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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 64


Kevin: "Shugaboo, I said to you, Zikhona and I used to be lovers, not anymore. We broke up months before I met you. I don't think it was fair for you to say I must go back to her. I was telling you right then that I didn’t love her and I didn't need her. I said it was her problem if she thought otherwise. Whatever we had we had. I insisted that you were going with me back to Rosebank. I asked you if you Loved me, if you wanted to be with me, and if you trusted me, and you said yes..”

I was crying uncontrollably at the time, thinking back to that awful day.

The day Zikhona spend the night at Kevin's place. The weekend, I went to Omphile ( my elder brother's place ) to babysit the boys as they went to a wedding in KZN. They were meant to come back Sunday afternoon, but they came back very late on Saturday.

I wanted to SURPRISE Kevin because I was not going to see him that weekend, as my brother was going to take me back to Pretoria later Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning, I was just too excited to see my man. I took a taxi to Rosebank. There I was rocking up at his place unannounced.

When I got to the security gate, there were cars coming out, so I just went in without signing in or buzzing in for Kevin to ope for me.

I got to the apartment, and knocked, Kevin was not expecting me, so he just said come in. As i opened the door, there on the sofa, was Kevin and Zikhona, in a very compromising position. I felt my whole world crumbling before my eyes. I was about to close the door and run away, but Kevin ran after me and pulled me to the house.

When we got back inside, Zikhona was not where she was. I kept on saying, what's going on here Kevin, why is she here, why, why. Kevin kept on saying; it’s not what it looks like, and begging me to let him explain.

Just as we were standing there, Zikhona came downstairs, wearing Kevin's boxer shorts and his shirt and Kevin's robe (the one I usually wore whenever I was at Rosebank).

One thing I noticed, initially when I opened the door she was wearing a pink shirt, but now as she came back downstairs, she had Kevin's stripped shirt. I immediately thought she quickly went to change, so that I believe she was there intimately with Kevin.

Well, I thought, nor matter what, she was there, and she was not supposed to be. It meant Kevin let her in. That alone was enough to make me end the relationship. I picked my bags and told Kevin that I was leaving and that he should not stop me or else I would scream. He stood there frozen, Zikhona was already behind Kevin, a mo tshwara cozy, are Kevin must let me go, I don't belong in his life.

I left, called a maxi taxi, to drive me to Sunnyside. I cried from Rosebank to Sunnyside. Poor driver kept peeping through the rear view mirror, not saying a word. I didn't care, I had my heart broken by the man I loved.

I got to the gate, paid for my trip and walked to my flat. I was staying alone since Batso left. I cried so much that tears were dried out of my eyes. I think 10 minutes after I got to the flat, I heard a knock.

Initially I didn't want to open, because, I was not in a right space. So I slowly went to peep and check who it was. Just as I was going to the door, my phone rang. It was Kevin. I ignored it, headed to the door. Just then I heard his voice saying He knows I'm inside, so can I please open for him. I said he must go back to Zikhona and leave me alone.

He said he won't leave until I open, and he swore he will sleep outside the door. He kept knocking, calling my name Very loud. It was annoying. I didn't want neighbors’ knowing what was happening, so I decided to open for him.

It felt like yesterday, the memories of that day, I wiped my tears and said, continue.

He continued: I said I won't let you put distance between us by asking me to go sort this out alone. More especially because there was nothing to sort out. There was nothing going on between me and Zikhona. I said I won't let you push me away. I said if we were to sort things out, we will do it together. Always. No conditions, no ultimatums. From that day, we decided and promised that we will always trust each other and support each other against number threes."

Nna: “That’s not what happened earlier on mos? You have done the same thing to me. You gave me ultimatums and conditions. You are letting me go sort whatever mess you think I am in, alone.”

Kevin looked down with embarrassment written all over his face.

I was thinking about that day. How I looked deep into my heart and forgave him. I remembered how we drove back to Rosebank to deal with Zikhona together. I was by his side and there was no turning back. When we got to the flat, she was still there.

Kevin told her that he will never give her any second chances, how she hurt him, how she broke his heart etc. He said it was time for her to go and never come back because he was not inlove with her but was inlove with me. Kevin asked her to tell me that they didn't sleep together, nor share a bedroom.

Initially she was reluctant but she started crying and confirmed that she forced her way into Kevin's apartment and that Kev kept asking her to leave but she refused.

She told us everything that TT put her through. Forcing her to go to some Inyanga, who gave her stuff to use in Kevin's apartment, especially the bedroom and that she needed any of my clothing items. She confessed that she was there to do all that, unfortunately she didn't find anything belonging to me and also did not have the guts to carry out the Inyanga's instructions, that guaranteed her to get Kevin back and get rid of me.

She said her conscious didn't let her do all those stuff especially knowing she is the one who messed her relationship with Kevin. She said it was time she accepted that Kevin has moved on and that he doesn't love her anymore.

Zikhona went upstairs, she took her handbag and came downstairs. Kevin and I were standing there shocked by the things Zikhona said. I remembered her conversation with TT, the first time I met her. I remembered how TT was pushing her to fight for Kevin with everything she had.

I was disturbed by her footsteps coming back. She stand in front of us and opened her bag, took out two plastics full of muthis out and said she could not bring herself to use them as advised by Makuzwayo and TT.

She really seemed genuine. She looked so beaten up shame. Instead of us feeling angry at her, we felt so sorry for her. She told us that she lost her job and does not have a place to stay. Apparently she's been crushing at TT's, who is demanding rent from her. She said since she didn't use the muthi to have Kevin back, when Kevin rushed to follow me to Sunnyside, she called TT and told her that she could not go ahead and that Kevin left her at the flat to save his relationship with me.

TT was very angry, and told her, getting Kevin was going to be her meal ticket, so because she didn’t get her meal ticket, she won’t be able to help her. So Zikhona decided that she will go back to TT’s place pack her belongings and go back home to Port Alfred

She wished us everything of the best with our relationship. She hugged Kevin, said she was sorry for hurting him and that she will always love him. She came closer to me, tried to give me a handshake, I pulled her closer to me and hugged her. We cried together and I wiped her face, told her everything will be okay and that she should not let TT make her do things she doesn't want to do.

I told her she made the best decision to go back home and figure things out herself instead of being TT's puppet. Kevin asked her if she needed money to go home to Port Alfred, and she nodded.

He went upstairs and gave her R1000 for transport and we wished her a safe journey home….. She thanked us and left.

Thinking back to those times, brought back so many painful memories.

Zee started calling Kevin, crying and asking for money etc. Kevin once told me, and me being soft like that, I encouraged Kevin to deposit her money she requested. She apparently needed money to set up a Hair salon in Port Alfred. Kevin deposited her R15000….

Little did I know that was the beginning of my nightmare.

She didn’t end there. Now and again she would call and asked for money to buy something for the salon. It got to the point where I told Kevin that it was enough and that he should no longer give in to her requests and demands.

Kevin stopped telling me about Zee’s constant need for money. I thought ka gongwe she got the message.

Months passed buy without hearing from Zikhona or Kevin mentioning her.

Until one weekend I bumped into her at Sandton. As we were busy catching up, TT showed up. I couldn’t believe she was still friends with her. TT was not happy to see me.

I asked her about the Salon and about life in Port Alfred. She dropped the bombshell that she has been in Jozy for months now and said she was shocked to learn that I didn’t know that she was back in Joburg and that Kevin was very generous and so good to her.

I confronted Kevin and found out that, apparently Zee didn’t go back home, she remained in Joburg. All along I thought she was home running a salon, gante TT let her to stay and asked her to milk money from Kevin for rent and stuff.

Initially, Kevin was also in the dark, but when he eventually learned the truth, he never told me. Kevin continued sponsoring Zee’s lifestyle behind my back.

I caught him twice with her, yet I forgave him because he maintained that he was just helping her out and that there was nothing romantic going on. He always asked me to trust him and not punish him for other people’s motives and plotting.

I thought why is Kevin letting Rich and Kedi steal our joy? He was forgetting about those times when I had to overlook his flaws and forgave him. Ena, of all people should know better to accuse me of unresolved feelings.

I remembered the Zikhona saga like it happened a week before.

Four weeks after bumping into Zikhona and TT at Sandton, Kev told me sad news. TT called him and told him that Zikhona passed away in a car accident and that she has been buried. With Zee gone from our lives ( May her soul rest in peace). Kevin was now free from being their meal ticket and our relationship flourished.

I snapped out of those memories and looked at Kevin.

Does he want to lose me over a stupid fight with Kedi? and later regret? Like Zikhona did?

I said, so Kev, what has just happened today? Few minutes ago? We faced a pothole, hardly a day re nyalane,re dirile dikano, re ikantse go emana nokeng, to love one another, to forsake all others, botlhokong le lethabong, yet, you, stood there, not supporting me, not trusting me, only accusing me and giving me conditions and ultimatums. You forgot the pact we made, years ago, when it was you with your ex.

You asked me to look into my heart and yours so that I could forgive.

Yet here you are, standing, feeling wronged, feeling I still love Rich, feeling that I should run after Rich. You are even planning to cancel our honeymoon because you think I have a door to close?

Really, Kevin, a door that I told you, 5 years ago that I closed. The door, that, you knew very well that it was never opened for me in the first place?

Now, you tell me, which door, must I go close?

You tell me Kevin. You seem to know a lot about opened doors.

You had your door wide opened for your Ex, and you expected me to understand, to trust you and to continue loving you and while you were still looking after your ex behind my back. You are no saint Kevin. You are not perfect. Who knows, maybe you even have things that you do behind my back...Yet, I am still here, not accusing you or anything. You are too quick to feel wronged, yet if it was me, you'd be down on your knees begging for forgiveness.

What happened to sorting things out together? Putting a united front? What happened to the vows you made?

Look into your heart and listen to your heartbeat, and tell me that you want me to go after Richmond and go to close whatever door you think it's still opened.

Look me in the eyes and tell me, right now, right here, where I vowed to love you through eternity, that, I must let you cancel our honeymoon and then run to Richmond, and supposedly close the door, ooh and deal with my unresolved issues.

I dare you....

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