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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 13


We drove to Mpho's place.We did not stay long because I wanted gore bo Batso ba mpitlhele ko ntlung.I took my cake container and some stuff, and we left. My plan was to get to the flat, Leave Rich mo parking, told him what car Kgosi drives. I told him, as soon as he saw it entering; he must follow them, five minutes after ba tsene. So we were all set for action. On our way back, I apologized to him, for accusing him of being a stalker and for name calling. I told him who the real stalker was and that's why I wanted his help and that he must put a hell of a convincing show. He laughed and said he will help me. He said besides, he doesn't want to lose me to anyone yet. He wants me back. I ignored him and changed topic.

We got to the flat, offload the boot, as we were busy offloading, I spotted a huge teddy bear, in a gift bag. I looked at Rich, who smiled at me. I didn't even smile, I said Really Richmond? Really? You must be out of your mind.
He ignored me, quickly carried the groceries inside. I asked him to park where visitors park, but hide from Batso, in case she spots him. I said as soon, as he see them taking the stairway, he must phone and say he was in the building coming to see me. As I close the door, I said, you jerk; you and I still have to talk, especially about that thing in the boot.

I went to the bathroom, freshened up, then to my bedroom; change in to my sweat pants & a strappy top. I looked really hot. I did it on purpose gore that Kgosi dude can eat his heart out gore he ain't going to tap this hot booty. I had a very short natural hair, I decided to cut my hair previous year , because ke ne ke batla go simolla dreadlocks. I just left meriri ya me e tlhatlha-metse, but neat, I put on some lip gloss, ready for action.

I went to the kitchen, unpacked the Woolies packets lying on the floor. Mmm I must say, Rich knows how to spoil a woman/ lady. I bought so much food, because he kept on throwing stuff in the trolley. When we were dating, every month end, he would come, fetch me and we will either go to Hydepark or Sandton or Fourways, just for grocery shopping. So he pretty much knew what I would buy. He used to say, Ena ga a rate go eta ko flateng ya rona, because we feed him student food. Then I jokingly said, we are students and don't have a trust fund to go splashing in groceries. I said if he want proper food, he must go buy what he calls real food, a kokote mo mojako ka tlhogo. Then I will make him, decent food.

One time, he did just that, went to the shop, bought us so much grocery, mostly pre-cooked, junk, frozen stuff & lots of chocolates, sweety stuff and chips. Yoo, I used to love junk food, but ever since I met Batso, she taught me healthy eating. That girl is such a health freak, she is studying Biomedical Technology. The way she is obsessed, she even read labels of everything in the cupboard and take out all she classified as bad, give it away to Selina, ausi wa cleanang the blocks of flats we staying at. So that groceries that Rich bought for us, almost 80% of it was given away.

I told Rich that next time when He feels generous to buy us groceries, a mpolelle. I'll either go with him or give him a grocery list. He said he will go with the former. So he knew what food to buy, hence the trolley was full.

Sentle sentle, Rich was minister of Finance and le good life. He had money, lots of it. Ke ne ke itopetse sugar-man. He was 7 years older than me.So he was not really a sugar daddy.Kedi o ne a re ke mr money.O ne are whenever a galetse something, that our student purses couldn't af-ford, she'd come to my room, are ke founele Mr. Money, a re rekele whatever e a e galet-seng.Of all my close circle of friends & younger family members, Kedi was Rich’s number one fan.She liked him so much. Even Rich adored her. The rest ba ne ba re ke clever and a heartbreaker.

I met Rich at Kedibone's aunt ko Soshanguve. In the few months we started university, when we were staying at Mmamane Mokgadi's house, he used to come to visit Kedi's cousin. Later that year, Mmane Mokgadi was turning 50 years, so her sisters threw her a party. Richmond was there, with Lerumo (Kedi's cousin).

I was charmed, I asked Lerumo about Rich. He was not keen to give out some info.Time went buy, Lerumo told me that Rich thinks I'm beautiful and asked for my contact details. I gladly told him to give the to him.I thought, oh well, we both liked each other.

Prior to Lerumo telling me ka Richmond, Kedi used to rave about how handsome he was, how much of a great couple we could make. I started having ideas about him.
I told Kedi gore Rich wa charmer. Kedibone literally initiated our relationship. And as they say, the rest was history. Rich and I were dating. So you can imagine how much they cared about each other.

As I was finishing off packing, I heard voices, as if they are just inside, I had my laptop on, listening to music, so I was not sure if I'm hearing clearly. Just then, I heard Batso shouting for me, "Roomie, I’m home."

My mood changed by the thought of seeing Kgosi, especially after ignoring all his many calls since yesterday. But I decided to put a fake smile because, in less than 10 minutes, Kgosi will never want me again. I had a perfect plan to get rid of him. If that meant using my Ex boyfriend to scarce him, so be it.

I checked myself on the mirror of my fridge. Just to make sure I was looking hot. Well, mirrors don’t lie, (sometimes though). I shouted back,
Nna: " coming right there for my warm hug & a fat kiiiiiiii, (before I could finish saying Kiss, I almost fell with my face down. I could not believe my eyes. I was beyond suprised; I swear I peed on my sweat pants, just a little.

Never did I anticipate nor expect my eyes to lock with his. He was looking way too hot tlhe. I just felt the chills in my spine.I melted. All of a sudden I feeling so overjoyed. Forgeting that just a few minutes ago, I dread the moment.

My heart started beating faster than normal; I was shaking in my pants, like literally shaking. Just when I snapped out of the "good view",I remembered that Rich is probably making his way upstairs. My whole world came crushing down. I must have had little sweat on my face.I sud-denly felt knots in my stomach.

Kgosi came closer to me, he opened his arms for a hug.I went closer to him, and he gave me a warm big hug. It lasted for about 3 minutes because I just held on to him, my face facing to the door.I just wanted to die in his arms. My eyes were so glued somewhere else, behind Kgosi.

I must say Kgosi smelled so nice, so bold, so spicey, yet so strong. I loved how he smelled & his muscular physique wrapped around my body. He had a muscle top, a Capri pants, He was hot tlhe. I was not taken that much, because my concentration was elsewhere, right behind him. He kept on calling my name, Nolo (that’s how Kgosi called me), and asking me if I was Ok.

He asked me more than twice if I was ok, my mind was miles and miles away. Yoo How could I be Ok? I never expected this.

Kgosi: “Girl! Are you ok? Why are you shaking and looked like you have seen a ghost of Lesilo Rula.”

I thought to myself. Ntate Modimo o ntira eng tlhe. How do I handle this? Kgosi and I were still in a hugging mode.My eyes not moving away from where it was starring.I didn't even answer Kgosi. I was not listening to him.

Batso interrupted our moment. We broke off the hug.

Batso, ka go phapharetsega, came closer to us, and gave me a hug, then a baya letsogo la gagwe on my shoulder. For some reason, she was too giggly, ale too smiley. She then, took her bags and said she's going to put them ko bed-room ya gagwe. I was relieved she was out of sight...

As she turns & left, Kgosi also turned around facing to the door.

Kgosi: “hardi Buddy, I’m being so rude. Nolo, meet my Friend Tee Kay”

Yoo the sight before my eyes blew me away. I was almost breathless.Teekay was such a pleasant view tlhe. He was wearing a sweat pants , greyish in colour, with a tight yellow t-shirt. Mmm,,, mmmm ..mmmm...He was devine... I couldn’t wait to shake this fine gentleman’s hand. He looked divine, yummy and fresh. Oh Jehova.Nna le ena re ne re apere too match..While I was feminine, he was muscular... Ke kotlo e jaang ena mara? Kgosi continued

Kgosi: “TeeKay, this is Nolo, Batso's friend and roommate. Nna ke monka as my little sister."

TeeKay extended his hand and shook mine. The brother’s soft and sweaty hands met my shaking hand….I was just blown away ka nnete.

Teekay : " Hello gorgeous Lady"

Nna: " Hallo TK"

What has just happened? What did Kgosi say? O.k., lets reverse the introduction? Kgosi just said He takes me like his little sister? So what is going on here? I was deep in thoughts, trying to make sense of what Kgosi just said.
As I trying to make sense of what Kgosi just said, my phone interrupted us. It was ringing from the Kitchen.

Batso was just coming through the Kitchen with it, still ringing. She looked at the phone,

Batso: “O batla eng ona?"

I let go of TeeKay’s hand. I knew who it was, because that was part of the plan.The plan I wished I never made especially right at that very moment when I was standing in front of Kevin. My Kevin...Yes, Kevin came with Kgosi and Batso.

Batso gave me the phone,

I looked at the caller ID, and indeed it was Richmond.

Oooooh Morena....

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