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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 76


I got so scared. I wondered what happened down there. What do I do in this case? Do I wait for Obakeng to phone me back or should I sms to ask if she was ok? or should I tell Kevin the truth about what Obakeng told me earlier so that we could rush to Obakeng and JK’s place to check if everything was ok?
What must I do? This was my friend and a part of me sensed that she was in trouble with her husband.

Do I interfere or do I relax and hope it won't get ugly? I thought of the advices my elders were giving me ka bridal shower, specifically about marriage being about three people, Man, Woman and God.

I thought, maybe let me kneel down and pray to God on behalf of Obakeng. Ke kope Ntate Modimo a mo sireletse, a mo baballe, a tsene gare ga lenyalo la bona, aba tlisetse kagiso le lethabo. Most importantly, a tsene pelong ya JK, a seke a be a utlwisa lelapa la gagwe botlhoko.

I took the remote, paused the DVD. I knelt down and called upon the Highest Devine intervention.

Dear Precious Lord, Patron Of A Happy home, God the Father chose you from all men to be the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.
You cared thoughtfully and wholeheartedly for them while on Earth. It was through you that Jesus first learned of His Heavenly Father’s gentles, compassion, protection, and provision. I now ask your help. Please intercede before our Heavenly Father for His protection, provision and peace. Help Obakeng and her husband to make their home wherever it may be, a happy home so it’s suitable for their needs and that of their daughter, Minnie.
Grant them harmony and grace in their home, and may they be ever happy and loving towards one another. Safeguard their marriage.

Please God, watch over her and Minnie and protect them and keep them out of harms way. Guide JK and direct him so he can make the right decisions in life. Please don’t let anything happen to Obakeng . God, I love her with all my heart. Please Ntate, otlolla seatla sa gago sese matla o mo sireletse. Lord, I am scared for her life more than anything. I found out that her husband has been so abusive towards her. I pray Lord that JK doesn’t lay his hands on her or hurt her in anyway.

Please Heavenly father, I pray for protection against my friend. I pray that you touch her husband's heart and turn him to seek you and be the man you have created him to be. Loving, protective, Godly and humble. Please protect their marriage and remove abuse from their life, and restore the damage that has already been done. Please take away the spirit of abuse from JK and fill him with love. Obakeng deserves to be loved, honoured and protected by the husband you gave her. Shower their marriage with peace, Love, humbleness, prosperity and protection.
I pray for Protection more than anything Lord. Let your power heal their hearts and bring comfort to them. Please renew their spirit and help them not to fear. Rebuild trust and confidence. Help them regain strength, courage, and hope for better days.

Father, you are my confidence, firm and strong. You keep my foot from stumbling, being caught in a trap, or hidden danger. Father, I ask that you protect Obakeng from any harm. I know You will keep her in perfect peace .I thank You, Lord, that we may lie down and You will give us peaceful sleep, for You sustain us and make us dwell in safety.I shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies through the day, nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and angry outburst.

Lord, I lift up other hurting marriages to you. Father, marriage and our spouses are gifts from you. I pray that you will touch all of our hearts and bring us closer to you. Bring our spouses close to you. Restore our marriages so that we may be one as you have shown us in your word. Oh heavenly father, I pray this Prayer of protection for happy home and a flourishing marriage through your name and in the name Jesus Christ. AMEN

I didn't hear Kevin coming back, but as I say amen, with tears running down my face, there behind me stood my husband.
I quickly wiped my tears and tried to put a brave and happy front, but I guess it was just too little too late.

Kevin must have heard my prayer and what I was asking God to do.

Lavo: “Bobo, go diragala eng ka Obakeng? You sounded so concerned about her safety? I’m sorry to have eavesdropped on your prayer, but I couldn't help but hear the pain in your voice.”

Did my husband hear everything I was praying about?
Jehovah, what must I say to my husband?

Nna: "hau Lavo, its rude to listen to one's intimate moment with God, especially if you are not joining in"

I said that trying to probe how much did Kevin hear,so that I could answer.

Clever thing I must have said, because what my husband said clearly confirmed that he didn’t hear much.

Lavo: “hai shuga, ke fitlhela o setse o fetsa, o kopa Ntate Modimo gore a mo sireletse from any harm. Askies, I could not join in. It’s just that your tone was way too sad.”

I stood up, went to where my husband was standing and held him with both hands,

Nna: “Lavo, ke go boleletse earlier gore Baksy has some rough issues in her marriage, and after your observation about JK, I was indeed praying for them. More important than ever, I need God to protect Obakeng.”

My husband just held me, and whispered to my ear.

Lavo: “ Hloka pelaelo moratuwa, Ntate Modimo will protect Obakeng and Minnie mouse against any harm. Besides, if Jk was hurting them in any way, she would tell you akere? If ha so go joetse letho, go raya gore o hantle.”

Ao Lavo wa pelo ya ka maar..., little did he know, what Obakeng was really going through, but I was not planning to reveal all, not today. But I was grateful for his assurance. In my head I was just thinking, and hoping that JK does not physically abuse my friend.

I broke off the hug,let go of Kevin's one hand picked up the Nandos pack from the floor and pulled him to the kitchen.

We warmed our food.I ate my hot wings while Kev ate his chicken.

We were just catching up on a lot of stuff. I washed the dishes while Kev was changing the DVD.He put on some horror movie. Kevin and horrors, hai, not my kind of scene. I decided to get myself a cup of coffee and my laptop to catch up on the social media.

I was barely 30 minutes on the laptop, I felt tired. I looked at Kevin, haaa, the tv was literally watching him instead. I woke him up and switched off the TV, off we went to bed.

Lavo: “Bobo, kea ho batla, but, I'm so tired. Do you mind if I wake you up early for some Moglo' (morning glory)?

Nna: “Haaahaaa, are you that tired to chow mei, hai, gosiame, I'm also a bit tired. Lets just cuddle up and sleep.”

We brushed our teeth and went to bed. We just kissed passionately and curdled. Before I knew it, we were all fast asleep.


I was woken by Kevin touching my jelly jar…
I tried to ignore him because I was still sleepy, but yoo, letsogo la abuti yoo, le ntira motlholo. I just turned around, touched his BM( brown-mamba), Mmm it was already hard and longer. So the foreplay didn't take us long. I was already dripping with jelly juices, and ready as hell. I didn't wait, I dived on top of him, rode his BM like crazy, I did my thing. We swapped positions, he came on top and also tap my jj like crazy, we were moaning with joy, I felt my orgasm building up, as he slowly and surely dug deeper and deeper. I was having the time of my life. He went faster, breathing on my neck while pounding.

I opened wide, and heard him,getting excited and digging up too hard, we both screamed, and reached our climax. He laid for about five minutes on top of me. BM still inside. He got off, take out the intimate wipes by his side drawers, wiped me first then himself.

We cuddled. My husband gazing into my eyes, whispering sweet nothing….No scratch that, actually my husband was telling me how blessed he was to have me as his wife…He was declaring his undying and unconditional love…

Mmm Power of Jelly Jar….

Just as I was giggling and blushing ear to ear, my mood was dampen...

Kevin: "Bobo, I want to start a family soon. Are you still on the pill?"

Yoooo....Can we not go there tlhe Ntate Tau? I am not so ready to have no babies.Please, lets not spoil the fun I just had and don't want to get into that topic..Not now..( Obviously thinking to myself)

Nna: "Oh Lavo, I'm sleepy ...Can we discuss that some other time?"

Honestly speaking, I have never thought that far about our marriage. Kids were the last thing on my mind. I was not ready. Well I thought it was a little too soon to have kids. I still wanted to accomplish a lot in terms of my career, I wanted to travel with Kevin alone, not having to worry about kids, I wanted to enjoy my marriage, at least for the next two to three years before settling into a family life...So Kevin caught me off guard.

I saw a little disappointment on his face, but honestly, I didn't want us to discuss that . At that time.Re tla bua nako engwe bathong..
Was I being unfair to my husband? Honestly I didn't think so....

I just closed my eyes....and boroko ba tla..Wa bo itse boroko bo bo fitlhang after a good Moglo’, Mmm bona bo
I just turned around and slept like a baby. I was loved, I was fulfilled, I was blessed, I was well fed and most importantly I was sexified....

Having kids was not on the List...

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