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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 37


I smiled, yooo re tswa kgakala nna le abuti oo tlhe…It has been such a beautiful journey indeed.

Kevin placed his hand mo seropeng sa me, and shook me..

Kev: "A Dollar for your thoughts? 

I laughed, joooo, ka nnete, a dollar for my thoughts, I was really far away tlhe..

Kev: “Bobo, you seem so far away. What is occupying your thoughts Shuga?”

He disturbed my trail of thoughts about how we met, the events leading to us finally getting to this moment, our wedding day. I snapped out of it as I parked the car by Aviantos visitors parking. I got out of the car and met Kevin as we went inside the venue.

Nna: “This place has changed a lot from what it was 6 years ago neh?”

I said. Admiring the view. Kevin agreed that it has changed.

Kevin: "Remember this is where we met? Who would have thought, you and I will seal our love at a place where it all began?"

Nna: " I did, I thought so that day when Nkagi was getting married. I said to myself when I tie the knot one day, it would definitely be here. Little did I know it will be 6 years later with you thought."

Here,I was a bride-to-be , You as the my groom-to-be ,Kgosi as best man, & Matebatso as one of the bridesmaids. Yaaa it is finally happening my Lavo. I think its, Power of positive thought,power of words,power of prayer & Law of attraction and mostly the power of our Love for each other.

We laughed as we walk towards the entrance…Hand in hand off course.

Avianto has changed a lot, now it looks even more beautiful, classy, an idyllic one stop wedding venue with the choice of Banquet Hall, Firehall and Ballroom reception options.Set against the most beautiful backdrop of perfectly manicured gardens, this venue offers outstanding, garden weddings and photographic opportunities. It has expanded a lot,it also offers choice of utilizing the conferences rooms, team building, meeting rooms functions and mountain bike hiking. It's peachy rustic buildings gives it such a classy vintage look.

Kev and I opted to have a garden ceremony set-up, instead of indoor chapel. We want to explore the venue,take lots of pictures and get to one of their biggest,spacious Reception area afterwards.

Aus Pat - my wedding planner told me the garden style decor will only be done in the morning of the Wedding. Its not too much or complicated.It will be a white decorated gazebo where myself , Kev & Pastor will stand, chairs with white cloths & peach tiebacks,flowers & White carpet in between. So I was not fussy about the 1st part of the wedding.

As we enter the Reception area, boy, was I impressed,the place looked so perfect and beautiful.
Inside the Reception area, it was small heaven.The opulence of the reception was emphasized by a colour scheme of Coral-Peach and a splash of Silver Grey. Every detailed information we requested were there. I could not have asked for a better wedding planner.

The place looked amazing. Paula ( Kevin’s cousin) could not contain herself, she was in awe. Praising aus Pat & her team for pulling it off. By the way,there's Budgy, the guy who called me earlier, He is gay ,he kept on flirting with Paula,so she was just overjoyed & acting all gaga.

When planning tables setting with aus Pat and mama, months ago, Kev was skeptical about the different centerpieces to be placed on the tables, but seeing how everything came together,he kissed my cheek and whispered,

Kev: " It looks perfect."

I must say,I kept on saying WOW, wow,I love this, I love this.It was really a beautiful set up.

By the look of the venue,I'm going to have the best wedding reception ever. What else could ever go wrong? Everything seemed to be on par.

We proceeded to the kitchen to check on catering crew and see if everything is ok and that they will be serving what we requested, planned & is on the already printed menus ,and also taking into consideration, the guests dietary requirements.

Everything seemed in line. We were all happy. Just as we were about to leave, Baksy (My friend Obakeng) said something that I completely forgot.

Baksy " Mmata, nna ga kea bona cake, yes, a stand where the cake will be is already set, or ba tlo e baya kamoso?"

All of us, Myself,Kev n Paula just said Eya,Cake, ra betsa u-turn to find out.

We got into the Reception, looked for aus Pat, and could not see her. I went to her assistant Budgy, and he said, Aus Pat is gone, just as we were going to the kitchen.

He said that, she will be back tomorrow morning. I asked him if he knows anything about the Cake, and he just quickly said No.

Nna: “No what? Have you seen the cake or not, or do you know when the cake will be there? ( pointing to the stand reserved for cake).

He shook his head,said wait here and left us standing there. He went outside the venue.

For what seemed like 10 minutes wait, Budgy finally came back. Kev spoke first, He asked Budgy ho re cake ya rona e ho kae ?.

Budgy : "Aish, ausi Obonolo le abuti Kev, I just got off the phone le Patricia, I'm afraid its not good news."

Ohk, rewind…..ITS NOT GOOD NEWS…..ka eve of my wedding, something happened to my cake? And it is not good news...

I was shattered, I was beyond mad…

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