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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 43


The wedding 

Weddings are about celebrating two people in love,the beginning of an incredible journey and the day which will be remembered by the couple forever. A wedding is a day when a new story begins,an occasion that celebrates Love,Family,Community and Life. A wedding is that one day that will come and go and there are no do-overs. A wedding planner has only one day to get things "right" and make sure that,at the end of all the planning process,and at the end of the magical day, all that the bride and groom will think of is just how perfect their day was- Perfect Beginning to a Perfect Life together.

That is why I hired PDDS ( Pat Derango Deco Specialist ),I've seen Pat's work. She's a Well-known Wedding planner,Coordinator & Floral designer .
From the moment a bride to- be walks into PDDs premises, the sense of being in the right place at the right time fills even the most anxious bride with confidence and pride that all her wedding plans will be handled professionally. That is just how I felt.
And there was Budgy her assistant planner, who will notice if the veil is pinned the wrong way, or a bouquet is messed up, or he will calm a distressed bride, who may be unhappy about something. He will ensure every hiccup is fixed and ensure the bride walks down the aisle looking exceptionally gorgeous and feeling calm. His sense of humor turns even the most challenging situation into something a bride will smile about. My wedding cake disaster was pretty much a good example of how exquisite their Clients needs takes precedence over everything else.

Paula said she will start doing make-up ya the Entourage, then Queen B to follow last. So I had Mpho's hairstylist friend,Tshepiso to come in and style my long dreadlocks while waiting for Diva Paula.I wanted my dreads twisted to a medium length. Since I decided to wear a veil for my nuptials ceremony, I wanted a front twist hairstyle and added a white hair clip with porcelain flower.
Finally, I put on my ooh so gorgeous mermaid dress, Paula did her magic on my face, because my dress had a bit of glitter,I wanted to look simple but fresh.I had only Swarovski diamond dropping earings. Paula asked me to do turn-around, taking me a picture. She shed a tear.

Paula: “Queen B ,ngwana ko hae, o motle ka nnete. Karabello o nale leitlho le le sharp, he took my advises when we grow up.I always told him to eat too much carrots. Chee ka nnete oile a mamela. What's standing infront of me, is a masterpiece, You my darling Queen B looks smashing gorgeous. Mama Tsholo & daddy Russel had both eyes wide open when they were baking you. Look at you...”

Mmm I was laughing and blushing at the pouring compliments. That's Paula for you. She is very generous when it comes to compliments, and she will also criticize where needed. She takes the glory and demands a High Ten on her good job well done. She really turned me into a little Cinderella. My face was glowing, with Bobbi Brown whipped matt mousse foundation, my almond eyes enhanced with Bobbi Brown the curve liquid eyeliner, Bobbi Brown,The Colossal volum express mascara & Bobbi Brown trio eye shadow, My big lips, finished off with Bobbi Brown ultimate colorstay liquid lipstick, I looked so ravishing. Paula put on my signature perfume Alien - Thierry Mugler' to complete the look. I looked so elegantly simple and flawless.

Before she left to get herself ready,she said, she hopeI have my garter on. Heeheeee and the mint tic-tacs.
Paula: “Phela you going to kiss my cousin infront of Ramogolo le Mmamogolo.”

Hai Paula o stout. I asked her to summon the bridesmaids & my flower girls,to the presidential palace,for me to see them.
Aah banyana ba me maan. They looked so so gorgeous. I had 5 bridesmaids including Maid of honor, so as Kev, he had 5 groomsmen, including best man. We had 2 flower girls & 2 pageboys.

Flowergirls wore their white sleeveless poly satin,tea-length dresses with peach belts.
Page boys wore grey pants, matching with Kev ,white shirts,peach suspenders & ,peach bow ties and white shoes.
Bridesmaids had peachy mini dresses with silvery glitters ,in different designs. Maid of honour had a different length & colours. She wore long silver grey dress with peach&glittering under dress They all looked perfect, and completed the look with silver grey heels. Different hairstyles .

Groomsmen had Silver grey pants & vests/waistcoat,white buttoned down shirts paired with peach plaid ties, peach rose boutonnières and black /grey shoes. Best man had same clothes different tie. He had a peach rouche.

Kevin wore Embossed Georgia Armani grey single-breasted peak-lapel suit, white shirt, grey satin pre-tied scrunches. His suit was just classic style. It really looked good on my man. It made his waist look smaller. It had 3 button holes on the wrists, and the pick stitching speaks to bespoke tailoring. The pants have a low rise and a slimmer leg, so modern but has all the classic, traditional details.

I looked at myself on the mirror, I Looked beautiful and I whispered:

This is it...There is no turning back....I am going to say I do to my man..

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