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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 111


DYGO 111
Fridays were the shortest day for me, its meeting after meeting, then, chaile time. I was going to drop kokoberries ko Mane Omo for the weekend. Two hours catch up session with Baksy , then later Kev and I are were going out. I had everything planned and I was really looking forward to the weekend.

The weekend will be very quiet. With the kids gone and also being my helpers' weekend off. I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband. I really begged him to take Saturday off, just so we can bond. Its really been too long.

Nyiko o ne a shebela sebara sa gagwe. MAKOOTA was getting more and bigger projects that kept Kevin really occupied. He was spending lesser and lesser time at home ,almost every Saturday, he was at Makoota working his butt off ( as he put it).
I was getting worried about him, us and the kids. They also hardly ever spend time with their dad. Last year he used to be hands-on, but since the beginning of this year he was really busy. I had to understand, because he was doing all this for us. I decided that I will allow him to fend for us and be a supportive wife, but this weekend, I wanted him, all to myself. When I told him my plans, for the weekend he was reluctant but after a bit of persuasion and begging, he finally agreed to spend some quality time with me.He said he will speak to his business partner and I will have him all weekend.

We planned a dinner date tonight then lovemaking party afterwards. We will see what we do on Saturday and Sunday, but I was not bothered with what we might or might not do, as long as I will be with my husband, that’s all that mattered. I was thinking just how much I have missed spending time with him alone. Its been like forever. We really missed each other, or should I say I missed my husband so terribly. Above all, during the week, when we come back from work, we are too tired. We try to bond with kids and catch up then off to bed. So with everyone gone, I was looking forward to some bonding time.

It was just after 14h00, when I received Baksy's call, confirming our 16:00-18:00 appointment. I initially thought we were meeting at 17:00 at Newscafe-Woodmead, so I was planning to drive home, fetch the kids and drive to Sunninghill to drop them at Omontle’s, then, to Newscafe. After the call, I thought I might delay, so I decided to call Omo to go fetch the twins ko ntlong instead of me dropping them off. Omo agreed. Thank goodness she no longer works those awkward shifts at Vodaworld. She is now a qualified Teacher, who teaches at a private school in Bryanston. I caught her, just in time. She was knocking off at 15:00, So it will be easy for her, to go straight to my house and fetch the kids.

I called Mamorena ke mmolella gore a baakanye bana, Mmane wa bona o tlile go ba tsaya ka 16:00. Dk already left Thursday, she went home to Lesotho. Mamorena was going to visit mochaufe ko Alexandra, so I asked Omo a mofe lift. She was overjoyed. My weekend was planned well, just the two of us. Me and my significant other.

It was 15:50 when I got to Woodmead, I called Omo to check how far she was, she confirmed that she just left my house with the kids and their nanny. I was relieved. Just as I hung up the call, Obakeng called to find out gore ke ko kae. I told her I was already inside. She joined me.

Yooo, I almost did not recognize her, my friend looked extremely gorgeous. She cut her dreads off, spotting a blonde short hair. She was really beautiful, my stylish yellow boned friend. I must say my friend was so gorgeous. One can ask themselves why a man like JK would mess up such a masterpiece tlhe. Hai if I had a male cousin who was suitable , Id really hook him up with Obakeng. Unfortunately most of my male cousins are younger, or married or just not Obakeng’s league.
We hugged for a long time, I broke off the hug.

As we took our seats I was just mesmerized by the beautiful women before my eyes.

Nna: "Mmata, you are really glowing, gape o montle jang. Please don’t tell me you are pregnant. The last time you were this gorgeous and glowing, and asked to see me, you were pregnant"

I was so curious..

Baksy:" ke a leboga. Nyaya Mmata, I AM DEFINETLY NOT PREGNANT that is the last thing on my mind."

Nna: "Yoo, Aowa, I’m jealous. Go raya gore o rata ke chelete tlhe. You remind me of those days ko Mmatau. O le mmabontle, o tsenela di beauty contest. Joo, o sephalaphala ngwana wa Ausi Mmabatho le moswi bra Solomon Selemo. I like what I see."

Baksy:" Haahaaa wena Mmata kana ke a go lebala. Arg, I decided to cut my dreads and go bald, new years resolution. Thank you for the compliments. You also look beautiful caramel ya Karabello, motherhood is treating you well neh"

Nna: Thank you dear. I really am enjoying motherhood so much. Short hair suits you well. Otherwise, how have you been mara Mmata wa Obonolo?"

Baksy:" Ke ntse ke ya sentle tlhe Mmata wa me. Oboikanyo(Kani) le Oreatlile(Kaho) ba kae bathong? I miss them so much. "

Nna: "Omo o ba latile.They are spending this weekend with her and Oratilwe. How’s my girl Minnie? and your husband?"

Baksy:" Oh sweet, mm wena le Kev have the place to yourself this weekend? I am scared to see what’s going to happen. Arg Minnie o teng. Jabulani Khoza le ena o teng, although we hardly ever see each other lately but we are still house mates."

Mmmm, I was just shocked by the statement, "House mates?" I asked. "What do you mean house mates? Are we not talking about your husband here?"

Baksy:" Mmata, don't be surprised, you know my situation regarding that marriage. Ever since I went back to school and started my new job, Jabulani went from bad to worse. He was way too mean and horrible. I found out he was cheating with some Lady he works with. I decided to move out of our bedroom to the guest bed. Its been almost 9 months since we separated and I divorced him in my heart. We have been living like that and I must say, I couldn’t be bothered. I am happy. I am living my life . Mmata, I finally figured that our marriage was more “for him” than it was " for us" or even " for me."

Lerato le tshwanetse go tlala ka di sacrifices. Empa, as much as I tried to see myself sacrificing for Love, Ke bone gore ke ne ke sacrificer go feta selekano ,yet experiencing very little love. I have given, sacrificed, honored the commitment I made before God and our families and ourselves, to love and support each other through life's journey and believed the best. And yet, I have gained nothing from this.

My marriage lacked depth, love, respect and intimacy. I never told you these, JK used to beat me up, ga a fetsa a ikgapeletse mo go nna, have sex with me against my will. He would tell me that He owns me and my body. I felt so used, humiliated and ashamed. Worse part of this was that, I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn’t bring myself to report him. At times I would tell him that I was going to open a case for Domestic violence. He would threaten to kick me out, he would even say if ke batla, he would be so happy to take me to the police station to open the case ya domestic violence, knowing very well that I would not.

I endured so much pain in that marriage. Against all the odds, through the worst of the worst the pains I went through and all. I tried to be a better wife and mother, still I haven't achieved even intimacy, or worse than that, I still continued to be degraded, humiliated, insulted, physically abused, emotionally abused and reduced to nothing. I have been so unhappy for a very long time. I reached a point where I had to hit back and look out for number one for a change.

You know Mmata, I thought long about my life and how I wanted it to be. I looked at what I had, and what he had, and realized that nkase mo rwese molato, for the loss of myself. I was the one who had complied with his wishes, I'm somehow to be blamed for letting him treat me that way. I was afraid to fight back, making excuses for his actions, instead I chose to adapt to what he wanted. After that last chat, you and I had , I decided to take ownership of my passivity. Getting my degree and a good job. I did Mmata, thanks to you. Now I am living my life outside of JK. I regained my self-esteem back, I took charge of my life. He has no hold over me anymore. I bought myself a car, now I am in a process of buying myself a house, lately I have been thinking a lot about Divorce. Keith has advised me to wait till Minnie is a bit older to understand and or if JK initiates it."

Phewww, my friend has matured. I’m glad she has turned her life around. I still don't understand why she was still staying with him, but since she says, she was in the process of buying a house ,maybe she will eventually move out.

Nna: " Mmata, ke mang Keith? Is he your Boss?"

Haahaaa Haahaaa, Obakeng laughed at my question, about the Keith man who advised her not to rush into a divorce. One thing for sure, this Keith person, has an effect on her. Her face lightened up when I mentioned his name, and that giggly laugh? Mmm, I wondered.

Baksy:" Mmata, please don't judge me tuu, go se ke tlo go bolellang sona. Keith is my drug, my happy pill, my ecstacy , my person. Ke motho o ke ithabisang le ena. I told him about my unhappiness and my marriage. He has been such a constant pillar of my life. Mmata, before I met him, I never knew what Love was, now, I got a chance to experience it. When I mean experience it, I mean OK ( Obonolo Kevin) way. I have never been this happy in my entire relationship life. Ke santlha ke utlwa mofutho wa lerato le le ntseng jaana. Ke itumetse ele ruri. I am loved, honored, respected and cared for."

Mokgala mmakapa, Ayeyeye, bophelo ba Obakeng, ke diary of a cheating wife. I could not believe my ears. My childhood friend of close to 25 years, was cheating on her mean, horrible, unloving, unkindest, Belerutwane of a husband? I could not swallow that. I knew she was unhappy and miserable, but to be an adulterer? That was beyond my imagination. I never thought she would do that. Yooo, that explains, the housemate, the glow and the realization of the truth about her marriage.

" Yooo. Naare Obakeng o nthaya a reng?"

What do I say? I can't judge her( as she already asked), I can't condone this as well , I can't stop her, she's an adult who decided to consciously have an affair with some Keith guy, and most importantly, she seems to be happy. She is my friend, I promised to support her through everything in our lives. What do I do? What do I say?

I snapped out of my trail of thoughts about what I just heard. The waitress brought our drinks. I had ordered strawberry daiquiri and she ordered sex in the beach. I sipped my cocktail and looked at her, right into her eyes.

Nna: "Mmata, how long has this been going? And who is this Keith guy?"

Obakeng: " I met Keith when I joined BnB,he was one of my clients, I worked closely with him, during his divorce. That’s why he advised me against divorce. He said it is the worst decision one can make especially if you have young kids. His Divorce was very messy.

We started off with chatting over the phone, then movie nights, drinks and lunches. We were getting pretty close. He started to hint that he wanted more than friendship and we started sexting and got personal . I told him the truth about my marriage and the fact that until I was unhappily married. We started spending lots of time together, then one thing led to another. As they say, the rest was history. His divorce is almost final and nna le ena re ya ratana, full force"

Mmata I have never been this happy in my life. I think I'm finally in love she said with so much glow in her face and eyes. I wanted to tell you, but I was scared. I know you too well. But I could not keep this away from you forever. Hence I decided to tell you today.

I thought to myself, go reng Obakeng asa tlhale JK pele , then a gone go jola le Keith?, maybe then, it won't be so hard for me to be happy for her. Ke nagana gore se a se dirang ke phoso. I admit, I’m not a fan of JK and how he has constantly treated her like piece of rubbish, how he made her feel unworthy and unloved, how he has denied her intimacy, affection and love. But now, this? It makes her a bad person as well. Yoo, this was hard. My friend has finally experienced truelove ( as she puts it), and she seems extremely happy. I have to be happy for her. Although it was uncomfortable, but she's my friend and her happiness means more to me.

I cleared my throat

Nna: "Mmata, clearly Keith brings out the best in you, you are so happy, you don't even blink when you mention him, I really like what he's done to you to feel and look this way. Ka nnete. Ke a itumela go bona o itumetse. Empa fela, I have one concern"
Just before I could say my concern, she said, " Mmata, I don't want a lecture please. All I need is for you to be happy for me. I know what I'm doing, and I know what I want. I love Keith, so much, and he loves me too. What stands between us is a piece of paper that JK and I once signed. I'm a lawyer, remember, I know what I'm doing.

I know what I am doing is wrong, but it feels so so right for me. Jabulani ke Ntate wa ngwana wa rona, right now we are just housemates and parents. He lives his life as he pleases, so am I. I know you are principled and all but, please Mmata, don’t make me feel bad about this affair.

I can handle this one. Right now all I need is to feel this way forever. As for my sham of a marriage, ke tla bona gore ke felela kae. Please Tsala, ke kopa o be happy for me. Let me experience the kind of love you have known and received. Even though it might not get anywhere far, but for now, Keith is all I need and want. He is all I can have for now. I never knew that a man is supposed to love you enough to live to make you happy. To see you smile and to want only the best . Keith aim to please, he is my Christian Grey, my fifty five shades of love. Mmata, for the first time in my adult life I experienced an Orgasm, I had a man go down on my jj with his mouth, I had a man pleasing me first before himself. Keith is selfless like that, something I never experienced with JK. Mmata, I feel so alive with him in my life. I don't want to feel guilty about my happiness with him."

Okay Okay Mmata, I get you. And I promise, I will keep my opinions and concerns about your relationship to myself. But please promise me that you are not going to drag this far too long. You can't have your bread buttered both sides, I said, pulling her hands, locking them with mine.

Obakeng: "Ke a leboga Mmata. Like I said, I’m contemplating divorce, Keith think I must wait. He is helping me look for a place, then I will move out, ke bone how Minnie will cope and adjust to the situation, then, I will take it from there. My concern is her, and only her, otherwise, I’m through with that marriage." she said as she reaches out for her bag to answer her cellphone which was ringing.

She stood up to go answer outside, as it was a bit noisy where we were sitting. I looked at my watch, it was already 17h45. I Smsed Kev, asking him, what time he will be home. He smsed back. He said he was busy with something, so he will get back to me. I couldn't understand why was Kevin still at work and busy on a Friday, that time of the day. He was supposed to be on his way home. Anyway, I smsed again, saying I will be living Newscafe in 20 minutes.

Just as soon as I sent the sms, I saw Obakeng coming back, she was with some white guy. I have never seen such a handsome white guy . He looked a bit older , almost or same age as my brother, but very stylish. I thought maybe its one of her clients or acquaintances. As they draw closer, I noticed that they were holding hands. Mmmm, they must be colleagues then. They finally reached the table. Ooh what a gentleman? He pulled a chair for her and she sat down.

He extended his hand towards me.

White guy: "You must be Noli, Obk's famous friend, I heard a lot about you, nice to finally meet you in person."
I just looked puzzled, and asking myself, who is this dude who knew my name and was pleased to finally meet me? And o itse gole gontsi ka nna? Yoo.

Nna: " I wonder what is it that Obk( heheheh)has told you about me."

I said laughing at myself calling Mmata, Obk.

White guy: "don’t worry, she had only great stuff to dish out about you. Ooh, forgive my rudeness, I'm Keith Carter, my friends call me KayCee."

My jaws almost dropped on the floor. Obakeng Charlene Selemo Khoza o jola le lekgoa.

Ayeeeee.....yeeeeee..."claps' twice."

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