa gagwe a dulang teng and he can go and visit Warona?

He said Portia has been ignoring his calls and Kedi has been refusing him to go to Sosha. Apparently his family has distanced themselves from him because Kedi o rogile mme wa gagwe and his siblings and messed Rich’s relationship with them.
Yooo, that was a story and a half.

My heart bled for him. No parent should be separated from their kid’s tlhe, nor matter what.
I told him I was really sorry to hear his dilemma. It was quite a tricky, tough and sensitive issue. I couldn't begin to imagine how this must be doing to him. As for his wife, I must say I was not surprised.

Shame maan. How did Kedi turned to be such a person? I was disappointed. Baby mama, Portia ena, she looked like just a dodgy gold digger. She was milking money from Rich in the name of Warona. Hai Portia was just a witch who was all about money, who thought if ever Rich could take Warona, she will lose the free R6000 she gets monthly. Mara basadi ba bangwe ba ntse jaang? To turn so devious mara? What kind of a mother would put their own child through so much for financial gain? And to just dump you child with your relatives and still claim for maintenance from their father that you do use for your own needs and neglect their own child?

It was clear Warona mo a dulang teng o ne a sa itumela, hence his attempts to leave, and stay with his father and stepmom Kedi , little sister and brother. Unfortunately step mom could not let that happen, she seemed to have turned into a mini devil that can't be a mother figure to her husband's child?

I hurt for the child more than anything else. But, unfortunately I couldn't do anything. Kedi o kopane le Rich a ntse a nale ngwana, why was she being difficult to stay with him? Yooo, Rich was very soft I guess.

Yoo, I thought to myself, for a change a man was complaining about his relationship…Mmm We can’t go around bashing men or women , thinking they are all the same. People change when they get married. Cases and situations are different. You get those crazy woman and man, and then you get those sweet woman and man. Yaaaa, you just have to hope you pick the right ones hey. Listening to Rich, I thought, for a change ka nnete let the table turns, let man get the taste of the bitter medicine they give us woman. Ba ke ba tshware bothata like some woman does..( I am just kidding )

Jokes aside, it was sad to hear the toughness and roughness of life from a broken man’s perspective for a change. I felt sorry for Rich. Here was a man who wanted to be with his own kids, love and protect them, but couldn’t because the woman in his life are just plain devious..Whereas somewhere around the world another man has neglected his kids, wants nothing to do with them, could not care whether they ate or not. Shame. Life is just a vicious circle indeed.
I thought of my own sister Tsitsi who has been forced by her husband and in-laws to care for Rendani's illegitimate son, the one who was the product of his cheating. She had to be a woman enough and she was raising that boy as if He was her own flesh. You won’t know Unarine was not Tsitsi’s son, the way a mo tlhokometseng sentle ka teng. Go reng Kedi a ka palelwa ke go compromiser , just for the innocent child’s sake?

Jooo. I must say, I could not believe Kedi of all people would treat her husband’s child like that, meanwhile she was raised by her stepfather. Any way, it was none of my business ka nnete.

As for Portia, I had no respect for her and all women like her. Using their child as a pawns in their money making schemes was cruelty at its best. I wish there could be a law against their practice to arrest all women doing that. Woman who uses their kids should be arrested, plain and simple. They are cruel.

Hai, I felt sorry for Rich, he really knows how to pick them, excluding myself (hahahaha). All the woman he dated seems crazy. Portia, Thato and Kedi. Haai.

I looked at the time, it was now 17h45, our 30 minutes catch up e fedile, besides, ditaba tse ke fetsang go di utlwa, di ntletse mala
Time was running fast. I sympathized with Rich and wished him well.

Rich paid the bill and we left the coffee shop. It looked like we were heading back to the same entrance.
Just as we were about to say our goodbyes; He asked for my new numbers.

Why a batla di contact numbers tsa me?

Nna le ena we can’t be chit chatting ….I don’t want to open a can of worms di ituletse kgakala le nna…

What do I say or do? Do I just say NO or should I just give him my numbers?

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